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Sir Charles Gets Real with Dangerous Lee: The 3 P’s of Success

Why are you known as Sir Charles? When I was recording music more frequently a music producer wanted to create a stage name for me…It stuck…and I never bothered to change it! Tell us about the 3 P’s of success and how they came about? After being clean from drugs, and losing my family…I found … Continue reading

Is Your Man Addicted To Video Games?

Video Game Addiction Symptoms The important thing to remember about video game addiction is that it’s not an officially recognized DMI-IV diagnosis. The reason for this largely revolves around the fact that data on the concept of video game addiction has only been compiled from the last few years. It’s possible that video game addiction … Continue reading

Infographic: The Science of Getting Drunk

When a person has a few drinks, there is actually a lot of science that goes into that wobbly or funny feeling. The body is processing the alcohol and a lot of different body parts take part in the science of getting drunk. There are a variety of things happening in the brain that help … Continue reading


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