#KeepitDangerous! Marathon: High Tech Drug Testing On The Rise

drug testing

Scientists and labs have developed and honed tests so that it is getting progressively harder for users to pull a frogger and evade conventional testing. However, the tests do have their weaknesses, enabling some of these amphibian-like users to dodge … Continue reading

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Sir Charles Gets Real with Dangerous Lee: The 3 P’s of Success


Why are you known as Sir Charles? When I was recording music more frequently a music producer wanted to create a stage name for me…It stuck…and I never bothered to change it! Tell us about the 3 P’s of success … Continue reading

Is Your Man Addicted To Video Games?


Video Game Addiction Symptoms The important thing to remember about video game addiction is that it’s not an officially recognized DMI-IV diagnosis. The reason for this largely revolves around the fact that data on the concept of video game addiction … Continue reading

Are Americans Using Illegal Drugs More Often?


A federal government study was conducted in 2007 to answer the questions above; this study has given us an insight to the latest trends that relate to drug, alcohol, and tobacco use within the United States. The study findings were … Continue reading