best-new-artist-sliver-kesha-bruno-nicki-taioBy Heinz Cherilus

We live in an age today where music is created rapidly. On the internet everyday there is new music coming out, or a new viral video sensation. How can you keep your fans centered on you?

The secret is by creating catchy hooks. Many people’s lives have changed as a result of creating a banging hook like Trinidad James! Many others have also but you get the point. If you can create a catchy hook for all of your songs, then it will truly be HARDER for you to fall out of the limelight. Look at Drake. Granted he is a complete artist with lyrics but what created his longevity was his ability to think of banging hooks to his music.

The hook is the most important part of the song because it is the most memorable. Think about 50 Cent’s major hit “In Da Club”. As soon as you read that statement you thought of the hook. Why? Because it was the catchiest part of the song and 50 cent knew what he was doing. If you are able to constantly create that catchy banging hook you will always have placements, radio hits, tours, and it will be hard to miss you! You will not have a problem bringing back an audience over and over because they love your music. 9 times out of 10 if you like the hook, you like the song. So essentially when you create that catchy hook you automatically win the battle.

 nas and lauren hill

Think about making it to the radio. How many artists are there on the radio that do not have a catchy hook in their music? I count none, but if there are it can’t be more than what you can count on one hand. This is because radio also understands that most music created is primarily about the hook. There is tremendous power in a catchy hook. Knowing this can take you in any direction you like.

If you want to make people feel great, you can create a party record, or dance record that will always stay with people. You can leave people with a message in your hook or something insightful and it can still be catchy. “If I ruled the World” by Nas and Lauren Hill was a major hit, but it had a message behind it and a deeper meaning because he painted his personal picture on how he would rule the world, but when you sing it, you create yours! That is what a hook can do for you. You can take it to any direction you like, but the most important thing is to make sure it is catchy.

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