Ask Dangerous Lee – Why is it that nice boys don’t do it for me!?

Ask dangerous Lee

Q: I’m a newly single girl and have been dating. Currently I am seeing one guy I will call my “Nice Boy” and the other is my “Gangsta Boy”. Nice Boy is very nice, has his shit together and all that. Gangsta Boy is gangsta! He doesn’t have shit going for him and can be rude as fuck! So why is it that nice boy doesn’t do it for me!? I try and try, I like him and we have a lot in common, but with gangsta boy I can really be myself. We have fun and I don’t give a fuck what he thinks of me cuz he aint shit!

E, Detroit, MI

A: My first thought is that you’re a Gansta Bitch if the Gangsta Boy is turning you on. It’s either that or he is hooking you up royally in the bedroom. You probably dig Nice Boy because you can pretend to be the lady that you are not. It’s role playing for you and again it leads to a good time in the bedroom. You’re kinky and this allows your naughty fantasies to become reality. The best advice I can give you at this point is to make sure you have plenty of your own condoms on hand and you may want to invest in a diaphragm as well.

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