Language of Love

Leaf of life.
Blue honey skies.
Tested by a touchstone so we can go through time.
Back to the time when the people of the world spoke only one language.
The language only a family could speak,
The language of love.


My name is Sandra Connelly and I am a Registered Nurse. This poem I wrote when I was in the 4th grade and has aided me mentally in the hard times that life brings. This poem talks about hope and love. As a nurse in this global society, I live by these words in knowing that if language and culture are not the same heart and love transcends this boundary. Working with the sick and providing care to children, and now teaching nursing students, I am tested by these touchstones for purity of heart on a daily basis. Thank you for featuring this poem in your column. Love is an amazing gift we can give one another and is THE healer of sickness and disease.