5178 (2)The Construction Crane

My friend led me through the dense foliage
To where the abandoned crane sat
Stark and full of purpose in the sunlight

Its mighty tracks were cracked and pulled
apart by the roots of trees whose rough trunks
I could only just put my arms around.

Rust melded with the aged yellow paint
And time pressed the door open wide to welcome us.
A startled bird exploded into flight as our
Feet crunched the dry leaves within.
Shafts of sunlight illuminated the dead engine,
And the log vines of the blackberry bushes
reached for its cracks.

The name of the driver was printed near his seat
We could see where his hands had gripped the leavers,
And where he had squinted through the window,
Now obscured by the long fingers of its cracks,
At his unfinished job.

As we looked at the triumphant forest,
And the meadow filled with daisies
Laughing in the wind,

We wished he was there to see.

Bio:  Alexandra Chauran is a professional fortune teller and nonfiction author who lives in Issaquah, Washington state.  She takes care of two small children and a husband while working on her doctoral degree.  In her spare time, she writes novels, and has several unpublished manuscripts running around her home begging to see the light of day.

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