I Like to Watch Men Having Sex

Question I asked myself: Why do I like to watch two men having sex?


I have discovered something new and interesting about myself and at 33 I am pleased that I am continuing to change and grow as a mature adult. No, this is not deep or life changing, but I have discovered that I like to watch men having sex.

I always thought that two men having sex was disgusting which is a stupid judgement to make if you have not seen it for yourself. So, I suppose I just assumed it would be gross to see two men make love or maybe I was just under the impression that watching two men have sex was pointless for a woman who considers
herself straight. Also, with all the down-low hysteria these days why would I want to see two men in bed?

Any who, I was at one of my favorite online porn sites where you can see tons of porn videos for free. I stumbled onto a video of a man giving another man head and I was intrigued and turned on all at once!

I also discovered that I perform like a man! I think that’s what really tripped me out. Some of you may be thinking that the men perform like women, but no that’s not the case. It’s not like men have sex like “bitches” or anything. Some of the men on men porn is very passionate and loving. It’s not all that different from straight sex.

I also believe that my new position at Wellness AIDS Services here in Flint is opening my mind to things that I once never had an interest in. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not homophobic and never have been, but I have always thought two men having sex was a very non sexy act. Now, I’d like to watch live and in person if given the opportunity. Hell, I may even consider dating a bisexual man. Do I smell a kinky threesome? I probably have already dated a bisexual or down-low man and didn’t know it!

My point is, you can never say what you won’t do or won’t like. I have and it has bitten me in the ass more than once. So, fellas if we meet and take a liking to each other and I ask if you like men please tell the truth if you do. I won’t judge 😉


2 Replies to “I Like to Watch Men Having Sex”

  1. Namaste, The energy That i feel from you was that in one of your past lives you were a man, and in this life you are here to love everyone unconditional,just the way you need to have love in your life if more women were open minded there wouldn’t be as such a mess about 2 men having sex as 2 women having sex,then its considered hot.but me personally I was a woman in my pass life so this life (reality) i am a gay black man who lives in Hotlanta who loves men, with more than 3 strikes against him,but its hard to be me and being Empathic with a lot of HSP,I can see & feel the hate every where I go.God is Love!!

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