Happy is Not For Sale

happyThe whole world is on a fake Happy high thanks to the musical talents of Pharrell, but I’m not part of that crowd. It’s been said too many times that money can’t buy happiness, but the truth is happiness is not for sale. If it was for sale  it would still only be attainable by a select few.

A short list of things that money would currently buy for me:

  • A home – I prefer a condo to my small ass income based apartment.
  • A bed – I sleep on a twin daybed. Not cute or comfortable.
  • A new car – My ’97 Escort is a rusty mess that has been parked for months.
  • Student loan and credit debt – :/
  • A medical bill for over $400 – 🙁
  • A new couch – You should see what we currently have to sit on.
  • Car insurance – I’ve been driving without insurance and outdated tags for almost a year!

If I had these things I’m sure I would be on my way to becoming close to happy.

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8 thoughts on “Happy is Not For Sale

  1. I don’t want to be rich or poor financially…I would like to have a “happy” medium. Where as I would like to have a condo too, a new suv and to work smart and not hard. Its attainable because I see people make it happen everyday. I’m pursing my bachelors degree in Health Informatics, I live with my grouchy brother and I want to get the hell outta New Jersey. I’ve seen rich people sad and depressed and I’ve seen poor people sad and depressed. The only common ground that I see between the two may have to deal with their state of environment (its vague and vast). There has been points in my life that I have been at my lowest and still had some type of joy. See that’s the thing too. Happiness is temporary. Joy is everlasting. Hell I’ve seen and/or heard rich people that blew their brains out. There’s been times that I crack opened my wallet and dust flew out…I didn’t blow my brains out. Some people don’t know how to adapt to their circumstances. Then you got those that do and then become complacent. I get it. You cry about it for a little while then you gotta pick yourself up and give life another try and as long as you keep trying you are winning.

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