An Interview With A Rare Breed – A Female Game Designer

female game designer

Myra Hissami

Explain the kind of games you design.

I create minimalist flat games usually with a simple game play. Those are usually the most fun.

Who are some of your clients?

I’ve worked with a variety of creative entrepreneurs. I spend most of my time, however, creating my own games.

If someone wanted to have a game created to enhance their brand, how much should they expect to spend?

As far as user interface, user experience, and illustrations go, games can cost anywhere from 2k-15k or more depending on the complexity of the game. I’ve seen bootstrapping entrepreneurs spend less, but the meager quality usually shows.

Is game design a natural progression for you as an artist?

It definitely is. I started illustrating as a child and eventually started dabbling into graphic design as a teenager. I always enjoyed digitally creating graphics and illustrations. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to solely design iOS games. Designing and illustrating games is by far the most exciting creative medium. To bring an abstract idea to life and watch people play your game is one of the most exhilarating things to witness.

female game designer

Are women really a rarity in the industry?

I still have yet to collaborate with a female game designer/coder. It indeed is a rarity and it’s unfortunate. I would love to see more females creating original iOS games.

Would you encourage more women to enter the field?

Absolutely! It will diversify the market and bring forth some interesting games for us to play.

If you were to create a Dangerous Lee game, what would it look like?

It would be intense, fiery, and simple. I would imagine it having various orange and yellow tones, mainly saturated with minimalist shapes. The underlying objective of the game would be to keep the player on the edge of his or her seat the entire time. It would be dangerous, that’s for sure!


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