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Here are some things that your business should be promoting on social media this month…

September is #BabySafetyMonth – If your business caters to everything baby this is your month to shine. Car seats, outlet covers, baby fences and the like should all be on display and on sale this month! Educate new parents on the steps they need to take to make their home safer for baby and include stats on baby accidents and how they can avoid them.

September is also:

#BetterBreakfastMonth – Pancakes, waffles, eggs, sausage, ham, bacon, grits, oatmeal, omelets…the list goes on because breakfast rocks for any meal of the day! If you own a restaurant that serves breakfast all day get in on this now. Create weekly breakfast specials and be sure to share pictures of your delicious recipes on social media.

#HispanicHeritageMonth – This is the month to highlight the achievements and strides that people of Hispanic descent have made all over the world. If you’re a Hispanic business owner, use this month to share the story behind how and why your business was conceived. You are Hispanic Heritage!

#SelfImprovementMonth: Improving yourself can happen in many forms: going to the doctor, reading a self-help book, taking a personal day or vacation, losing weight, talking to a therapist, eating better, and much more! If you’re in the business of helping people to improve their lives, you should create a Top 5 or Top 10 list on your business blog of exactly how people can improve their lives permanently with your help.

Need help increasing traffic to your blog or spreading your brands message across social media?

With over 15 years of experience creating content for the internet and building websites, Dangerous Lee specializes in improving rankings, driving traffic, and increasing brand awareness by strategically crafting quality marketing solutions with the following services:

  • Digital Marketing Consulting
  • WordPress Blog Management
  • Twitter Management

Dangerous Lee is looking for contractual clients, preferably businesses owned by Black women or businesses that uplift Black people and embrace diversity.

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Includes advice from Dangerous Lee!

digital marketing

The week before I implemented some of the changes that Dangerous Lee recommended for my site, I was averaging 26 visitors a day. The week I began changing my website based upon Dangerous’s analysis, I averaged 46 visitors a day. Five and a half days after that, my traffic averaged 74 visitors a day.

Did I mention that I haven’t even finished implementing all of her recommendations?

I am not one to argue with results: Dangerous Lee’s advice works!

Dangerous Lee (aka Leigh Langston) is making a business out of helping “starving artists” build their web presence to the point where they can make livings doing what they were born, driven, called to do; be it painting, photography, graphic design, writing and performing music, or writing books.

Her initial analysis of my blog provided me with a step-by-step guide on how to increase visibility. I’ve made three of the changes so far and have seen an increase in the number of views already.

THANK YOU to Dangerous Lee for her Q & A on Ms. Nix‘s site, because on Friday, I had my best day of audio book sales EVER!

I feel a little better about the ins and outs of Twitter than I did prior to your assistance.

I’m also very happy about some of the connections made and I’m looking forward to any networking that may come out of it.

Wow! You attracted over 100 new Twitter followers! Awesome job!

The article looks amazing and I see it is getting some likes and shares. Also there is more traffic to the trailer. This has been a very successful campaign! Take a bow!

Thank you so much for going that extra mile!