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False. Of course…

I was driving in downtown Flint today and there were many streets blocked off because of The Crim race. I could not make a left turn so I proceeded to go straight. A woman in a van behind me was upset, and to be honest that’s fine. I understood the anger and could deal with a car horn blowing at me non-stop for 10 seconds.

I knew they were really pissed as I continued to drive in front of them for a minute more as they rode my ass. When they got a chance to move around me they did so and the heffa in the drivers seat yelled NIGGER as she drove by! Was that necessary?

I mean I could see calling me a BITCH or an ASSHOLE, but a NIGGER? I hadn’t been called a NIGGER out loud in ages.

If I was a hood chick I would have followed her raggedy ass Mystery Machine van and kicked her ass or if I was a thug chick I would of shot her ass.

Actually for all she knows I could have written down her license plate number and maybe me and my girls plan to whoop her ass later. You just never know.

However, my friends, these are the times we live in and Black people are always gonna be considered NIGGERS. I’m sure you’re wondering what my reaction was, right?


Well, I honked my horn and said “Fuck you, bitch!”. I’m sure she didn’t hear me, and I was hoping to get a good position so that she could hear me call her “Honky Trash”, which I did later, but I’m sure she didn’t hear that either. Yes, I do believe that two wrongs make a right in some cases.

It made me feel better for a moment until I remembered that I will always be a NIGGER to some people. That bothers me. I mean, I already knew that. Most if not all Black people, if they are being honest know what a certain sect of people think of us but when someone calls you a NIGGER, even in a cowardly manner, it stings.

It’s meant to sting but when I hear it I feel like I’m in a time machine.

I mean, how dumb are you to be calling me a NIGGER. You’ve got a lot of nerve. Anyone that consdiers people NIGGERS is a fool and being insulted by a fool sucks!

niggermania nigger jokes

Maybe if she did hear me my ass would be kicked and I’d be in the emergency room. As I said you just never know, but I do know that people are really bold in their cars.

About a month ago as I was waiting at a red light; someone in a car to my left threw an object at me and it hit me in the head. I looked over and it was two young White people laughing their asses off with their window rolled up.

They were making a left turn and I was going forward. If I had something hard and heavy in my car I would of thrown it at them and broke their damn window. I bet that would of taken the smile off their faces.

I really wanna know where people get the balls to do shit like that. I’m sure I’m not their first victim, but as they always say; you will eventually run up on the wrong one and it will be your last rock thrown and the last time you shout NIGGER.

People really are lucky that I don’t fully live up to my name.

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