Wasup With Joe the Plumber?

Q: Wasup With Joe the Plumber?

I just watched an interview with Joe the Plumber and he is an idiot! Under Obama’s plan if he makes more than $250,000 a year he would be taxed for 39% of it, which is just 3% more than usual. Joe the Plumber thinks this would be penalization for being successful and working harder to get more in life. Really? Is he serious?

Who the hell should be taxed more is what I wish he would have been asked. Should I who makes well under $30,000 a year be taxed more? I’m broke as hell and please do understand that I am not lazy and my hand is not open begging. I’m Dangerous Lee, so I do what I gotta do just like many other people in my position. I work hard and I have a plan to someday be in the “rich” bracket. You can believe when I get there that I will not have a problem paying a larger percent of taxes. Especially when I know I will get it back.

Until now, though I state it often on my radio show, you probably did not know just how broke I am. Some people don’t see me as poor which boggles my mind. I am what I am. And, I am not financially secure at all. Then again I get the implication because I don’t fit the ignorant stereotype of a poor person. That is another subject and problem all together, but we can get into that another day.

Joe the Plumber if he ever becomes “rich” does not feel that it’s fair to be taxed more than us poor folk who can’t always afford to pay our damn rent or feed ourselves. Taxes are inevitable. We will all pay them or pay dearly for it with jail time. Right or wrong fair or unfair, but if you’re well off it will not hit you hard in the pocket, so what the hell are you whining about?

Joe the Plumber also sees Obama’s plan as socialist. Go to www.dictionary.com and type in ‘Socialism”. More or less socialism is something that benefits the poor and working class. Don’t we need, excuse me deserve some damn breaks to help us survive? Joe the Plumber is currently, I assume, broke as hell too. It’s nice to dream, but he will not be rich anytime soon unless he gets his own reality plumbing show.

That damn “bail out” is bullshit too. Struggling Americans need a bail out and I’m not talking about that check they sent us earlier this year that I had to spend immediately to pay bills. Sure, it helped and I was thankful for it, but it was the biggest tease of my life so far especially because I received it well after the due date I was given based on my SSN.

Back to Joe the Plumber; he continues to be asked who he’s voting for and he refuses to answer. I think it’s quite obvious that he is hanging on the balls of the McCain/Palin ticket based on his made up reality of being well off. Should he not be voting based on his reality today and not his possible reality in lets say five to ten years?

Like I said, he’s an idiot who by the way I hear is unlicensed and owes back taxes! He might wanna look into changing that so he can work on that $250,000. Dumbass! By the way, who gives a shit about Joe when teachers get a janky ass paycheck on a weekly basis???

When you’re done looking up “Socialism” please look up “Maverick” and have a nice chuckle on moi.

Obama talks to Joe the Unlicensed Plumber

Obama talks to Joe the Unlicensed Plumber


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  1. Great Blog. I didnt even look that deep into the whole Joe The plumber thing-until they cleared exactly what Obama meant by his plan. So have you made it clear who you are voting for? Is it Obama?
    Keep up the good work Sis!

  2. Good article!

    And heck if plumbers make a quarter mil a year no wonder they are willing to put up with all that…crap! Lol.

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