How to Keep it Dangerous!


So many of us wonder how we can help the less fortunate or do good in this world as we struggle in our everyday lives. I present to you a list of things you should do and things you should not do. Of course the NOT list is my opinion, but you definitely want to take it into consideration. Some of these things will seen “duh” to you, but trust me there are people out there that don’t know.


Read to your child: People were always amazed that my daughter, now six, could read at the age of two. That’s because I read to her and spoke to her in the womb and I continued after birth by teaching her to read. Learning is not regulated to school.

Vote: If you’re not registered, get registered. Many people died for us to have the right. If you want to see change you have to care enough to be involved in the process. Otherwise you have no right to complain.

Get tested for HIV/AIDS: HIV/AIDS is killing African Americans at an alarming rate. You need to know your status and protect yourself. Wear a condom and use dental dams. Not sure what a dental dam is and what it is used for? Please contact Wellness AIDS Services at (810) 232-0888. Testing, condoms, and education are FREE.

Donate items and time: Don’t throw out those old clothes, donate them to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or take them to your local consignment store where you can make money from the sale of each item. A record 1.1 million people benefited from Goodwill employment and support programs in 2007. Go to and for more details.

Be a Big Brother or Big Sister. There are so many children that do not see the positive side of life. Show them the way by donating your time. Go to for information.

Support each other: Know someone who is running a home based business? Buy from them and spread the word. Know someone who needs skills or knowledge that you have. Teach them. We’ve gotta stop the crabs in a barrel mentality. We have to love each other more and help each other succeed in life. Unity is lacking. Try it and it will return to you tenfold!


Be influenced by hip hop culture: It’s entertainment. There’s no need to emulate what your favorite rapper is doing in their music videos. He or she is acting for entertainment purposes only.

Put those tacky rims on your car: If you don’t own a home and are barely getting by you don’t need rims of any kind on your vehicle. Has your life gotten progressively better with rims? I doubt it!

Buy expensive clothes: I do not wear name brand clothing and I look damn good. In fact, any name brands I do own came from a consignment store or places like Goodwill as well as Target, Meijer’s etc. When you buy brand names all you’re doing is making someone else’s pockets fatter and breaking yourself in the process. The clothes and products are not any better.

That’s my time. Keep it Dangerous!