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Music Video: Have a Simply Dangerous Work Bitch Christmas!

5 Interesting Facts About Christmas Music

Music is a central part of Christmas and the tunes can really get you into the festive spirit. Everyone has their own favorite Christmas jingles and these songs are a big part of the tradition during this lovely time. Next time you are listening to Christmas music you can think about these five fun and … Continue reading

How Alex Steinweiss Revolutionized Album Cover Art

Albums in their early days were stored out of sight in plain brown wrapping. Buyers needed to know what they were looking for and ask for the album by its title. All of this was changed by one man. In 1938 music creative packaging was revolutionized when Alex Steinweiss, a 23-year old man, was appointed … Continue reading

Is Your Booty Twerk-able?

Welcome to Twerk Nation Contrary to popular belief, “twerking” isn’t a new thing. Young ladies with junk in the trunk have been doing it in New Orleans since the advent of the strip club. Don’t believe me? The dance move started as a compliment to a particular genre of hip-hop known locally as New Orleans … Continue reading

Dorian Holley – Working with Michael Jackson was like riding a comet to the moon!

Recently a young man asked me what it was like to share the stage with MJ. Being onstage with MJ was a ride in a whirlwind. The entire band, singers and dancers accepted the challenge of bringin’ it in the same way Michael brought it. We weren’t stopping till the train pulled all the way … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Responds To: R. Kelly – Shut Up!

▶ R. Kelly – Shut Up! [NEW] – YouTube. No, You Shut Up! Be thankful that you have fans and stop playing the victim. Stop focusing on people who don’t like or respect you because of your illegal and sick ass sexual behavior that you weren’t properly punished for. You’re one Black man that got … Continue reading

Top Story: Read the Full “Stomach-Churning” Sexual Assault Accusations Against R. Kelly

It has been nearly 15 years since music journalist Jim DeRogatis caught the story that has since defined his career, one that he wishes didn’t exist: R. Kelly’s sexual predation on teenage girls. DeRogatis, at that time the pop-music critic at the Chicago Sun-Times, was anonymously delivered the first of two videos he would receive … Continue reading

Flint Positive Spotlight: Vodkila Listening Lounge and Hustle Season DVD Release Party

Big Roun: A New Orleans Tale

Believing in yourself when it comes to flowing in a circle of other emcees is fundamental. Roun is up to the challenge. New Orleans is his birthplace and from an early age talent seeped through his veins whether it was tap dancing in the streets of the French Quarter at the age of 7, flowing … Continue reading

Detroit’s Very Own Jessica Care Moore: Black Tea and The Legend of Jesse James

The Last Poets introduced me to who the world knows as Detroit, Michigan’s International living legend, Jessica Care Moore. And I can say I have been thankful and humbled by this lovely Queens’ energy, creativity and brilliance ever since. The world was first introduced to her as the first poet to ever win the nationally … Continue reading

Top Story: Get Ready Detroit! Odd Hours “Khaleesi” EP and Video Release Event

Khaleesi is the fourth release from Detroit post-punk band Odd Hours. It comprises the Khaleesi single, music video and remixes by artists like Tunde Olaniran, Eddie Logix, Lol-lo-Lohanz, and others. The EP with audio single, remixes and video are being released on Dec. 6 at Corktown Studios in Detroit.    The release event is an art … Continue reading

Cherisse Bradley: A Beautiful, Brilliant & Blessed Soul

Cherisse Bradley is a Lady, I repeat a Lady whose grace, beauty, strength and resilience can be a lesson for us all. I Found My Voice A Tribute to Women in Jazz, Funk and Soul is a creation from the mind of Cherisse Bradley that is arguably one of the most profound events held this … Continue reading

Lady Gaga Wants You To Know That Her Shenanigans‎ Landed Her in the Louvre

I am a huge Lady Gaga fan, but even I’m not feeling her latest release, ART POP, and her fashion has always been insane but her latest costumes are giving me the stink face where I usually find her fashion funky and stylish. I’m not into the ART POP Gaga, but I’m still a loyal … Continue reading

Radio Station Listeners Vote DJ Tre Boogie, Not Adam Levine, as Sexiest Man Alive!


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