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CustomSong.com – Connecting Musicians with Customers


CustomSong.com is a new service that connects musicians with customers looking to create​ original songs for special events, to give as unique and personal gifts or even for their business or team. Now everyone can create their own soundtrack for life’s big moments and talented singer/songwriters are given an opportunity to earn additional income doing what they love.

Creating a custom song for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, school sports teams and so many other occasions, invites musicians into a piece of the customer’s life and the resulting song is something unique that the customer will cherish forever.  “Getting the chance to work on a personal level with people in order to create a special recording that tells their story is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience.” said Custom Song Artist Dean Palya​.​  

Musicians can sign up​ to be a CustomSong.com artist and create a profile that includes​ sample songs and a short professional bio. Once approved, the musician will be added to the artist database to be searchable and available for customers to select.  If selected by a customer, the artist will receive a notification and be able to work with the customer directly through the website platform.  The customer provides the details of their loved one, event or group and the musician will start creating lyrics.  After the lyrics are finalized, the custom song is recorded,​ uploaded and the artist is paid.​

All custom songs are completed in two weeks or one week with a rush option.  Each song is around 3 minutes in length and delivered in MP3 format. Musicians have the flexibility to work on their own schedule within the order timeline.  This is a gig that can be done day or night.

A custom song celebrates the joys of life and can be kept for a lifetime. Musicians can use their artistry to create original pieces that hold deep meaning and valuable memories for customers. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of the magic that music can create in a moment. Every occasion and group needs their own song.  We are looking for musicians who can turn personal stories, funny memories and personality traits into a catchy, emotional and memorable song.

Visit us to listen to samples of our songs​ and read uncensored customer​ feedback.

Music: Worldwide Groove Corporation Presents Glitter & Bliss

glitter-blissWorldwide Groove Corporation

Worldwide Groove Corporation, Nashville’s electronic music power duo, are currently making a very bold move.  Declaring it “The Year of the Groove“, Kurt Goebel and Ellen Tift have committed to putting out one new music release a month for at least a year.  Starting the clock in July 2014, WGC began the festivities by releasing two singles at once.  While their downtempo chillout remake of “Summertime” by Gershwin sets an elegant and vibey tone with its hypnotic groove and smooth ambience, their original “Come to Me” explores more complex territory with its emotional strings and brooding lyrics.  In September, WGC’s dystopian dubstep track “The Legend of the Fall” caught the attention of food activists, which led to a cooperative effort between WGC and the Right to Know organizations for increasing public awareness about genetically modified foods.

Learn more.


Glitter & Bliss is one of those tracks that had a rather unorthodox path to the final version you hear.  Most of the tracks we are releasing during our Year of the Groove have come about in one of two ways. Either it was a track Kurt started and then I wrote the lyric and melody over the top [which in songwriting is called “top lining”], or I write the song on my own and then do a rough demo and then present it to Kurt.

 If you’ve read my blog entry about Come to Me, you may remember my mentioning a folder of track snippets Kurt had put together during my creative hiatus after having a baby.   Glitter & Bliss was one of those nameless tracks, but the final product is rather a departure from what that track was.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me share a little back story…

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Start Making Money From Your Music Today


By Joquan Da Hooligan

Are you an Emcee, Beat maker, hustler? Or just some one who has a passion for hip hop music. Have you ever considered the impact your contributions in music might have on other people. Why not have fun with your talent. Introduce yourself to new people and capitalize on your talent at the same time. I’m going to give you a step-by-step method to get your music banging on the streets and put some coins in your pocket at the same time. I’ll assume you already have around twelve or more songs recorded and if not record some songs before moving on.

First Step – Buy some blank CD’s

Hit up Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target wherever you go to get your blanks. Get back to the lab and burn baby burn. Have a sharpie handy so you can write your name and social media links on the CD. If you don’t have graphics and jewel cases you can always use CD envelopes until you can print out your own covers. If you don’t have a cover yet you can still get started today, but make it a goal to get cover art for your project.

Second Step – Prepare your CD’s


There are several different ways to prepare your CD if you don’t have a lightscribe printer to Print directly on your CD you can always use a CD label sticker. One great company is Neato. Just go to Neato.com order some labels and they will send them to you set up a template and print them out at home or at Fed-Ex office. If you don’t have a lightscribe printer or CD label stickers and you still want to get started making money today, Sharpies do the trick just fine. Write your artist name and album title with your social media links: YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, etc., and put them puppies in the jewel case and get ready to take the world by storm.


Throw them CD’s in some jewel cases. If you don’t have jewel cases, you can always use CD envelopes or find some slick little way to fold up some paper to make a CD cover case. Nothing much to discuss here. You should know how to put a CD in a case.

Third Step – Hitting the streets

Now that you have your arsenal of music, it’s time to go on the hunt. You are now ready for S.T.A., Surveillance and Target Acquisition. That’s just a fun little way I look at you are scoping for targets it, but don’t think of yourself as a sniper. Hell, don’t think of yourself as a salesperson. You want to have a conversation with people not sell them stuff. The goal is to introduce yourself to people. Do this right and the money will come. So after you scope out your first target, here’s what you do.


Introduce yourself to this person of interest with a friendly greeting. Then give them your name. My name is Blah Blah and I am a beat maker or a rap artist.

Eye contact is important in any respectable conversation; so is a positive vibe. Be pleasant. You don’t have to put on a cheesy cat grin. But don’t give them the “E-40 practice looking hard mug“. Respect personal space. Keep yourself an arms reach away from your person of interest. Don’t be all up in their faces. That shit is creepy. Never neglect the value of a first impression.



Remember the end game is to acquire a new fan. When you make this person a fan, then they will buy your music. No one is going to buy something they haven’t been made to appreciate. Now is the time to begin the appreciation process. Show them your product. This is my CD. I’ve got how ever many tracks on it and whatever featured artist on it with me. Don’t forget your eye contact and positive vibe. They won’t be looking you in the eye because they will be observing your CD. But you should maintain looking in their eye as a show of respect. Of course you can glance away every once in a while. You don’t have to stare.


After you have introduced yourself to the person of interest and alerted them that you are a recording artist with an available CD, you can let them know you are on the market. If you would like to support me,

I’m selling them for Blah Blah Blah or I’m selling them for Blah Blah Blah. I was hoping I could get your support.

Just that simple. It is not guaranteed that they will buy the CD from you. However, it is guaranteed that if you keep trying, success is imminent. IT’S THE LAW. Law of averages, that is. Trust me. I’ve been doing this for a minute. I ain’t missed a meal yet. I’m not guaranteeing you that following these steps will get you rich. But I do guarantee that following these steps will get you eating. It takes time to build up an internet buzz. It takes time to fund big projects. But if you are hungry enough, this is something you can do today. You can get a few bucks now.

It’s quicker than waiting on BMI, ASCAP or Google AdSense. It works for me!!!!

About the Author

Joquan Da Hooligan is an independent recording artist with a superb lyrical delivery capability. Check out some of his content at: http://joquandahooligan.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joquan_Da_Hooligan



10 Ways to Feed a Starving Artist

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brainstormThanks to MyBlogU I was able to collaborate with a group of knowledgeable and wonderful people to get answers to the question: How do you feed a starving artist?

A lot more than 10 ideas are shared, but 10 people are doing the “talking”.



Matthew Gates – Confessions of the Professions

Have a website where you present and sell your work.

If you live in a city with tourists, go set up shop on a sidewalk or in a park and show off and sell your artwork.

Sign up for Fiverr and learn the tricks of the trade: Yes, you will only get about $3.90 after a sale, but you need to learn how to up sell the $3.90, that is the icing on the cake, make your clients want more from you. Reel the client in, give them just enough to be satisfied.

If you offer something unique and different as far as art goes, offer training lessons and charge a fair price per hour or per lesson via Skype or in person.

In continuing the idea from above, find after-school centers or activity centers and see if they will hire you for a few hours a week to offer lessons to others.

Attend Comic Cons or Arts & Crafts Fairs and sell your work there – don’t be greedy – sell it for a price that makes people believe it is not too much and not too little. I’ve seen people sell beautiful artwork for as little as $5 (or 4 for $20) — they know it is not much, but it is something, and they might just sell it to that one person who wants to buy it all and then some.

Learn the art of up selling, for example, someone at Comic Con put their artwork on a metal plate, signed their name and wrote 1 out of 50 on the back. He assured me that he would only ever be making 50 pieces of this particular artwork and that I would have the first one.  Why wouldn’t I want the first one of only 50? Maybe in 20 years, when they are all released, I am the FIRST – only 1 out of 50-people that owns that particular artwork. He assured me that any other piece of art I wanted that day would be half price.

He also gave me a card in which he wrote a unique number on it – this way, if I ever see him again, all I have to do is show him the card and he will give me a 20% discount on all his future artwork.

Be unique, different, and crazy. Stand out and make people laugh. Humor and weirdness will always grab people’s attention. If you are like everyone else, you are just like the average person who gets looked at once and passed over.

Additional advice:

Gain as much insight into the world of these fields: Entrepreneur, Business, Marketing, Advertising, and Psychology.

Have a steady day job until your talent and skills as a starving artist are so in demand, you won’t have time for a day job, because your passion will become your day job.

Know that you are never a failure and that your vision stands for something: You do have something to offer the world.

I advise you to check out one of my idols, the violinist Lindsey Stirling, for example, whom was shot down and told she had nothing to offer by 3 judges on America’s Got Talent. She knew she had something unique and different to offer the world, she just had to figure out how to sell it to the world and overcome what the judges told her she could not do.  She is now a millionaire traveling the world, playing her music, and America’s Got Talent has asked her to perform for the audience multiple times.

Believe in yourself and know you can do it no matter what anyone tells you. Never see rejection as failure. Never see failure as the end. Everything in your life that happens to you is an opportunity and a possibility for anything to happen. Anything is possible.

Natalia – Blogger & Jewelry Artist

incomestreamsI know very few artists who can make money just one way. Most likely you will be successful if you can set a few different streams of income. Go to craft fairs, sell in the galleries, have a blog and build your online presence. Sell online through web-sites like Etsy, Dawanda and Zibbet (choose only one or you will have zero free time if you are trying to be everywhere).

Take commissions. Consider teaching your art, as teaching is actually a very good source of income. Constantly create new work, you need a lot of it to get noticed. The most important, do not give up.

Katie DeCicco – Celebration Saunas

music-in-fashion-lisa-vaglund-537x402The most important aspects of our strategy to get more venues and more CD sales is as follows:

  1. A WordPress website to drive fans and potential clients to.
    • An easy navigation system with the option to buy from the home page.
    • Samples available to listen to or view.
    • You should also have an events calendar that should appear full of private parties or venues to create the illusion of popularity.
  2. A cdbaby or tunecore account –  This is an excellent way to get your music played on online music or  radio stations with similar artists.
  3. A gigmasters account – Our profile helps us recruit new clients seeking jazz musicians for events.
  4. A paypal account Everyone wants to pay with a credit card.  You must be able to accept credit cards and Paypal is one of the easiest methods to do so.
  5. Social Media accounts. Create a dialogue with your fan base and potential clients. FB, Twitter, LinkedIn. Friend and follow everyone you can and help each other push events, messages or publications.  You need a following to get the word out.
  6. Cross promotion of high-end local products.  For Celebration Saunas our products range in price from $1495 through $5999,abigpurchase for most people.  As an online company it’s important that I develop those relationships in order to get the sale and once I close the sale I reinforce my customers good choice buying my product by sending them a thank you card, my business card and a CD called Simple Measures by Doug Roche the jazz pianist for GAME Jazz.  Why? I want repeat business and referrals from my clients and this an inexpensive, unique gift that gets me remembered.
    • It can take up a lot of time to send out those CDs so the artist does it for me.  As an order comes in I forward it to Doug. Doug packages the CD, my business card and a thank you card to all of my customers for $15 per CD.
    • This is an excellent service to me and an opportunity for Doug to increase his fan base within the right demographic.
    • I encourage all artist to look for companies with high-end products attractive to your fan base and promoting your Music or Art as a free gift with purchase.  Car dealerships and Real Estate Agencies are always looking to create loyalty with their customers and their big purchase.
  7. Talk to reporters.  Get on HelpAReporterOut.com, MyblogU, or SourceBottle to push your art your message and personal brand.  Develop these relationships and deliver sensational and controversial content designed to get your name out there and hook people who would otherwise be disinterested in your art.
  8. Killer Content that gets read: Think of the new movie “The Interview”.  I’ve seen it.  Why?  Because I wanted to know what the North Koreans found so offensive.  Am I a big fan of Seth Rogan movies?  Not necessarily.  Will this movie make my top 20 list.  Probably not but they did create and urgency that I needed to see it to defend my freedom of speech rights as an American.  Aside from the actual terrorism of Sony Pictures, Marketing wise this is the biggest free publicity seen every day in the news since the hacking event occurred.  The point is:  How many people would have watched the movie before the hack?  How many more have watched it because of the hack?  In your own content you want to get people talking about you.  Good, Bad or Ugly.  Press is press – go for it.  Read or listen to the book “Trust Me I’m Lying” by Ryan Holiday to find ideas to create this type of media frenzy.

Rajeev BagraiWebazoid

facebook-moneyLeverage Facebook to create your own brand (which can be you as individual or in the form of business page). After providing free or paid stuff, request for a Facebook (or any other social media that you prefer) like. Have a link of your website/blog (in case you cannot afford for the time being, go for free ones) on Facebook. Include affiliate links of products that you can sell directly to customers on your website. Make use of website to earn revenue through sales which can even be selling flight tickets or mobile recharge to your friends and relatives.

Somali K Chakrabarti  – Scribble and Scrawl

contestFirst you need to keep a track of contests in your field and participate in those contests to showcase your talent. If you win, it may open up new possibilities. Second is to identify influencers in your field and try to get a recommendation of your work from them that you can use as a reference for approaching others for work.

 Alex Yong  – TechMANia411


Why “starving” ? Have you heard of the #AntiStarvingArtists hashtag on Twitter? It was created by Nik Parks.

As the hashtag suggests, it’s a movement pertaining to the world of creative professionals and self-sufficiency issues, which a lot of people think don’t go hand in hand.

Philip Turner – Teacher & Entrepreneur

EntrepreneurI am not rich, but no longer starving either – I can afford to fill my oil tank ($800), which I couldn’t last year.

My Story – I am a teacher by training, taught for 27 years. I moved to Ireland for a temporary teaching job, contract not renewed after 1 year. I applied for all manner of jobs, eventually got one working 24/7 standby as a security van driver, repairing ATMs around Ireland. I was made redundant in 2010 aged 57. I had no option but to work as a writer online.

I built up my knowledge, reputation and contacts at InfoBarrel.com for 2 years. People I met on the forum offered me paid work because of my reputation. Every paid job I have had since 2010 has been from someone I met in a forum!

Moral? Help other people 24/7, 100%. Don’t expect any reward, but welcome it if it comes.

My Philosophy Now – The 5 Currencies – Time, Knowledge, Reputation, Contacts, Money – Use every 24 hours of Time every day to grow my Knowledge, Reputation and Contacts. Take every opportunity to spread my Knowledge. The Money just happens – AND it really does work like that!!

Navneet - Javamazon

fluence-ogFluence is a great place to find authors, music artists and much more. They send you submissions and all you have to do is write a review about their work. Also you can feature them by extending your help to feature them.

Try fluence.io to help music, writers and artists.

Deborah E * Jazz Singer

WE_GOT_THE_JAZZThe strange thing, for me, is that I have been told that I am “so good” that it is assumed that I am with a major label.  As a result, I am often excluded from the “starving artist” category because everyone assumes that I have the financial and production backing of a major label.

Also, I was #1 in Los Angeles, for a year, on the Jazz Charts on Reverbnation.  People have written about me as a “legend.”

But, still, the reason I fit in the “starving artist” category is because people download and listen to my music and I have a good fan base, but there is no profit. My music is funded through my social media consulting (socialwebcafe) and not only do I not make money on it, but it hasn’t even been a drop in the bucket for paying for the production and distribution costs.  Basically, I give my music away for free and as a gift.

I have had so many people say, “Why are you not doing the Deborah E gig full-time?”  Well, because then my children wouldn’t eat.  So, instead, I share my music because I love people and love to share.  :)

 Maxwell Ivey – The Blind Blogger

networkingI’m a totally blind coach aspiring public speaker blogger sometimes podcaster and recent self published author. My book is called Leading You Out of The Darkness Into The Light and it’s a short motivational book with exercises that the reader is encouraged to work through and report on their progress via email.

I’m hoping this will result in people actually making progress and it makes my offering unique. This idea I’m going to tell you about isn’t mine but its one me and a fellow coach are working on. She is a coach in California that is part of a women’s professional group. She made a presentation at a conference recently where she put out a poster of my book cover and encouraged people to buy it. She wanted to offer print copies of my book for sale but they aren’t available yet, so she gave them an opportunity to buy the e-book plus pre-order the print copy at the event for a low package price.

I’m thinking this is something that could be replicated by other authors. its something I’m exploring and getting other friends of mine to do at their events. of course once I start attending networking events I will have to return the favor. I have done guest posts and have been interviewed for podcasts, blog articles and radio shows.






If the artists starve, we’ll all go hungry.

Pharrell Williams 2012Let’s say you wear a big hat and had one of the most infectious, popular songs of the year. You’re Pharrell Williams, and your song Happy was played 43 million times on the music-streaming service Pandora. Pretty sweet, huh? Except, according to the website Fusion, Mr. Williams made about $25,000 in royalties from Pandora for those 43 million clicks.

And that’s Pharrell, who sits atop music’s golden throne. If he’s earning tiny digital royalties, what does that say for the artists further down the chain, in the grubby realm of mere mortals? Toronto songwriter Diana Williamson, who recently moved back from L.A., told me about a song she’d co-written that had reached 260,000 downloads and made it to No. 3 on the Billboard dance chart. She hadn’t seen a penny in royalties. To complain about rip-off downloading, she said in an interview, is to invite “abuse from the mob. But if those fans were bakers, they wouldn’t be giving away their croissants for free.”

Read full story via If the artists starve, we’ll all go hungry – The Globe and Mail.


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How to Sell Your Songs To Country Music Artists


Mickey Guyton’s debut single Better Than You Left Me has the country music world all abuzz. The ballad scored the biggest radio debut in country music history when it hit airwaves two weeks ago, earning first-week adds on 79 stations across America. While that record may have much to do with modern radio consolidation, it’s nonetheless a remarkable feat – especially given the traditional nature of the song. Adorned with steel guitar and a slow waltz beat, Better Than You Left Me sounds like little else on country radio at the moment. What makes the feat even more remarkable is that Guyton is a black woman in an industry not known for its diversity.

via Mickey Guyton And The Trailblazing Black Women Of Country Music.


By Bill E Watson

Do you want to have your song recorded by a country artist like Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton or Taylor Swift? Wouldn’t it be nice to make big money from royalties every time your song is played on the radio? How great would it be to have the respect of your friends knowing you’ve written hit songs, and experiencing the lifestyle that goes with being a highly successful songwriter?

How do you get there from here? How can your song become the next big country music hit?

There are several steps you’ll need to take before you even get the chance to be heard by a music industry pro in Nashville:

1. Almost everyone knows a song should be copyrighted. But the latest law automatically bestows copyright protection on your work the moment it’s finished. Simply write 2015 Your Name and it’s protected. Music pros don’t steal songs. They may borrow song ideas but ideas can’t be copyrighted anyway. Don’t bother with mailing a copy to yourself, the “poor man’s copyright” is easily defeated and would never hold up in a court of law.

2. You need a quality demonstration recording. Without a quality “demo” your efforts to get your song in front of the decision makers will probably be wasted.

3. You need a list of music industry professionals to run your song by. Some will accept mp3’s, many still want CDs.

You do have the option to register your song with the copyright office of the Library of Congress. If you decide to do that once your application is in the mail you’re pretty safe to begin behaving as if you already have received the registration. The reason you don’t want to wait for it is because your song starts aging the moment you finish it. You want to get your marketing efforts started before the type of songs played on country radio changes, especially if any of your lyrics reference people or objects in popular culture.

The demo recording is an investment that you will easily recoup if/when your song is recorded by a major artist. It’s best to let professionals handle this step. There are “demo services” that will chart your song, hire Nashville session players and singers for it and deliver a mix to you, typically for under $900 per song. You’ll get a pro sounding recording you’ll be proud to shop.

There are regularly published songwriter “tipsheets” you can subscribe to so you’re up-to-date on which artists are seeking material for their next record.

It’s a fascinating business and all it takes is one “yes, we want to use your song on the next record” to change your life!

Do you have unpublished songs available? Producers of major label acts are looking for songs that employ twist, conflict and suspense right now, right here. Be sure to “follow” the blog to get fresh updates.

Bill Watson is the owner of Play It Again Demos which is a demo service for songwriters and song publishers. He has also written magazine articles for publications as diverse as Gig Magazine, Small Business Opportunities, Songwriter’s Monthly, Entertainment Weekly and Sports Afield. His book “Guitar Shop: A Beginner’s Guide To Learning Rhythm and Lead Guitar” was #1 in its category on Amazon.com for nearly two years.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bill_E_Watson


Music Business – Meet Founder of New Artist Model: Dave Kusek


Dave Kusek

Dave Kusek is the Artist Development Manager at New Artist Model and Senior Partner at Digital Cowboys Consulting. He was Vice President at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he created Berklee Online, the world’s largest music school reaching over 30,000 students in 170 countries.

In 2013 he founded the New Artist Model as an alternative music business program for independent musicians, songwriters, and Dave Kusek on Fluence.


He was one of the people who helped develop the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), was co-inventor of the first electronic drums called “Synare”, and founded the first music software company Passport Music Software; producer of Master Tracks, Encore, and MusicTime software.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Dave to hear his insights on the streaming music landscape, predictions for industry shifts to come, and advice for artists to prepare and engage their fanbase.

Join Dave Kusek and Fluence / Topspin CoFounder Shamal Ranasinghe in a free webinar to learn more about Fluence and engaging your fans here.

Read full interview via The Fluence Blog – Meet Founder of New Artist Model: Dave Kusek.

Watch: Dangerous Lee’s Top 10 Power Outage Jams

First Hiccup of 2015!!!

Yesterday afternoon our electricity was cut off (due to late/non-payment) and was not turned back on until 11am this morning. Thanks mom!

Needless to say we froze our asses off!

We borrowed a space heater from the rental office that was absolutely no help in keeping us warm but we bundled up in hats, socks, onesies, snuggies and comforters and we made it through. It got down to 50 degrees in our apartment but it felt like 30!

I will never allow our power to get cut off again, especially in Winter.

In an effort to make lemonade outta lemons I came up with this Top 10 List of Power Outage Jams. Enjoy!

Fun Fact: Yesterday was Cuddle Up Day.

What other songs do you think should be on the list?

Top Story: Music – Jerz Jo is About Much More Than Just ‘Cream’

Jerz Jo is About Much More Than Just 'Cream'

Jerz Jo is About Much More Than Just ‘Cream’

By L. Burner

Jerz Jo is not your typical independent hip hop artist. He doesn’t wait for permission. He simply envisions a power move then executes! This Jersey native had the fortitude to put himself in a position to not only approach Hell Rell from the legendary Dipset but successfully snag him for a feature. The resulting song titled “I’m About Cream” (Remix) will officially drop on Dec. 20th. The anticipation is high after his infectious head-bobbing single “Rhythm of the Night” dropped earlier this month and received much buzz due to his feature on Thisis50.com!

The title of “I’m About Cream” speaks for itself but don’t think you know his whole story because of his quest for cream or the tear tattoo he bears under his eye. It’s not gang-related at all. In fact, it helps paint a picture of, not another one-dimensional hip hop thug or another trapboy but a person who has depth and consciousness for the meaningful things in life-as Jerz Jo’s tear tattoo is not even remotely street-related but a tribute to the loss of a cherished aunt. Now what’s harder than a rapper outwardly expressing that level of sadness and love instead of hardness and hate? Jerz Jo turned a symbol that is often used to glorify how many bodies a gang-member caught (murdered) and gave it new spin that is profound.

His music will spin you much in the same way. His voice is earnest and you get drawn in and root for Jerz Jo. His upcoming plans for 2015 include performing at Philly’s Voltage Lounge near his neighboring state. Jerz currently resides in Delaware and says he is mellow when he is in his inner-sanctum and creating but it’s another story on the street. Wilmington is considered the most violent small city in the U.S. so there is ample concern for one’s own survival. And with the nation’s current climate of police and civilian relations, Jerz Jo, more than anything is keeping his eyes on the cops, keeping their eyes on him. Check out Jerz Jo in his own words (interview) and download his new single “I’m About Cream” on Reverbnation.com/Jerzjo.

1. What do you bring that changes the game? “I bring positive energy, deep thought, honesty, fun, color and diversity.”

2. What are some of your stand out experiences and accomplishments as a hip hop artist? “I had a chance to work with Dipset artist Hell Rell and Dipset Co Founder/Producer Duke the God. Rapping on camera for State Property member Oschino while he was recording the “Philly’s Finest Dvd” in 2009 also.”

3. What do you dislike about hip hop today? “I feel like some artists take advantage of the culture for no benefit for the people kind of like “screw you pay me”. Majority of artist don’t express their true feelings about life and are only animated. Also I think it is now lacking creativity and substance!!!!!”

4. What are your favorite rap battle/ beefs among the pioneers and legends? “LL COOL J VS CANNIBUS. Jay z vs Nas. Common vs NWA.”

5. Where were you born and raised? “New Brunswick, NJ. Riased in Camden, NJ and Wilmington,DE.”

6. Tell us about your environment and how it effects and inspires you. “My environment is peaceful it allows me space to create and also influences me to be more successful. Outside, I strive to stay alive and I keep my eyes on the cops!”


Don’t Ask What You Can Do For The Homeless, Ask What They Can Do For You


I got nothing. Just check this article out – Homeless Man Offers All His Money To Help Student Get Home, But What She Did In Return Is Spectacular | If You Only News.

Listen as you read:

With All Due Respect: Bette Midler’s remake of “Waterfalls” is GAWD awful

She looks good, tho!


My two cents on the Blurred Lines lyric “controversy”.

Leigh Langston:

Dangerous Lee Community Member Spotlight: Author Dana Ellington Miles the Satin Sheet Diva has been a real online friend and supporter.

Thank you, Dana!

Originally posted on Dana Ellington Myles, MAPW:

I keep reading about how Robin Thicke’s song, Blurred Lines is “rapey” in nature.  I’ve listened to it, I’ve read the lyrics. I’ve read countless articles and posts. And I’m sorry, I’m not seeing it.  There are plenty of songs I’ve heard – mostly rap, mostly by African-American “artists”, I’m afraid – that are BLATANTLY  rapist anthems.  But yet and still, the focus remains on Robin Thicke.  Okay.  Whatever.

What I wanted to share though was this little diddy from back in my youth – a little tune that played on the radio and in the dance clubs just briefly in the late ’80s – sung by Aaron Hall who hailed from the group Guy.  Ahem, feast your eyes on this (lyrics published on Let’s Sing It.com).   I bold-faced the lyrics I find MOST disturbing:

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray my Lord my…

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Dangerous Lee Interviews Collette McLafferty: Singer Sued For Not Looking or Sounding Like P!nk

From XOJane.com:

He spoke of watching my videos on YouTube, being “appalled” and “immediately hating” my singing. Despite 13 allegations ranging from “Conspiracy for Fraud” and “Tortious Interference” the following stood out like a sore thumb:

“Defendant McLafferty was ‘too unattractive’ to front” this kind of band.

“Pink is a visually striking woman,” it read as it was further alleged that I didn’t “look the part or contribute to the overall aesthetics” of the group.

The damages sought were around $10,000,000 and the “legal fees” Chuck felt he was entitled to by defending himself. In addition, he sought to ban me from performing in any P!NK tribute band in perpetuity.

I immediately quit my job in the band.

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Collette McLafferty coverband outfit

Collette McLafferty

Has this case affected your self esteem or self worth in any way?

Interestingly, my self esteem has never been better. Let me tell you, when you get sued for millions of dollars for no reason, you get real spiritual, real quick. A friend of mine told me that if she were in my situation with the case and the press she would most likely slide into a deep depression. That really shook me up. If this happened to me at a different point in my life, I may have just given up music or done something self destructive to cope. I think this would absolutely crush a less experienced performer. Fortunately, with 20 years in the music industry under my belt, I’ve had to battle a variety of insanely harsh situations. It became fight or flight. And I chose to fight, and the fact that I am a “lifer” in the music game has been my most valuable asset. . I’m stronger overall. I do have some very sad “why me” days though. I usually just drink of wine, cry and watch Jon Stewart and wait it out.

Have you heard from P!nk or her people?

The NY Post reached out to P!NK’s “camp”. I’m guessing a publicist. We got a “no comment”. This was when the story first went public. It’s hard to say if she knows the details of this case or not. Pop stars are so insulated and there are thousands of people trying to get in touch with them on a daily basis and everybody wants something. Plus legal issues are sensitive and no one wants to get sued themselves. That being said, P!NK’s platform is all about empowerment and sticking up for the underdog. There are a lot of parallels between her music and this case. Speaking up on the matter would be consistent with the message she puts out as an artist. However, I know that if I were in her situation, I would want the facts first. And getting them is time consuming. I mean my schedule is crazy just as a working regional artist, I can’t relate to what her life is like at all.

Has anything positive come from this experience?

Yes! I have gotten a crazy amount of support, especially from female musicians my age and the New York City music scene has been AMAZING to me. I’ve always wanted to speak very publicly about the value of older performers and why we should be celebrated and not silenced. Because The NY Post decided to make an issue of my age, I now have a platform to talk about it, so it’s a gift in strange wrapping paper. It’s also taught me that as of today I can handle almost anything life throws at me and it’s going to be OK.

Collette McLafferty

What have you learned from all this so far?

You have to stand in your own strength regardless of what others may think of you or say about you. I feel that I started playing it safe in my career a few years ago, because I got tired of reading the harsh comment when I would put my work out to the public. It made me want to be less open and vulnerable. But this experience has taught me to build a shield, focus on the art and those who love you. Oh, and also keep records of everything music business related! Emails, texts, everything!

Has this case affected your career negatively?

Unfortunately, in the short term it has been rather financially devastating, only because fighting this is a full time job. I spend hours everyday educating myself on the legal system instead of working on music. I’m slowly working on becoming a balanced human again. I’ve managed to work consistently for 20 years because I have always been diligent about auditioning, submitting my work, attending shows and jam sessions etc. As a freelancer, I do a lot of “one off” studio sessions, sub gigs etc, and there just hasn’t been time to pursue those things. Getting the work itself is a full time job. Fortunately, my 2 bands The Fred Savages and Lavender Steel are getting out of the “start up” hump and it looks like I’ll be busier in the fall. But it’s been a tough summer.

Also, If you Google my name, “old, ugly, bad singer” comes up repeatedly, thanks to the NY Post’s version of the story, which made the newswire. It’s kind of hilarious, but eek! They say there’s no such thing as bad press, but as a professional singer that is the worst possible press you can get! Now I can look at that and know absolutely that I am neither old, nor ugly. And I can sing, obviously. But in this business, you are constantly introducing yourself to new people, submitting head shots and demos online etc. And the first thing a potential employer does is Google you. So this has to be addressed, and I have to create new headlines for myself. Unfortunately, there’s a stigma to being sued. So there’s that too. This is going to be a huge challenge going forward to be known for my work once again and not as the “lawsuit girl”. Someone actually called me that at a concert I attended.

When things get resolved, however, if I can channel the strength I have found from this whole ordeal into my music and my artistic platform, I will be Dangerous! Pun intended!


Collette is represented by Martin Kera of Kera and Graubard, 212-681-1600

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Nobody Famous Releases New FREE Music – Delusions Run Deep

delusions run deep

Click to listen on SoundCloud.

I released a project today. Basically, it’s an audio representation of my last 8 or so months. There is a story behind every song…that’s why some are dark and seething, while others are passionate and uplifting.

Get headphones for the studio!

Musically, it’s my attempt to make electronic based music soulful by injecting raw emotion into it. I am not sure if that comes across, but that’s what I was trying to achieve.

You can download it from my bandcamp page for free…or if you feel so inclined to do so, you can name your own price and pay for it. Either way, I just want it in your Spotify and iTunes.



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