Nobody Famous Releases New FREE Music – Delusions Run Deep

delusions run deep

I released a project today. Basically, it’s an audio representation of my last 8 or so months. There is a story behind every song…that’s why some are dark and seething, while others are passionate and uplifting. Get headphones for the … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Support Michael Jackson’s Xscape You Don’t Get What He Stood For


And, quite frankly you’re missing out. There are more than a few bangin’ tracks on the CD and it’s much much better than the “Michael” project that was released a few years back. I am actually pleasantly surprised that I … Continue reading

Pharrell, And Why ‘Can’t’ Is Corney


It sounded like good suits and brown skin and red heels on New Year’s Eve in Harlem. It sounded like an afro-punk house party replete with aquamarine twist outs, magenta dreads and skin decorated with tattoos. It sounded like champagne … Continue reading