#MusicMonday: Royzy Rothschild featuring Karma Cavelli – Pedal To The Metal

#MusicMonday: Royzy Rothschild featuring Karma Cavelli – Pedal To The Metal

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#MusicMonday: Jep Roadie Wants to Be Your SuperHero

#MusicMonday: Jep Roadie Wants to Be Your SuperHero


Speaking as the “lone wolf” that they always refer to, I can tell you what comes of seclusion. Plenty of self-awareness and the yearning to save. Not in the way most “rappers” use the term nowadays. But in the traditional sense. Actually saving someone’s life. Of course, it is just an extension of our overall humanity and willingness to put others before ourselves.

Nonetheless, I did not choose to save. I do not like to save. I simply need to save. It cannot be controlled.

By day, I can’t really stand most human interaction. I find most to be self-absorbed and simply lost. Most are lost because of the devices used to distract the world. But by night, I am the one howling at the moon in hopes it will reply. I don’t do this for recognition. I do not do this for monetary gain. It would be easier to rob a bank than to become a superstar.

I pretty much do this for a family member, I am yet to meet. I do it so that a lost soul may be revived by one of these recordings. The lone wolf always seems to be lonely. But maybe inside his heart, lives the voices of all.

This is no sermon. I am not preaching. This is no attempt at being something I am not. I am writing this in hopes that someone will relate. That someone will understand what I am saying or how I feel. Until then, I will continue to write these songs. Everyone is a Super Hero in someone’s eyes. Ideas like that make life worth living.

I love you. Sincerely, A 90’s baby, who was given PTSD.

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#MusicMonday: E Money – Have Mercy

#MusicMonday: E Money – Have Mercy

E-Money drops off a visual for the titled song “Have Mercy” produced by Arkitekz.

E-Money gives his perspective on the world we live in and the everyday struggle people face in their lives. It’s a very powerful song with a dope visual catching the moment and emotion all the way through.

Have Mercy on us all.

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#FeedArt on Ms. Nix: TIDAL – A Wake Up Call For All Artists

#FeedArt on Ms. Nix: TIDAL – A Wake Up Call For All Artists

tidalAffluent artists must keep investing in themselves and their art to make sure that they remain wealthy. Money can be lost as fast as it was earned.

However, TIDAL is not just about the rich getting richer…

Deadmau5 says, “TIDAL is as an opportunity to cut out the unnecessary middleman that labels have become, so that the artists, especially independent ones, can have the ability to enter in a direct relationship with the streaming platform, thus minimizing royalty splits and loss of income for the artists.”


tidal-for-all-jay-zI encourage all artists, whether you are a writer, musician, visual artist, photographer, performance artist etc. to join together with other artists in your network. It’s hard being an independent artist and there is power in numbers.

Instead of seeing each other as competition, join together to build something amazing that will benefit all artists involved and become a beacon for other aspiring artists.

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