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Music Spotlight: Jep Roadie Wants to Be Your SuperHero

Speaking as the “lone wolf” that they always refer to, I can tell you what comes of seclusion. Plenty of self-awareness and the yearning to save. Not in the way most “rappers” use the term nowadays. But in the traditional sense. Actually saving someone’s life. Of course, it is just an extension of our overall … Continue reading

Let the Hawaiian Grooves of Corey Pieper Warm You Up

Aloha EP on iTunes Listen on SoundCloud

How to Get More YouTube Views

By Duncan Lancer Studies have shown that over 100 hours are uploaded to YouTube every minute. With such a large amount of video content it’s very easy for your video to get lost in the crowd and not attract any viewers. The good news is that there are a number of tricks that you can … Continue reading

Meet Kent Osbourne: Songwriter,Gospel Hip Hop Artist

While orphaned at a young age, the streets proved to be a great challenge for Kent who spent the rest of his childhood and young adult life in and out of county lockup until he finally landed a 2 year prison sentence. While in prison, he discovered a gift for writing rap music and performing … Continue reading

CustomSong.com – Connecting Musicians with Customers

CustomSong.com is a new service that connects musicians with customers looking to create​ original songs for special events, to give as unique and personal gifts or even for their business or team. Now everyone can create their own soundtrack for life’s big moments and talented singer/songwriters are given an opportunity to earn additional income doing … Continue reading

Music: Worldwide Groove Corporation Presents Glitter & Bliss

Worldwide Groove Corporation Worldwide Groove Corporation, Nashville’s electronic music power duo, are currently making a very bold move.  Declaring it “The Year of the Groove“, Kurt Goebel and Ellen Tift have committed to putting out one new music release a month for at least a year.  Starting the clock in July 2014, WGC began the … Continue reading

Start Making Money From Your Music Today

By Joquan Da Hooligan Are you an Emcee, Beat maker, hustler? Or just some one who has a passion for hip hop music. Have you ever considered the impact your contributions in music might have on other people. Why not have fun with your talent. Introduce yourself to new people and capitalize on your talent … Continue reading

10 Ways to Feed a Starving Artist

Are you a starving artist with a blog? Join Dangerous Lee’s Blogging for Starving Artists newsletter and receive tips to build your web presence and make a BETTER living. You’ll get a FREE Starving Artist Resource Guide when you sign up today! Thanks to MyBlogU I was able to collaborate with a group of knowledgeable … Continue reading

If the artists starve, we’ll all go hungry.

Let’s say you wear a big hat and had one of the most infectious, popular songs of the year. You’re Pharrell Williams, and your song Happy was played 43 million times on the music-streaming service Pandora. Pretty sweet, huh? Except, according to the website Fusion, Mr. Williams made about $25,000 in royalties from Pandora for … Continue reading

How to Sell Your Songs To Country Music Artists

Mickey Guyton’s debut single Better Than You Left Me has the country music world all abuzz. The ballad scored the biggest radio debut in country music history when it hit airwaves two weeks ago, earning first-week adds on 79 stations across America. While that record may have much to do with modern radio consolidation, it’s … Continue reading

Music Business – Meet Founder of New Artist Model: Dave Kusek

Dave Kusek is the Artist Development Manager at New Artist Model and Senior Partner at Digital Cowboys Consulting. He was Vice President at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he created Berklee Online, the world’s largest music school reaching over 30,000 students in 170 countries. In 2013 he founded the New Artist Model as … Continue reading

Watch: Dangerous Lee’s Top 10 Power Outage Jams

First Hiccup of 2015!!! Yesterday afternoon our electricity was cut off (due to late/non-payment) and was not turned back on until 11am this morning. Thanks mom! Needless to say we froze our asses off! We borrowed a space heater from the rental office that was absolutely no help in keeping us warm but we bundled … Continue reading

Top Story: Music – Jerz Jo is About Much More Than Just ‘Cream’

By L. Burner Jerz Jo is not your typical independent hip hop artist. He doesn’t wait for permission. He simply envisions a power move then executes! This Jersey native had the fortitude to put himself in a position to not only approach Hell Rell from the legendary Dipset but successfully snag him for a feature. … Continue reading

Don’t Ask What You Can Do For The Homeless, Ask What They Can Do For You

I got nothing. Just check this article out – Homeless Man Offers All His Money To Help Student Get Home, But What She Did In Return Is Spectacular | If You Only News. Listen as you read:


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