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Don’t Ask What You Can Do For The Homeless, Ask What They Can Do For You

I got nothing. Just check this article out – Homeless Man Offers All His Money To Help Student Get Home, But What She Did In Return Is Spectacular | If You Only News. Listen as you read: About these ads

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#ThrowbackThursday: Hurricane Katrina Looting in 2005

I wrote the following in September of 2005 for my Ask Dangerous Lee column (I think). It is eerily relevant today and sadly it will be 50 years from now. I don’t feel like doing the usual Q & A in this issue. I want to talk about the racial drama surrounding Hurricane Katrina relief … Continue reading

Bill Cosby is Not “Dr. Huxtable”

Originally posted on Splendiferous Everything:
One of the many memes circulating on the Internet about Bill Cosby’s activities off-camera. The Latest news regarding actor Bill Cosby is downright heinous: fifteen woman have reported he drugged them then raped them. Fifteen women!  That’s atrocious!  Worse, they were not believed when they tried to raise the alarm…

Top Story: 7 Choices You Will Regret in 7 Years

By Siimon Sander “If only…” These two words lead to regret. Here are 7 choices, which lead to regret, and how to elude them. 1. Not being yourself (unless you are a creep) This is the hardest and most important one. How often we try to act like others to fit in? It could be … Continue reading

10 Problems Every Overweight Person Has Faced

By Ariba Adnan Being obese is not funny but the problems or issues they face being overweight are funny. Same goes with skinny people or with any specific category, so no offence here! Facts I have discussed below are merely my observation which I thought are real and ought to be shared. Are you obese? … Continue reading

Why Iyanla Can’t Fix My Life

I really believe that she can “fix” my life in a few areas. I like Iyanla and when I had cable I watched her show, Iyanla Fix My Life, religiously. I get unnerved by her use of the word Beloved, but I know she is coming from a good place. I love how, especially in … Continue reading

#KeepitDangerous! Re-defined

Estimated reading time: 25 seconds. Contains 84 words New Definition: “Keep it Dangerous!” means doing your best in life while holding fast to your personal beliefs as you move forward in a crotchety yet positive direction. I was going to post the old definition for comparison, but I can’t remember the exact wording. Needless to … Continue reading

Men don’t smile all day. Why should we?

 Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 35 seconds. Contains 317 words After an SMH and eye roll worthy experience I took to Facebook and asked: Men: Does it usually “work” when the first words you say to a woman are – “Why you look so mean? Smile!” ? — feeling curious. Post by Leigh Langston. Doesn’t … Continue reading

7 Phrases We Must Stop Using Now

By Phil Mullins Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 22 seconds. Contains 1076 words No one appointed me, nor do I aspire to be, a member of the grammar police – those folks do great work. However, I hear, and often use, the following phrases, words, etc quite often, and insist we must work together to … Continue reading

Women Are People First – Female Second!

By Bryan W Foster Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 29 seconds. Contains 499 words A most beautiful experience is to realize for the first time, that women are truly equal to men. To realize that all people have so much to offer our world. To realize that through our gender differences we are made whole … Continue reading

Why Has ‘Ratchet’ Behavior Become So Popular?

By Chuck Checkman, Sr. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 16 seconds. Contains 855 words Worldstar Freaks Uncut has uncovered a vast phenomenon for which is rapidly becoming relevant among all aspects within our lives. Trends occur all of the time. However, modern trends have transformed into something of which very few if any people at … Continue reading

Top Story: 5 Things Men Think (But Do Not Say) About Women

By Joe M K Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 9 seconds. Contains 431 words What do men really think about women? Find out 5 harsh truths here. 1. Your bubbliness and extroversion does not distract us from the fact that you are fat. Observe a group of girls in a bar. There is always one … Continue reading

Law-And-Order Tactics Bring Neither To Ferguson

By Larry M. Elkin We don’t know for sure exactly what happened in the moments before the first bullet struck Michael Brown on August 9. However, we do know with certainty, because the evidence is abundantly clear, that at nearly every juncture since that moment, local authorities in Ferguson, Missouri, have escalated and exacerbated the … Continue reading

I Am The 14% – Black People in America: Why We Will Never Overcome

  Remember the following fact the next time a Black woman or man is unjustly killed or why it is so hard for us to overcome the effects of racism in this country. Also factor in that many of us only want to assimilate. We are a minority in more ways than one. In 2012 … Continue reading


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