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Hoe Baths Are Not Just For Hoes

From the Urban Dictionary: hoe bath a type of bath giving immediately after sex or just a quick bath when your just washing the important parts face, underarm, and genital areas. Used in a sentence: Girl, I know you go have a hoe bath before you leave? Let me take a hoe bath right quick. … Continue reading

The Beginners Guide to Becoming a Dominatrix

How to unleash your inner Dominatrix and succeed! It may not seem an obvious choice as a career or a pastime, but if you follow this guide, you could find yourself becoming the best Mistress out there. Mistress. It’s a word heavy with connotations. Seductive, confident, attractive, alluring. The dictionary defines it as a woman … Continue reading

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How To Shop For Sex Toys

  Making the choice to shop sex toys for women can be intimidating. There are so many options, that it seems nearly impossible not to avoid an embarrassing or costly mistake. Consider these factors for your next shopping trip for better results. Consider the type of stimulation you are looking for. If you enjoy clitoral … Continue reading

Take it Down a Few Levels – April is Stress Awareness Month!

The Dangerous Lee Network has lots of great content to help you manage your stress levels in creative ways as well as information to let you know when you’re at your breaking point. Explore various ways to keep your stress under control here and while you’re at it, download this FREE ebook filled with 101 … Continue reading

Chewing Gum: Surprising Pros And Cons

Chewing gum is a controversial habit that has both proponents and detractors. Understanding its benefits and disadvantages can help you decide whether you should keep up this habit or put it aside. Pro: Gum Chewing Can Help You Lose Weight There are many studies that promote the efficacy of gum chewing for weight loss. Gum … Continue reading

Sometimes Cheaters Do Win: How Cheating On Your Diet Can Produce Better Results

Losing weight and getting in shape is always harder than putting the weight on and letting yourself get out of the shape you once were in. One of the most difficult parts of shedding excess pounds is of course sticking to a diet that allows you to get in all of your nutritional needs but … Continue reading

Top Story: 5 First World Problems You Complain About (But Should Be Slapped For)

If there’s one thing we Americans love to do, it’s complain. Nothing is ever good enough when you have everything, right? Man, if I lived in a developing country, I’d probably hate us too. Whiney little babies! Here are five of the top First World Problems that you need to be slapped for if you’re … Continue reading

Top Story: Pearl Pearson – A Case of Police Brutality in My Family

Facts Who is Pearl Pearson? Pearl is a 64 year-old diabetic deaf driver who resides in the Oklahoma City area. What’s the story? At this time, only limited details can be provided since this case is under investigation. 1. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol pulled Pearl over late in the evening on January 3, 2014. Pearl … Continue reading

Scarcity of Drugs to Treat Female Sexual Disorder Causes Concern in Medical Community

The FDA’s recent rejection of a pill to treat low sexual desire in women has led to mounting concern about the lack of available medications to treat this condition. The drug, known as flibanserin, was deemed by the FDA to have only a “modest effect” on raising female libidos, a decision which is already being appealed by … Continue reading

What Is That? 5 Common Causes of White Discharge

You go to the Ladies’ Room. It’s all pretty mundane…until you wipe. You say to yourself, “What is that? Why do I have this thick, white discharge?” Anything out of the ordinary can be scary. But there are some pretty common causes of white discharge. #1 First, know your body. This could be normal. The … Continue reading

Why Some Straight Men Are Into Cross Dressing

Cross dressing amongst men has been around for centuries and is certainly nothing new, yet for many in the British society it is still a taboo subject, and one that is unfortunately often misunderstood. Followers of Fashion Current trends in UK fashion aren’t too far away from what some traditionalists may class as Cross Dressing. … Continue reading

Are Thrift Stores Too Pricey For The Poor?

Over the last couple of years, charity shops and thrift stores have become a magnet for bargain hunters. Austerity measures, a global recession and high inflation has meant that designer goods are less affordable, and savvy shoppers are increasingly sourcing their clothing second hand. Celebrities have also donated outfits that have sold for four figure … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Ideas To Get The Party Rockin’

If there’s one night of the year that’s devoted to celebrating, then it has to be New Year’s Eve. It’s the time to feast on scrumptious food and sip on something with plenty of fizz. But aside from making sure your guests are well fed and watered, your home should be decorated in a festive … Continue reading

It’s Time To Embrace Your Cellulite!

Curves are something to celebrate. And having cellulite (as 85% of women do) doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel good about yourself and the way you look. Try some bottom pampering today. The word cellulite was first coined back in the seventies, but it’s no modern affliction. Just think of those Rubensesque beauties going about their … Continue reading


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