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Seducing the Post-Economic Crisis Woman


By Annemarie Musawale

Romance these days is not what it used to be. In the past, you could slide up to some breathless young thing who was just waiting by the wall paper for you to come over and speak to her and if you didn’t… well; her life as she knew it was over.

Nowadays, women are too busy trying to get their lives together when they’re young to be concerned about making significant connections. It’s the world economy – its affected people’s ability to settle down any time before they’re forty. Life does truly begin at forty these days because that’s when you’ve only just achieved some modicum of stability. Of course, just because you didn’t settle down doesn’t mean you didn’t acquire responsibilities. Like children, dogs, cats, house plants…

So when a guy comes up to you as you’re going about your business and says they want to talk, because they’ve ‘seen you around’ and ‘want to get to know you’…

Well, I’m here to tell you that approach doesn’t work anymore. When I’m going about my day, running my errands with one eye on the clock because the World Cup starts in half an hour and that’s all the time I have to finish up everything, the window of opportunity for you to accost me in the street wanting to talk about non-specific things closed last week. Better for you to just tell me:

“Look girl, you’re pretty and I want to talk to you now so that I can have the chance to have sex with you later”.


“Yeah, you look relatively put together and I’m not so maybe if we talk now, I can leech off of you later in exchange for some mediocre sex.”

Or else

“I’m kind of thinking of taking advantage of you because you look lonely and desperate and I can’t be bothered to make an effort with someone who isn’t”.

Honesty has its attractions. It gives the woman a chance to decide whether she wants to entertain your whims without the tedium of aimlessly shooting the breeze and eating into her thirty minute window before she wants to be in front of the TV. Who knows? Maybe she just happened to be in the market for exactly what you were offering! Kismet!

Even if she isn’t buying what you’re selling at least you didn’t waste each other’s time, miss the world cup match and then discover that ‘oops, this is just not going to work.’

Buy my book. It’s just as imaginative.

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Penis Costume – Dress It Up and Keep It Safe This Halloween


By John Dugan

For most people, getting into the Halloween spirit means donning a costume. Classy or sexy, homemade or store-bought – anything goes. Men who want to be truly original this season might think about putting some effort into a penis costume. There are a few penis care considerations to keep in mind with any regular costume as well. Those considerations, along with recommendations for dressing up the rod, can be found below.

Make an impression

Getting dressed up for Halloween is all about making an impression. For some men, this means nothing more than putting on a fake mustache and a plastic top hat. Other men opt for a total body transformation, revealing their inner Frankenstein or space alien for all to see.

How far one wants to go is an individual choice, but it’s a good idea to choose a costume that will be memorable, even if simply done. This is especially true if one is seeking to impress a new or potential partner; think about what might make an impression on her (or him). Should a man opt to wear something that’s thematically similar to what his “date” is wearing? Should he choose something that expresses a side of himself he rarely shows? Is this the opportunity to show how incredibly sexy he can look?

Consider (carefully) a penis costume

Tricks and treats are synonymous with Halloween. A man who is at an appropriate place in a relationship may decide to trick AND treat his partner by dressing his manhood up for the night as well. (Naturally, the unveiling of this organ disguise needs to take place in an appropriately private atmosphere). Some options for making a “Hallo-wiener” include:

- Body-painting the tool. Turn the penis into a snake, a hot dog, an elephant’s trunk, etc. One can let the imagination run wild here.

- Shaving. Perhaps Halloween is the night to experiment with genital shaving for a new look and a new sensory experience when the man and his partner explore how a smooth surface feels in action.

- Dressing it up. A bow can be a nice addition to a tool, but so can new underwear featuring a funny picture or a shocking color. Men shouldn’t be afraid to even make (or find) an actual costume for the tool.

- Toy with it. Throw in a sex toy, such as a penis ring, for extra fun.


Other things to remember

- If one purchases a cheap costume from a party store, it’s important to remember that these costumes are typically not built to last – and for that reason are often made of very cheap material. In other cases, a costume may be more sturdily built but may include a rough fabric. Consider how the fabric chosen may affect the penis. Is that nylon going to have an arousing effect rubbing against the glans? Is that burlap going to cause chafing? Wearing an extra layer of underwear may provide protection – but it may also make the tool extra hot, creating potential for heat rash.

- Spandex is popular on Halloween, especially for those going in for a science fiction look. Many Spandex outfits are made to be worn without underwear. This can sometimes lead to skin chafing; more importantly, it likely means that a protruding erection will be more visible should one occur. That’s not always an issue: Some men enjoy displaying their swollen member in this manner. If, however, a man feels uncomfortable with this (or if one is meeting a woman’s father for the first time), Spandex may not be the best option.

Having on hand (and using) a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can make Halloween more enjoyable – and help maintain a healthy penis to boot. A penis that is de-sensitized from exposure to a rough Halloween costume can be aided by a cream with acetyl L-carnitine, which helps restore penis sensitivity. In addition, creams with a high-end emollient like Shea butter will be able to soothe a raw or sore penis and alleviate lingering pain.

Visit www.menshealthfirst.com for more information about treating common penis health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of penis sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.

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Men don’t smile all day. Why should we?

 Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 35 seconds. Contains 317 wordsMulti-ethnic group of young women: African, Asian, Indian and Caucasian.

After an SMH and eye roll worthy experience I took to Facebook and asked:

Men: Does it usually “work” when the first words you say to a woman are – “Why you look so mean? Smile!” ?feeling curious.

Doesn’t matter if you want to “get with” a woman or not, though I’m sure had I given him the time of day he would of tried to get with me and let’s be real, men only say this to women they find attractive or want to get to know better.

Approaching a woman, especially one you don’t know, this way is rude. It comes off as controlling. Just because a women is not smiling doesn’t mean she’s got issues in that moment. Then again, maybe she doesn’t have anything to smile about at that moment either.

Men don’t walk around with a smile on their face all day. Why should we? None of us lives in a world worthy of smiles all day every day.

A smile or lack of one is really not the issue here. It’s like Brian said in an earlier comment: social skills. Just say hello or ask how I am instead of putting an emotion on me before you know anything about me. If you think I look unhappy, try to cheer me up. Say something nice. Starting a conversation with a negative is a turn off. Like they say: keep it simple, stupid.

I’m just telling you how I feel about it, but based on many of the responses, I’m not the only women who does not like it and it’s one of those lines that has been passed on from generation to generation. I can remember my mom complaining about this ages ago when I was a child. It must die. Stop saying it to women. We don’t like it.


Women Are People First – Female Second!

women in jeans

By Bryan W Foster

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A most beautiful experience is to realize for the first time, that women are truly equal to men. To realize that all people have so much to offer our world. To realize that through our gender differences we are made whole as a people.

It is very important to realize that there is much more to a woman than her female sex gender. There is a real need here to not see her in a sexual way, but to see her firstly as a person, a fully-fledged human being. Her sexuality, being feminine, is so very important. It is very important to delineate between her sex appeal (as a woman) and her sexuality (being feminine). Placing the emphasis on the feminine aspect will bring about the freedom to see each woman as a truly liberated human.

As a male it saddens me that it appears that most of society does not feel this way and never has. There are obviously so many reasons why, including:

  1. not accepting that you can separate the sexual aspect from the sexuality aspect,
  2. an unstated feeling of inadequacy by males,
  3. the threat of the unknown,
  4. the way culture has always been historically,
  5. some women not supporting this belief,
  6. the very basic belief that that is just the way it is!, etc.

It is important to acknowledge the strong feminine characteristics and how these make a woman very special, and equal. These characteristics include: to be compassionate, to care, to nurture, be gentle and to love in a feminine way. And yes, it is true that individual males and females have these characteristics in varying degrees. Yet a woman, in general, has these to a greater degree.

Interestingly, it is felt that men can develop these feminine characteristics as well to a high degree. When a male is enculturated within this belief, surrounded by like-minded people, invited extrinsically or intrinsically to become a valued participant, then it is believed he more than likely will accept such a situation. He will then begin to develop his feminine side. Once this development starts, it is very hard to stop, because the reality of women and men being equal becomes so true to him.

When we can operate in a way where women and the female characteristics are not a threat but an enhanced aspect of life, then we are on our way to a far better world. This will be a world of less stress, a world of more hope, and dare I say it, a world of greater love.

Bryan Foster’s background, experience and interests, as well as details on his books, are available at http://bryan-foster.com. You will also find his biography, numerous blog posts, hints and tips, testimonials, etc. here. You may also like to read two related articles on Ezine by Bryan Foster: ‘Institutions and Male/Female Integrated Leadership’ and ‘How Can Women Be Seen as Beautiful Creations – in the Fullest Sense?’.

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Top Story: 5 Things Men Think (But Do Not Say) About Women

male brain

By Joe M K

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What do men really think about women? Find out 5 harsh truths here.

1. Your bubbliness and extroversion does not distract us from the fact that you are fat.

Observe a group of girls in a bar. There is always one who is louder, acts crazy and seems to dance and drink more than everyone else. She’s very talkative and laughs a lot – she’s the centre of attention in the group. She’s usually the fat chick. Yep, you can be all lively and friendly, but ultimately, you’re fat and therefore unattractive. All the laughter in the world will not bring us any closer to your bed.

2. A friend doesn’t mean someone who is only on your Facebook.

Her: You know my friend Rachel, right?

Him: Erm, not sure.

Her: You know, the one who just had the baby? She was a temp in the office next door for a week last year, haven’t seen her since.

Him: OK, what about Rachel?

Her: I think I will invite her to my birthday party, she just had a baby and put on a bit of weight, she was posting on Facebook how depressed she was so a party will be good for her. Plus, I really miss her.

No, she is not your friend. You have not had any contact with this person with whom you probably only exchanged a couple of words in the one week she worked there.

3. Your IQ, job title and educational background means nothing if you are not physically attractive.

Top lawyer? Filthy-rich banker? PhD in biochemistry? If you’re not hot, we don’t care. We are not interested in your career or how strong and independent you are. We value beauty above all. Men don’t cheat because they find someone more intelligent than their partners – fact.

4. We prefer women who had less sexual partners. We do not value your experience – we’d rather teach you.

OK, you give great head, but in the back of our minds is not only the pleasure you’re giving us but also how many times you’ve given it to other men. As girlfriend material, we’d rather have a virgin with an open mind willing to learn than a sex goddess in bed.

5. We really don’t care which top looks better with that skirt.

Her: this one, or this one? I think I prefer this one, though I’m not sure, ’cause this one looks good too?!?

Him: whatever.

We mean it, we really do. For men there is no difference between the light green and the dark green top, they both look nice. It’s just a piece of clothing, just choose one and wear it.

Did you like this article? More at: http://www.bravenewman.net/about/

Brave New Man covers a wide range of subjects which are pertinent to the 21st century man.

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The Big Breast Fascination – Why Men Lust For Big Breasts

By Alexa Keating

Wanna distract a man? Begin with baring the cleavage. Turning his head is a short step away with a bikini top that bares even more; a walk down any beach is likely to find men who have inadvertently stumbled into unknown territory and lost their way as their heads were turned to stare at the barely covered breasts in the sun. Bare em’ all and you will witness glazed eyes and drooling; full on insanity!

What’s going on behind the scenes when these reactions in men are exhibited? Ah, how did we miss the fact that men are in their heads too? Big breasted women prompt the same response in men as huge penis’s do in women, perhaps for the same reason. Men are in their heads, already playing the conqueror and owning those huge breasts. They are already in the sack and in charge.

This gives lie to the idea that men are visual and women are mental when it comes to sexual stimulation. Don’t imagine for an instant that men haven’t retreated into their heads to fully complete the sexual union when they are drooling at the sight of huge bare breasts. They are already doing it!

Who hasn’t seen the cartoons of the goofy guy who walks past the beautiful bare breasted woman, a complete stranger, and calmly states, “I’ve had her.” He has, in his mind! If men could be criminally charged with what happens in their head, the number of sex crimes would increase exponentially. Thankfully, they can’t be.

But, what prompts this response? What causes perfectly normal, sane men to morph into drooling idiots, incapable of finding their way to their car at the sight of bared breasts and over sized nipples? It is the same cave man response as the fight or flight instinct. It is triggered by the same subconscious driven need to find food to store for the winter and all the basic survival instincts that mankind arrived with. Back to the mother who has suddenly acquired large breasts that are engorged with milk to feed her newborn… the very first significant comfort a newborn responds to instinctively.

It triggers the same sense of fulfillment, satisfaction and complete acceptance of being loved and nurtured that we instinctively seek as newborns. We are all driven to find this sense of fulfillment in many ways; but for most men, there is an instant gratification of fulfilling this need when large bare breasts are exposed to their senses! Like their cave man predecessors, they simply must follow the dream of conquering and dragging the prize back to their cave to devour, even if only in their dreams.

Join me at arkconnect.com to preview available books on relationships and sexuality.

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Alan Roger Currie says – Let Women Know What Your Sexual Desires REALLY Are

Being ‘Mode One': Let the Women Know What Your Sexual Desires & Interests REALLY Are


Book Author and Professional Dating Coach, Alan Roger Currie, will be releasing the audiobook version of his popular self-help book for men, ‘Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking’ on Monday, August 4, 2014. Men and women can listen to the audiobook for FREE if they sign up for a no-obligation 30-Day Trial Membership with Audible.com, the audiobook division of Amazon.com

Dangerous Lee: What is ‘Mode One’ behavior?

Author Alan Roger Currie: ‘Mode One’ represents a certain style of verbal interpersonal communication. In my book, ‘Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking,’ I discuss what I refer to as the ‘Four Modes of Verbal Communication’ that all single heterosexual men use when conversing with a woman of interest.

Dangerous Lee: Using four or five adjectives, can you briefly describe all four modes?

Author Alan Roger Currie: Mode One – Confident, Upfront, Specific, Honest, Straight-to-the-point; Mode Two – Cautious, Polite, Flattering, Vague, Ambiguous; Mode Three – Dishonest, Disingenuous, Manipulative, Misleading, Timid; Mode Four – Angry, Bitter, Hateful, Misogynistic, Resentful

Dangerous Lee: It seems pretty obvious why a man would choose the ‘Mode One’ communication style over both the ‘Mode Three’ and ‘Mode Four’ communication styles, but what makes ‘Mode One’ style of communication significantly better than a ‘Mode Two’ style? Some people might consider ‘Mode One’ to be too blunt or too forward. Right?

Author Alan Roger Currie: So. Is it ‘too forward’ to tell a waiter or waitress, “I do not want any salt on my potatoes”? What about going up to a gas station attendant and saying, “I want twenty dollars on Pump #7.”? Damn, that is really, really blunt and forward.

Dangerous Lee: Okay, I get your point (laughs). I have heard you mention on your talk radio show that because of your Mode One communication style, you have had sex with women only a few minutes after meeting them. True?

Author Alan Roger Currie: Yes.

Dangerous Lee: What’s the quickest you have had sex with a woman after first making her acquaintance?

Author Alan Roger Currie: Approximately ten-to-fifteen minutes after we first met.

Dangerous Lee: Really? What is so special about your Mode One style of verbal communication that gets women aroused so quickly?

Author Alan Roger Currie: Being rebellious. This is why many women adore ‘Bad Boy’ types as opposed to ‘Nice Guy’ types. A ‘bad boy’ is one whose behavior represents the attitude of, “I refuse to act the way your mommy and daddy probably told you that ‘polite gentlemen’ should act. I am going to say what I really want to say in the exact manner that I want to say it.” On the other hand, ‘Nice Guy’ types go out of their way to try to say all of the typical flattering and polite things that they think women want to hear. The thing is, deep down, both the ‘Bad Boy’ and the ‘Nice Guy’ have the same exact desire to date women and have sex with them. It’s just that Bad Boys are more upfront and straightforward about their desires and interests. Nice Guys feel more compelled to ‘beat-around-the-bush’ because they are too afraid of being labeled a ‘jerk’ or an ‘a**hole.’ Bad Boys don’t care about subjective labels and petty criticisms.

Dangerous Lee: So being Mode One is all about behaving like a ‘Bad Boy?’

Author Alan Roger Currie: Yes . . . and no. I never encourage men to specifically exhibit the behavior of a “jerk” or an “a**hole” with women, but I do tell men to do at least three things that will naturally cause women to perceive them as more of an intriguing ‘Bad Boy’ type than a boring, predictable ‘Nice Guy’ type.

Dangerous Lee: What are those three things?

Author Alan Roger Currie: You’ll have to listen to the audiobook.

Dangerous Lee: So Elliot Rodger, the young guy who killed those people in Santa Barbra, California earlier this year was in a Mode Four state of mind? Correct?

Author Alan Roger Currie: Exactly. Also George Sodini in 2009. My mission is to prevent as many single heterosexual men from transitioning into Mode Three Behavior and Mode Four Behavior. Nothing good comes out of either form of Behavior. Even Mode Two has a lot of negative effects on a man’s psyche in the long run. If nothing else, he becomes too consumed with trying to be the man he believes other people want him to be instead of just being himself.

Dangerous Lee: So I can listen to the audiobook version of ‘Mode One’ for free? How?

Author Alan Roger Currie: Anyone who signs up for a 30-Day Trial Membership with Audible.com can download and listen to the ‘Mode One’ audiobook for free, with no obligation, as long as ‘Mode One’ is the very first book they download from Audible.com. If the person already has a membership with Audible.com, then the offer to download it for free does not apply.


The Pros and Cons of A Bigger Penis


By Chess McDoogle

Getting a bigger penis may seem like a no-brainer. Of course you would like larger size, right? The quest for larger size has been around forever. The desire seems to be consistent, generation after generation.

Many guys have this desire at one point or another in their lives. They wish they were larger, and the allure of getting bigger penis size is very strong. But, as with everything, there are pro’s and con’s involved with penis enlargement.

Learn all about whether enlarging your penis is something you should pursue by studying the following pro’s and con’s.


  • Larger penis size does matter to the ladies. Visually it is more appealing, but there is also the girth issue. This refers to the thickness of the penis. Women have reported that girth size is what really matters when it comes to penis size and sexual pleasure benefits. While length can be visually impressive, it is the thickness that is the deal breaker when it comes to small versus big penis size.
  • Increased confidence. Larger size does bring on increased confidence. This is such an ingrained quality in males. We’ve always focused on bigger is better when it comes to the penis. Hundreds of years ago tribes would have men perform enlarging exercises to ensure they were as big as possible. This ingrained behavior has instilled the notion that being larger can lead to bigger and better things in life. This boost in confidence can translate over to many areas of life.
  • Better sex. Guys with larger size are much more focused on their performance in the bedroom. Larger size leads to more confidence which translates over to better bedroom performance. This mental boosts leads to much better sex. Guys are able to last longer and achieve harder erections. Since they are more in tune with their penis, they tend to focus more attention on how to improve all aspects of performance.


  • Many methods towards the goal of enlarging the penis don’t work or only give temporary size gains. Pills for example, at best, will only enlarge the penis temporarily. While this can have short term advantages, most men are interested in permanent size gain. Other forms of pills are simply bunk. Useless herbs that don’t do anything for increased size gains are common place in the penis enlargement market. They play on the hopes of the placebo effect.
  • Other enlarging methods are dangerous. There are all kinds of contraptions out there from pumps to extenders to other very oddball looking contraptions that look risky, as well as ridiculous. Each of these have risk factors connected with them. Even worse, are surgery options for enlargement. This can be a very risky option and is usually considered too dangerous for many guys to even consider.
  • Enlargement takes time. The methods that do seem to work for enlarging your penis, take time. Exercising or “jelqing” for example, usually takes several weeks to see results. Many men give up before then and don’t achieve the results they had hoped for. Though sticking with the a good jelqing program, can bring on results. Patience is the key.
  • There is such a thing as “too big”. Believe it or not, being too big can be a negative. If you already have substantial size, you should think twice about becoming “extra large”. Some women have a problem with extra large size, as it may be too uncomfortable during intimacy. Also, extra large size can lead to undesired attention in locker room settings for example. Guys have a tendency to stare, and perhaps become jealous of, extremely large size.

Here is a “jelqing” or exercising program for enlarging your penis – http://PenisBible.com The Penis Bible program incorporates many of the exercises that have been used for decades, but with updated and more effective routines.

The routines also incorporate some supplementation tricks for advanced gains and larger results than other exercise programs offer. Check out the testimonials and program details on how long it takes and what you can expect size wise – http://PenisBible.com

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Men: Stop Having Sex In This Position

Having Sex In This Position Will Make You Lose Your Ejaculatory Control


I like when the man is on top, but I’m open to switching things up a little. Variety is the spice of life!

By Josh Manuel

Did you know there are some sex positions you use in the bedroom that can make you lose your ejaculatory control? Have you tried everything you know to last longer in bed but have not yet seen any improvement? Have you ever asked yourself the reason why it seems difficult to control your ejaculation when performing certain sex positions? I believe you have for a very long time wanted to get a grip on how to last longer in the bedroom but just don’t know how to do it. I believe your inability to last longer than a minute in bed has been making your life miserable.

There are a lot of sex positions that are known to make you lose your ejaculatory control. There are also the best ways to make yourself last longer in bed and skyrocket your ejaculatory process. Here in this article, we look at how to improve ejaculatory control. I share with you one of the sex positions that cause quick ejaculation and a technique you can use to last longer in bed during intercourse.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation In Men?

There are lots of reasons a man will lose is ejaculatory control, and some of them could be stress, genetic reasons, poor masturbation habit, poor eating lifestyle, sexual performance anxiety, hormones, past sexual experience, and a lot. But there is another cause that’s least suspected, and that is when there is too much tension on the muscles in our arms, legs and other parts of our body. If you need a quick and easy way to last longer in bed, then you need to look at this carefully.

The Truth about Sexual Positioning

There are certain sex positions we commonly use during sexual intercourse that put too much stress on our arms, legs and other parts of our body. Due to the excessive stress on our arms and legs, it makes it difficult for us to control our ejaculation and arousal during intercourse. This position is very common among couples. In other words, it is a common position most men use when having sex. The bad news is that this sex position is a sure-fire position that causes premature ejaculation, and it is no news that about 20-40 percent of men around the world cannot last longer in the bed.

What you should know about this position is that it requires you to support your body by putting pressure on your arms and legs. And after thrusting for some few minutes, the amount of stress in your legs and arm muscles will make you lose your ejaculatory control and arousal.

What Sex Position Are We Talking About Here: The known “Culprit” Of Premature Ejaculation?

If you blow your load early and frequently during sex with certain sex positions, then I suggest you find out the reason why it has been happening. The fact of the matter is that some sex positions are viewed as “too demanding”, meaning these positions are known to put too much pressure on our thigh and pelvic muscles. And one example of these positions is the missionary position. Well, I am not saying that you should avoid having sex in the missionary position totally, but what I want you to bear in mind is that one of the major reasons you cannot last longer during sex is due to this position.


All that “work” he’s putting in and she’s just laying there bored to death. Shame on her! She should take some initiative. Let a man know what he needs to do to get you off.

Why Is The Missionary Position Not A Best Approach And What Position Is Recommended?

As I said earlier on, I’m not suggesting you should avoid the missionary position altogether, but you should make it a point to try other methods to last longer in bed or change your sex position when having intercourse with your wife or girlfriend. When you are in the missionary position and you notice that you are close to ejaculating, switch to a different position before it is too late. Proven ways to last longer in bed is to change your position when having sex, especially when you notice you are about to lose your ejaculatory control. You can try the woman-on-top position to spice things up.

Why Use The Woman-On-Top Sex Position?

Sex positions that help the important muscles in our body to remain relaxed are great for preventing early ejaculation and lasting longer in bed. For instance, the woman-on-top position as I noted earlier is great to keep your premature ejaculation in check. This position helps you to relax your key muscles, and in the event that you are close to an orgasm and you want to last a bit longer, you can easily achieve that by completely relaxing these muscles AT WILL. Aside from that, it also puts the woman in charge of the stimulation. She decides how deep she likes to be penetrated and stimulated, and she knows best, the movements and speed of the thrust.

Is The Woman-On-Top The Only Best Way To Make Yourself Last Longer In Bed?

There are also other great ways to last longer in bed naturally. One best position to last longer in bed is the reverse cow-girl, which is when her back faces you. Another trick to last longer in bed is standing on your feet as your wife or girlfriend lies down on her back whiles you thrust. You should bear in mind that all these techniques and sex positions are not going to work if you are unable to control your PC muscles. Engaging in ejaculatory control exercises or kegel exercises for premature ejaculation can help you strengthen your PC muscles.

I believe you enjoyed my tip on how to last longer in bed and have better ejaculatory control, as much as it has been for me in sharing with you what I’ve tried and tested myself. My hope is that these tips help you to supercharge your ejaculatory control and last longer in bed tonight.

There are plenty of ejaculatory control techniques, strategies and tips on how to last longer in bed, and consequently, have an incredible sex life.


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Men Crave Sensual and Passionate Sex As Much As Women Do

man and woman in bed

What do men love about sex that is all about the build up as much as the big finish? And how can you help them to achieve complete bliss?

While it’s often thought that men enjoy no-frills, no kissing and cuddling style of sexual encounters, that actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Men enjoy intimate, sensual and passionate lovemaking just as much as women do.

So why is it always thought that wives and girlfriends are the only ones asking for sex like this? It could be down to a lack of communication within a relationship, which can lead to a couple simply ‘going through the motions’ and assuming that the sex they are having is good for both parties.

So what do mean love about slow, sensual sex, and how can it be truly fantastic and satisfying for him?

Helps them to unwind

After a long day at work, almost everyone wants to be pampered and taken care of. So why would a man be any different? He’s in need of some TLC just as much as anyone else! What are the secrets of how can you make sex a great way to unwind and relax? Choose some soft, tranquil music to play quietly in the background. Then start off with a massage, focusing on all of those tense and sore areas. Then, when he is relaxed and de-stressed, you can enjoy sex that is fulfilling for you both, allowing him to put the hectic day he has had behind him. Look for positions that are less strenuous and focus on the slow, delicious build-up of pleasure.

Better orgasms

Together, those two words are guaranteed to get everyone interested! In context with what we are talking about? Well, things are about to get explosive. So here’s a tip for the guys. Letting yourself get close to orgasm, but not tipping over the edge can lead to orgasms that are far more intense and pleasurable. So take your time and enjoy sex that is passionate, sensual and intimate. Find something that feels good and slowly, slowly, feel yourself getting closer and closer. Then, at the last moment, stop. Repeat the whole process over again. And again. As many times as you can stand, but the more the better! The longer the wait, the sweeter the release.

Makes relationships stronger

Good sex and happy relationships go hand in hand. A couple that are having satisfying sex are more likely to be comfortable communicating with each other. So take your time during your lovemaking sessions, and talk about what feels good. Don’t feel pressured by tales of what your friends get up to in the bedroom, or the ridiculous notion that a man needs to have the stamina and flexibility of a porn star. Enjoy sex that makes you feel relaxed and happy. It’s what men all over the world crave, but are sometimes afraid to ask for.

So make some time!

Next time you and your partner both have a couple of hours free, take your time to explore each other’s bodies and treat yourselves to sex that is fulfilling and deeply satisfying, rather than a five-minute quick fix! Both of you, but your man especially, will be glad that you did.

Jennifer Rose is the Founder of London Tantric Temple, a prestigious tantric and sensual massage agency with an elite team of beautiful masseuse with many years experience in this erotic art.

Birth Control Pills for Men Are Coming Soon! Are You Ready to Swallow?

The world of contraceptive techniques may be slated to get a refresher course if scientists’ optimistic reports are to be believed. Recent research has pointed attempts to create an effective male contraceptive pill in an entirely new direction. While there isn’t yet any indication of when a safe and effective product will hit the market, the fruit of these studies bears investigation. Such a breakthrough could effectively ease the burden of birth control from the shoulders of women, and that’s big news.


What Is It?

The proposed pill would target two specific proteins responsible for the release of sperm from the testes during ejaculation. This differs substantially from prior research attempts, which focused on hormonal controls, which were not significantly successful. These two proteins—Alpha1A-adrenoceptor and P2X1-purinoceptor—are known as receptor molecules that act in tandem with other proteins to release sperm via the vas deferens during ejaculation.

The breakthrough was discovered in studies conducted on laboratory mice. When the genes responsible for the release of these proteins were excised or otherwise rendered inert, the male mice were rendered completely infertile although they continued to mate normally. The key focus of research currently is a method by which this may be effected without lasting infertility. Essentially, scientists are seeking a way to temporarily render sexually active men infertile, without effecting permanent infertility.

Specific Challenges

While female contraception of this type has long been in use, the male equivalent has been delayed by several factors, both of practical and cultural impact. First, the idea that it is simpler to forestall the female fertility drive has logical underpinnings—females produce only a single sex cell that is released at a specific time within a defined cycle. Males produce billions of sex cells that are released upon ejaculation, and only a single sperm is needed for effective implantation of the fertilized ovum.

Shifting perceptions about the ideological active versus passive roles each sex plays will continue to have an impact, but it should be noted that the development of such a pill would be far from emasculating. Rather, it would offer men one more option in their choice of contraception, and free those for whom sexually transmitted disease is not a concern from using less preferable options.

The specific challenges facing the male contraceptive pill’s development are related to loopholes in their effectiveness. To date, hormonally or genetically tampering with sperm cells enacted potentially disastrous changes in the genetic information carried by the sperm. In the event of pregnancy, this often bodes ill for the offspring, entailing some significantly dangerous defects that would inhibit health and quality of life. Therefore, the goal of current efforts is to produce a pill that has a temporary and completely reversible effect. Further, this pill would not impact the sperm cells directly but would simply prevent their release, negating the concerns for genetic impacts in the event of pill failure.

Existing and Future Research

Adrenoceptor-blocking drugs are already widely used to treat benign hyperplasia, a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. Building on the existing body of research and the available capacities of current drugs on the market, researchers are optimistic that they will develop an effective and safe contraceptive pill for men in the near future. Taken in tandem with existing efforts within a partnership, such a pill would prove to increase the safety and enjoyment of both partners, sharing responsibility equally.

Aaron Smith is blogging for Erectile Doctor. He enjoys blogging about men’s health, different diets, and mens health issues. When he is not writing, he enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Why Some Men Let Women Walk All Over Them


By Oliver J R Cooper

It doesn’t matter whether one is a man or woman, as they can both be walked over by the same or the opposite sex. And while this could relate to someone being physically walked over, in the majority of cases, it is not that extreme.

But that is not to say that the damage is therefore less severe. It might take a while for the damage to appear, but it can be just as bad in the long run and even in the short term, depending on what happens.

What it refers to is one having their boundaries crossed by another person. And these can cover the following areas of one’s nature: intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. But let’s not create the impression that one is a complete victim here and has no choice as to whether other people compromise their boundaries.


In order for this to happen, one needs to give the other person permission. Now, this could be given unconsciously and happen out of one’s conscious awareness. However, if one has this happen from time to time, it is unlikely to cause too many problems.

As human beings we are not perfect and neither are we meant to be, so there is inevitably going to be moments where one slips up and doesn’t to what they need to do. What will create difficulties is when this has become a way of life for someone.

A Way Of Life

And in this case, when a man has a pattern of letting women walk all over them, it is going to be a big problem. One could have become accustomed to it and even dismiss it, but it is not going to allow one to have healthy or functional relationships with the opposite sex.

Other people could wonder why they are putting up with this kind of behavior and yet the man may have come to the conclusion that this is how life is. They may have experienced some women who are not, but as it is so common, the ones who are not end up being filtered out.


There is going to be resistance and a sense of frustration on some level. And although this could be covered up and hidden from time to time or as way of life, it won’t go away. If this pain is covered up or released through different kinds of escapes for example; one could end up putting up with it for the foreseeable future.

But if they embrace this pain and use it in a constructive manner, then change can occur and one can move beyond this challenge. Awareness will be the key, as will finding the right information and support.

The Experience

So for one to have a woman walk all over them is not going to be too pleasant. And while this could relate to one area of their life, it could affect them in all areas. The urge could be there to overlook what women are doing or to react to it and become violent, and yet this won’t deal with the problem.

This could be something that causes them problems in their: intimate relationships, with family members, friends or colleagues for instance. When they are around them, their whole sense of self could erode and they then end up going along with whatever the woman wants.

It then won’t matter if they agree with what is going on or if it is causing them to compromise themselves. They don’t stand up for themselves and they don’t hold their ground. Their behaviour makes them look as though they are walking doormats.

Self Respect

The women in this person’s life will be used to getting what they want regardless of if the man wants the same thing. So this may give them a sense of power and control, but they are unlikely to respect the man.

An in order for the man to put up with this kind of behavior, it is clear they don’t respect themselves. What truly matters to them is pleasing a woman, all the while displeasing themselves. This means that the man is engaging in self harm and this is a sign of inner conflict.


At a conscious level, a man is unlikely to feel comfortable with being walked over. However, at deeper level, it is what will feel comfortable and safe. The mind is going to create a story as to why this is happening. And this could cause one to create an identity of being a victim and having no control.

But the real answers are in one’s body and not in their mind. So at one point in their life, they would have been in an environment where being walked over was normal and this then became associated as what is safe by their ego mind.


And this could have been an environment that one was in as an adult, but it generally relates to their childhood environment. So how one was treated by their mother will often define what they put up with from women in later life.

This can also include what their sister was like, if they had one and other females that were around at the time. The men that were around at the time will also play a big part. If they were walked over, then this can be taken as an example of how to behave around women.

The Mother Figure

During these years, their mother is likely to have had boundaries challenges herself. And this then caused her to be unaware of how her son was responding. The love that she gave could have been conditional and therefore they had to do what they were told to avoid being abandoned and harmed in some way. At such a young age, being abandoned feels like death.

It was not possible for them to be themselves and to be loved for who they were; it was based on certain requirements being met. So they learnt from an early age that they could only survive by pleasing others. And being walked over could have been something that they had to experience for many, many years.


These early experiences or ones that were similar would have created certain beliefs and thoughts. But before these were formed, there would have been an emotional experience. And if ones mother was unaware of that fact that she was training her son to be walked over in life, she was probably completely oblivious to what feelings they were having.

So these would have had to have been pushed out of one’s awareness. And when it comes to a man standing up to women as an adult, these feelings will be triggered and stop them from being able to hold their ground. The feelings will cause the man to project the past onto the present and to perceive women as being in control of how they feel.


In reality, all they are doing is making these repressed feelings come to the surface. While a man may not be a baby or a child any more, they can still feel like one and therefore behave like one. So these feelings and emotions that have been trapped in their body every since, will need to be released.

When this happens, one will start to feel that it is safe to stand their ground. This can be done with the assistance of a therapist or a healer who will allow one to face them and gradually release them.

Prolific writer, thought leader and coach, Oliver JR Cooper hails from the United Kingdom. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation; love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With several hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice. Current projects include “A Dialogue With The Heart” and “Communication Made Easy.”

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Why Some Straight Men Are Romantically or Sexually Attracted to Other Men


I recently wrote a blog post about the music video for singer-songwriter Steve Grand’s song “All-American Boy,” in which a gay man falls in love with a straight man and they share a quick kiss. In that post I addressed why gay men might be attracted to straight men, but that question raises another: Why might a straight man be romantically or sexually attracted to other men? Why did the straight guy in the video kiss the gay guy back, after all?

The following scenario happens many times: A man comes into my office, referred by his own therapist and clutching coming-out literature that the therapist has given him. He explains that his therapist has tried, unsuccessfully, to help him come out as gay or bisexual, but even though he’s had sex with other men or gone to gay porn websites, he insists that he isn’t gay. He says that he isn’t homophobic either; if it turns out that he is indeed gay or bisexual, he’ll accept it and move on with his life, but the label just doesn’t feel right to him.

Read full article via Why Some Straight Men Are Romantically or Sexually Attracted to Other Men | Joe Kort, Ph.D..


My Stay-At-Home Wife Has It Harder Than I Do


By Matt Melone

A strong marriage is contingent on sharing the workload–not just in the house but everywhere. This past summer I worked as an intern at Google and had a long commute. I left at the crack of dawn most mornings and returned home around 7pm.

My wife, Rachel, on the other hand, is a stay-at-home mom. She took care of our 18-month-old each day. I think much of the “Lean In” thinking today would suggest Rachel perhaps had opted out of the workplace too young and taken an easier route. Those people have never stayed home with a toddler all day.. everyday.

Last month, I gave Rachel a weekend completely off parenting duties by going out of town with Jude. In those days, unsupported by any other caregiver, my son nearly broke me. He’s a fantastic kid, but he does get cranky, have trouble sleeping and can be as willful as any other 18-month-old. I was exhausted, and the experience gave me a newfound respect for all stay-at-home moms, and especially single parents (I don’t know how you do it!).

Get yourself a Fringed Burlap tablecloth!

My point is that this summer when I was working, Rachel had it WAY, WAY harder than me. Too many working dads (and working moms, for that matter) don’t fully appreciate the sheer exhaustion of watching a cranky child (let alone multiple children) day in and day out.

Conventional wisdom suggests my wife should be grateful to me for slaving long days at the office and permitting her to relax at home. We’ve largely internalized the 1950s portrait of a husband coming home to be greeted by his adoring wife and a roasted chicken dinner as something ideal and fair–if not something we routinely practice.

When I come home, I strive to give my wife the chance to put her feet up. Cleaning up diapers, preparing meals, cleaning and responding to the beck and call of our son is a full-time job with no coffee breaks or pauses to read the news or check email.

A large amount of hostility also comes from moms working outside the home. Being a parent is challenging enough without us disparaging each other. When husbands and our society in general better value the work stay-at-home-moms do, we are all better off. That respect helps improve relationships, makes the parenting work feel a little easier, facilitates more equitable household divisions of labor, and accords the proper level of appreciation to motherhood.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you know full well the pressures of raising kids without extended family or good friends around. My wife and I created familygroups.org to match moms to other parents in their communities and help them find local family activities, groups and cool places. If you ever wished you had more support as a parent, check it out.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Matt_Melone


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