Birth Control Pills for Men Are Coming Soon! Are You Ready to Swallow?


The world of contraceptive techniques may be slated to get a refresher course if scientists’ optimistic reports are to be believed. Recent research has pointed attempts to create an effective male contraceptive pill in an entirely new direction. While there … Continue reading

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Men: Stop Letting Your “Good” Shirts Broadcast How Boring You Are


Way too cold Ever wonder what your button up shirt with the stripes says about you when you hit the clubs for a well-deserved night of debauchery? You probably think it says you’re normal, stable, a “good guy” with traditional … Continue reading

Secrets Men Hide From Women


Being a man nowadays is not as easy as it was 50 years ago. Women are getting more and more demanding in your standard 2-person, 21st century relationship, and sometimes telling the truth just seems like too much work for … Continue reading