Top Story: Alan Roger Currie Celebrates 7 Years of Erotic Talk Radio

Alan Roger Currie

7 QUESTIONS FOR 7 YEARS OF ‘UPFRONT & STRAIGHTFORWARD’ ON BLOG TALK RADIO You have one of the longest-running talk radio podcast programs on BlogTalkRadio. What motivates you to keep doing your show? Alan Roger Currie: My listeners. There have … Continue reading

Sexual Orientation Not a Choice, but Remaining Ignorant About It Is

is being gay is a choice when did you decide to become straight

I am sharing this article because I am so tired of people I know saying being gay is a choice and wondering how children can know their own sexuality when they have not really experienced life. I knew when I … Continue reading

I Told Him I Loved Him and You’ll Never Believe What He Said


TRUE STORY Him: Well…how do you know that? Me: That’s an odd response coming from you. I never stopped loving you. Him: That was hella random. No offense, but I don’t know how to respond to that. Me: OK. I … Continue reading