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Top Story – Video: How To Dissolve Egg Shells

I don’t why you would NEED to do this but I suppose it’s cool. Oh, Duh! It’s a pickled egg. People eat them!

How To Kick Your Keurig to the Curb with Lenny Kravitz

I’m not really a coffee drinker but according to one of the current Top Stories here at the Dangerous Lee Network, you love coffee and you even like to put weird things in it. If you’re using a Keurig to make your morning, noon and evening cup of java, check this out… The rubber tubing … Continue reading

How To Woo a Bi’aaatch

This is a real book written by a man named Brian ZooZoo. He calls it – The ‘key’ to attracting females. Check this video: So uh, what say you…females? Share your thoughts and I’ll tell you mine.  

It’s #NationalHatDay: 5 Hats You Need Right Now!

I LOVE hats and I wear them often so  National Hat Day is right up my alley! Check out these 5 hats that are on my Wish List :)  

13 Questions with Dangerous Lee for WorkYourArt.com

Hello there! What’s your name and where do you live? Leigh “Dangerous Lee” Langston and I live in Burton, MI. It’s a small town outside of Flint. What do you create? Are you currently selling (and if so, where can we find it)? I am an author that has self published two books. One is … Continue reading

Whom is a dirty word.

Over the last 200 years, the pronoun whom has been on a steady decline. Despite its waning use in speech and ongoing speculation about its imminent extinction, whom still holds a spot in the English language, particularly in formal writing. Understanding when and how to use this embattled pronoun can set your writing apart. Whom … Continue reading

Senior Citizens Dig Us!

I got this amazing tweet today! I am gagging. My 62 yo old boss brought me an article from your website @DangerousLee about stalking. — L.Sugatits Hoecake (@BasedMoonie) January 7, 2015   I assume she is referring to How To Spot A Stalker Before It’s Too Late but she could be referring to 4 People … Continue reading

Watch: Dangerous Lee’s Top 10 Power Outage Jams

First Hiccup of 2015!!! Yesterday afternoon our electricity was cut off (due to late/non-payment) and was not turned back on until 11am this morning. Thanks mom! Needless to say we froze our asses off! We borrowed a space heater from the rental office that was absolutely no help in keeping us warm but we bundled … Continue reading

2014: A Year of Car and Daddy Issues

2014 hasn’t been anything to write a year-end blog about, to be honest. It was a continuation of what 2013 had to offer which also wasn’t much. Major issues of 2014 My car was/is a major pain in my ass. My wallet was stolen. I got a ticket for driving without a valid license and … Continue reading

#AfterSaga: First-Time Writer Uses Wattpad to Score a Book and Movie Deal

Ughh! I am so jealous of Anna Todd now. She basically wrote After on her phone as a hobby and it has been viewed more than a billion times on Wattpad (I’d never heard of it), a free social reading and writing app. She has since been signed to Gallery Books which is a part … Continue reading

Should a Black Man Be James Bond?

Should Idris Elba Be The Next James Bond? This blog was originally titled the above and written in September of 2011, back when the subject of Edris Elba playing James Bond was first brought to my attention. It is now news again and Rush Limbaugh does not think it would be a good idea or … Continue reading

Top Story: The 12 Absurdities of Christmas

Christmas 2014 will be the worst on record for me. I won’t be able to buy my daughter anything until the end of the month, my car won’t start (again) and I can’t afford to have it towed to find out what’s wrong with. And, I’m also days or hours away from having my energy … Continue reading

Don’t Ask What You Can Do For The Homeless, Ask What They Can Do For You

I got nothing. Just check this article out – Homeless Man Offers All His Money To Help Student Get Home, But What She Did In Return Is Spectacular | If You Only News. Listen as you read:

Oberlin Student Stands Up for Black Students Gets Shot Down

Della had our back but here’s an example of privilege not working. However, I wonder if she were a man would she have been given a “Yes” or even a longer “No”. It’s all very interesting. These comments from this article bother me the most but it’s a Conservative website so I understand. Assuming that … Continue reading


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