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Infographic: Do Women Write Better Than Men?

THE ANSWER IS – YES! The battle of the sexes has made its way into the world of writing and thanks to Grammerly we now have the infographic below that explains why the ladies rock at plot development, sentence structure, characters, as well as pronouns and determiners. Check out this list compiled by AbeBooks.com of … Continue reading

How to Create an Artist Website That Sells

Join the Blogging for Starving Artists newsletter to get weekly inspiration, hacks and freebies! You’ll also receive the Starving Artist Resource Guide FREE when you sign up! Creating a professional online portfolio to sell your art is crucial for artists in all genres. It’s actually an art in itself! It’s also quite simple and can … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing for Starving Artists

Hi! I’m Leigh “Dangerous Lee” Langston. I am an expert at generating blog traffic using WordPress. I’m also an artist. I own DangerousLee.biz, a blog geared towards creating more exposure for artists in general but especially – “starving artists” who have a blog who want to learn how to increase traffic to their website, which … Continue reading

10 Ways to Feed a Starving Artist

Are you a starving artist with a blog? Join Dangerous Lee’s Blogging for Starving Artists newsletter and receive tips to build your web presence and make a BETTER living. You’ll get a FREE Starving Artist Resource Guide when you sign up today! Thanks to MyBlogU I was able to collaborate with a group of knowledgeable … Continue reading

Video: Affiliate Marketing with The Blogging Rapper!

This guy has Blogging for Starving Artists down to a science! Learn more about The Blogging Rapper.

Infographic: Fifty Shades of Grammar

I read the first book and thought it was badly written like so many other people. The Grammarly team reviewed the book and came up with this infographic! I wonder if the “bad grammar” made it into the film?

Can You Afford NOT to Hire a Social Media Specialist?

Are you an artist with a blog?  If you said yes, you are ready to join my Blogging for Starving Artists newsletter. It’s free and you’ll get weekly blogging tips, challenges, hacks and even contests in your email. You also get a free copy of my Starving Artists Resource Guide when you sign up! If … Continue reading

Q & A with Author and King of Verbal Seduction – Alan Roger Currie

Dangerous Lee:  Alan, what is the title of your next audiobook and when is it scheduled to be released? Alan Roger Currie: The title of my third audiobook is Oooooh . . . Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex.  It is scheduled to be released on Amazon.com and … Continue reading

Does Your Blog Need a Makeover?

But Dionne, we ALL need a makeover! Have you ever visited a blog that looked a hot cluttered mess and it made you leave immediately? The colors were off and there was way too much going on and you couldn’t find anything you were looking for? That blog needs a makeover! All blogs at some … Continue reading

How To Make Money Blogging With WordPress

Multiple Strategies On How To Earn Money Blogging With WordPress The article below, written by Wade Byrd, talks about making money with a WordPress.org blog. The Dangerous Lee Network is created on the free WordPress.com format. To learn more about the differences between the two as well as the pros and cons, read this explanation … Continue reading

Top Story – Video: How To Dissolve Egg Shells

I don’t why you would NEED to do this but I suppose it’s cool. Oh, Duh! It’s a pickled egg. People eat them!

How To Kick Your Keurig to the Curb with Lenny Kravitz

I’m not really a coffee drinker but according to one of the current Top Stories here at the Dangerous Lee Network, you love coffee and you even like to put weird things in it. If you’re using a Keurig to make your morning, noon and evening cup of java, check this out… The rubber tubing … Continue reading

How To Woo a Bi’aaatch

This is a real book written by a man named Brian ZooZoo. He calls it – The ‘key’ to attracting females. Check this video: So uh, what say you…females? Share your thoughts and I’ll tell you mine.  

It’s #NationalHatDay: 5 Hats You Need Right Now!

I LOVE hats and I wear them often so  National Hat Day is right up my alley! Check out these 5 hats that are on my Wish List :)  


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