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Don’t Ask What You Can Do For The Homeless, Ask What They Can Do For You

I got nothing. Just check this article out – Homeless Man Offers All His Money To Help Student Get Home, But What She Did In Return Is Spectacular | If You Only News. Listen as you read: About these ads

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Oberlin Student Stands Up for Black Students Gets Shot Down

Della had our back but here’s an example of privilege not working. However, I wonder if she were a man would she have been given a “Yes” or even a longer “No”. It’s all very interesting. These comments from this article bother me the most but it’s a Conservative website so I understand. Assuming that … Continue reading

The Year Santa Came

My mind is filled with creative craziness. One of those things is an idea for a short story that involves a deviant dressed as Santa Claus who breaks into a woman’s home with the intent to harm her. He gets the surprise of his life when she turns out to be a pistol toting bad-ass … Continue reading

If I Was Whoring I’d Be Rich

Maybe not rich but I’d have more money in the bank than I do now. A lot more! Don’t worry I’m not about to start selling ass on the side but I am painfully aware that if I did I would not be pissed off now because WordPress/WordAds will not be making a deposit into … Continue reading

All You Need For Christmas Are These Books

This past weekend I was informed that my book, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down, was being plagiarized along with close to 40 other books (some bestsellers) on Amazon by someone named, Jay Cute. His or her “business” has been shut down thanks to all the complaints, including mine, but I have a … Continue reading

#ThrowbackThursday: Hurricane Katrina Looting in 2005

I wrote the following in September of 2005 for my Ask Dangerous Lee column (I think). It is eerily relevant today and sadly it will be 50 years from now. I don’t feel like doing the usual Q & A in this issue. I want to talk about the racial drama surrounding Hurricane Katrina relief … Continue reading

Poll: Which controversial topics should Dangerous Lee talk about in 2015?

a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion. I want to get more personal and lay a few things out on the table in the coming year. Let me know which topics interest you the most.

Top Search: the dangers women who were passing for white had

Current top searches on the network, what does a pure black person look like pics, vodkila, the dangers women who were passing for white had. Here’s what comes up in images when I Google “the dangers women who were passing for white had”.  

Chris Tucker Live: A Review

I had the pleasure of seeing Chris Tucker live at the beautiful FOX Theatre in Detroit last night. He was hilarious! Had tons of material and was entertaining as hell. The show, surprisingly, was not a sell out but if you weren’t in attendance you really missed out. His was the second live stand up … Continue reading

A screenshot of images: Searching for “pure black people”

Top Searches circa right now at the Dangerous Lee Network are: sex couple, sexy cougars, what does a pure black person look like pics and soulmate symbol. What does a pure Black person look like? stood out to me. I went to Google to see what comes up in images. Have a look:  

5 Things You Missed at the 3rd Annual Vehicle City Fashion Week fashion show

I attended the 3rd annual Vehicle City Fashion Week Runway Show as Press. It was my first time attending any event officially as Press and it showed. I used my daughters tablet to record film only to find out that the footage file was “too large to attach to email”. Spare me! Anyway, it was … Continue reading

Top Story: In Loving Memory of My Favorite Bra

The above image shows me wearing my favorite bra. I don’t remember where I bought it or when but it was worth its weight in gold. It was laid to rest a couple of months ago when the under-wire broke and began to cause me severe pain by poking me in the ribcage. I wore … Continue reading

Keira Knightly is the baddest bitch in the game!

Research Says – Most Artists Who Make A Living From Their Work Are White

Duh! and No shit! were the first thoughts that came to mind when I saw this article heading. This really isn’t shocking or surprising. The research revealed interesting numbers, I suppose, but it really just makes me more depressed. A study compiled by data gurus BFAMFAPhD reaffirms what many, many, many critics have postulated — … Continue reading


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