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Evaluate the Good, Bad and Useless in Your Life

By Katie O’Brien If you’ve heard the saying ‘clean house’ you know it doesn’t necessarily imply using any harsh cleaning supplies. Cleaning house can also be referred to your ‘internal house.’ Just as we would go through our rooms in our homes, dust, polish, declutter and rid of old useless items… we find it helpful … Continue reading

Ideas For Last Minute Christmas Presents

Do you still have presents to buy, with Christmas just round the corner? Whether you’ve been too busy to shop early, you’ve just remembered you need to get a present for someone or you have procrastinated with your present buying, this is a guide to help you get gifts which will put a smile on … Continue reading

The Way Not To Run A Business

There are just so many poorly ran businesses out there and it is really sad to see. Running a business for many is their dream and to see people struggling is not at all nice. There are some fundamental points that these people need to bear in mind and if they do then the chance … Continue reading

Don’t Be A Victim: 5 Tips To Avoid Holiday Credit Debt

‘Tis the season of giving, as well as going overboard with credit card debt. It’s natural to want to provide a great Christmas for your friends and family but it’s often easy to stack up on credit card debt as you continue to purchase gifts for your loved ones. We often put our finances on … Continue reading

5 Ideas To Get Something Out Of Useless Christmas Gifts

Every year at Christmas, it seems you get at least one gift that’s useless to you. It could be an appliance for which you have no need, a piece of jewelry identical to a piece you already own, or an article of clothing that just does not quite fit your style. Instead of letting them … Continue reading

Evolving Beyond Language – The Fine Line Between Smart And Stupid

Communication is an exchange of information using language as a tool to convey and transmit meaning.  There are 6800 different languages currently in existence. Communication with people, who are not speaking your language or not speaking it on your level is an everyday occurrence online and in most offices. You have to be able to communicate with … Continue reading

How To Save Money At The Grocery Store

Everyone wants to save money while food shopping. For some time, there has been a persistent myth that it has been impossible to eat cheap while still eating well; quality and nutrition have always associated with high cost. However, this traditional idea could not be further from the truth. It is possible to save quite … Continue reading

How To Wipe Your Ass Without Toilet Paper

By Patrick Gitau Muiruri No tissue paper? No problem. How to wipe your ass hygienically in the wild City folks reading this will probably snicker. But have you ever had to relieve yourself in the bush, but found out you had no toilet paper? It’s a thought that’s enough to strike dread in the hearts … Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Water Purifier

Clean drinking water is essential to life and should you find yourself in a situation where there is no clean drinking water available then you will have to purify the water yourself. Here is how you can build your own water purifier. You will want to start out with 2 large plastic containers. One will … Continue reading

Top Story: Careers For The 8 Introverted Personality Types

Introverts are the most misunderstood of personalities. Often considered anti-social or shy, introverts can actually be some of the best friends, employees, and bosses found in the workforce. Based on four main personality factors, here are career suggestions for every type of introvert to succeed in the workplace. In order to better understand the personality-identification … Continue reading

5 Free Online Creative Writing Courses

While you’re scouring job ads for the creative position of your dreams, you can still be doing something to further your writing skills. There are hundreds courses available online to help you develop your talents and make the most of your free time. Online courses are a particularly useful way to get started in creative … Continue reading

9 Legitimate Online Jobs and a Few Illegitimate Ones

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay at home with the kids while you earn money too? That’s a dream come true for a lot of parents. And it’s not only about spending time with the kids, it’s also enjoying the flexibility of your own schedule. If you choose to take this route, be glad to … Continue reading

Sean Carter Presents: Thanksgiving History and Origin

By Sean Carter One of the biggest and warmest holidays of the United States, Thanksgiving has its history and origin way back in centuries. There are various instances of thanksgiving observances in history, all of which bear resemblance to the modern celebrations of Thanksgiving; but the generally accepted and circulated view is that the modern … Continue reading

5 Ways To Stop Enabling

Loved ones and family members of addicts face a number of challenges. Watching someone you care about struggle with addiction is a very stressful and trying situation. Most loved ones of addicts face feelings of anger, guilt, and, of course, concern for the addict. Many people close to an addict knows that enabling is only … Continue reading


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