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How Will Losing Net Neutrality Affect Small Businesses?

By Jeff Windecker The term “net neutrality” has recently been appearing in the media. Net neutrality, loosely defined, means that all web traffic is equal; every site loads at the same speed (depending on your internet connection) and is available to all consumers to find online. No preferential faster service is being given to any … Continue reading

10 Ways to Feed a Starving Artist

Thanks to MyBlogU I was able to collaborate with a group of knowledgeable and wonderful people to get answers to the question: How do you feed a starving artist? A lot more than 10 ideas are shared, but 10 people are doing the “talking”. “Listen”! Matthew Gates – Confessions of the Professions Have a website … Continue reading

Does Your Blog Need a Makeover?

But Dionne, we ALL need a makeover! Have you ever visited a blog that looked a hot cluttered cheap mess and it made you leave immediately? The colors were off and there was way too much going on and you couldn’t find anything you needed? That blog needs a makeover! All blogs at some point … Continue reading

How To Make Money Blogging With WordPress

Multiple Strategies On How To Earn Money Blogging With WordPress The article below, written by Wade Byrd, talks about making money with a WordPress.org blog. The Dangerous Lee Network is created on the free WordPress.com format. To learn more about the differences between the two as well as the pros and cons, read this explanation … Continue reading

5 Hot Public Relations Trends for 2015

By Stephen C Turner 2015 is here. Time to fine tune your public relations and marketing strategy and set a direction for business growth in the new year. Five marketing trends stand out that will help you better connect with your targeted audience, confirm or change perceptions with stakeholders and clients, and convert more prospects … Continue reading

Social Media, Hashtags on Twitter and Blogging for Business

By Michelle Duffy So you want to market your business online through social media marketing? Don’t know where to start? Well, here are some strategies to get you started, including the power of hashtags on Twitter. (A subject I will cover again later.) They are free and easy to apply and great for any small … Continue reading

How to Sell Your Songs To Country Music Artists

Mickey Guyton’s debut single Better Than You Left Me has the country music world all abuzz. The ballad scored the biggest radio debut in country music history when it hit airwaves two weeks ago, earning first-week adds on 79 stations across America. While that record may have much to do with modern radio consolidation, it’s … Continue reading

How to Be Memorable in Business

By Collette McKenzie In the professional world, you can be remembered as a brand and as an individual. A good reputation in either context will contribute to your long-term success. People and the companies they work for will have different approaches to standing out among their competitors and clients. As long as the efforts to … Continue reading

9 Ways to Use Twitter for Business Naturally

Your art is a business. Treat it like one. – Leigh Langston By Karen S Musselman You can use Twitter for business and actually get more hits and traffic to your blog or business opportunity than you can on Facebook. At least that’s been my experience lately. I don’t claim to be a Twitter guru, … Continue reading

Branding – How Do YOU Appear on Facebook?

By Terry D Kozlyk Late to the party, many small and medium size businesses are discovering Facebook as a tool for promoting and branding themselves. In the past few years, the term “branding” has been a hot business topic, created by the media hype around advertising using social media. But I never fully understood the … Continue reading

Top Story – Video: How To Create EPIC Blog Content

This video highlights events happening at the Dangerous Lee Network now… View the How To Dissolve an Eggshell video!

Whom is a dirty word.

Over the last 200 years, the pronoun whom has been on a steady decline. Despite its waning use in speech and ongoing speculation about its imminent extinction, whom still holds a spot in the English language, particularly in formal writing. Understanding when and how to use this embattled pronoun can set your writing apart. Whom … Continue reading

How to Create Black Wealth

By Teneisha Monique Street Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 28 seconds. Contains 496 words Have you ever heard of Black Wall Street? If not, don’t feel too bad. Up until a couple months ago neither had I. For those who are unfamiliar with this part of history, Black Wall Street was an area in Greenwood, … Continue reading

The Hidden Life of the African Feminist

By A George Gethsemane was not monster-proofed as is the perspective of the African feminist. She is the idea of the private life, the hidden life summoned up courageously in the face of insurmountable challenges. She is the futurist poet whose individual and environmental biochemistry is her moral compass. She is the writer whose brain … Continue reading


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