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Should a Black Man Be James Bond?

Should Idris Elba Be The Next James Bond? This blog was originally titled the above and written in September of 2011, back when the subject of Edris Elba playing James Bond was first brought to my attention. It is now news again and Rush Limbaugh does not think it would be a good idea or … Continue reading

Poll: Which controversial topics should Dangerous Lee talk about in 2015?

a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion. I want to get more personal and lay a few things out on the table in the coming year. Let me know which topics interest you the most.

Rock The Vote or nah?

I don’t think I’m going to vote on November 4th. I’ve become one of those people that believes my vote doesn’t count in the grand scheme of things. I know, I know! I’m a woman. I’m Black. There are so many reasons I should vote, but eh. I’m sick of dirty politics. I usually vote … Continue reading

Playing Games with Dangerous Lee

You can now count on the Dangerous Lee Network for more than just great content. Come and stay a while as you play Big Farm and Poker! Both games are free to play so please have a ball and feel free to invite your gamer friends. Play Dangerously ;) I also found something really cool … Continue reading

Recipe: Have you ever eaten Red Lentil Quinoa with Greens and Seeds? Me Either.

Originally posted on The Flexi Foodie:
I’m back!!!  Yes, after a LONG hiatus of posting recipes to my blog …. I’m finally back and here to stay!  So, first and foremost – an apology for the long hiatus but it was with I hope a good excuse!  In the summer, I received a publishing deal…

Men don’t smile all day. Why should we?

 Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 35 seconds. Contains 317 words After an SMH and eye roll worthy experience I took to Facebook and asked: Men: Does it usually “work” when the first words you say to a woman are – “Why you look so mean? Smile!” ? — feeling curious. Post by Leigh Langston. Doesn’t … Continue reading

Why Has ‘Ratchet’ Behavior Become So Popular?

By Chuck Checkman, Sr. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 16 seconds. Contains 855 words Worldstar Freaks Uncut has uncovered a vast phenomenon for which is rapidly becoming relevant among all aspects within our lives. Trends occur all of the time. However, modern trends have transformed into something of which very few if any people at … Continue reading

Could You Be Racist Without Even Knowing It?

By Gina Silva Could you be a racist without even knowing it? It’s a question I ask because almost no one ever admits to being racist. In fact, when confronted on the topic, many will say, “What are you talking about? I don’t have one racist bone in my body.” I want to believe it, … Continue reading

Black People Can’t Tell “Black Jokes” Now?

Am I the only Black woman not offended by @Lesdoggg‘s slavery skit on SNL? — DangerousLee Network (@DangerousLee) May 5, 2014 The real issue is that a lot of people do not get her brand of humor. I got it! I laughed, especially when she continued to birth famous athletes. I mean, c’mon it’s the … Continue reading

Are You Suffering From Over-Sharing Syndrome?

Social networks are amazing at keeping you in contact with your friends and families at all times. Back in the day, we had to call someone on their home phone in the hope that they may pick up, or rock up at their house in the hopes they may be home, only to ring the … Continue reading

Are Thrift Stores Too Pricey For The Poor?

Over the last couple of years, charity shops and thrift stores have become a magnet for bargain hunters. Austerity measures, a global recession and high inflation has meant that designer goods are less affordable, and savvy shoppers are increasingly sourcing their clothing second hand. Celebrities have also donated outfits that have sold for four figure … Continue reading

Has A New Generation Been Turned Off By Politics?

Has the hope and enthusiasm that marked the 2008 elections carried through the polarization and divisiveness of today’s politics? The 2008 election saw 75 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds turn out to vote in the presidential election. A number of surveys and polls have concentrated on Generation Next, a demographic that constitutes 18- to 25-year-olds, … Continue reading

Birth Control Pills for Men Are Coming Soon! Are You Ready to Swallow?

The world of contraceptive techniques may be slated to get a refresher course if scientists’ optimistic reports are to be believed. Recent research has pointed attempts to create an effective male contraceptive pill in an entirely new direction. While there isn’t yet any indication of when a safe and effective product will hit the market, … Continue reading

Are You a Real Friend?

By Margaret Paul, Ph.D. “A real friend is one who helps us to think our noblest thoughts, put forth our best efforts, and be our best selves.” ~Anonymous What kind of friend are you? Below are some of the things good friends do. Do you: Listen with caring and attention? Support what brings your friend … Continue reading


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