Real Men Wear Skirts!


Omar Epps and Mos Def are just two of the countless Black men that are getting flack recently for wearing skirts. People automatically throw out the gay accusation or rant that the Black man is getting more and more feminine. … Continue reading

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Pharrell, And Why ‘Can’t’ Is Corney


It sounded like good suits and brown skin and red heels on New Year’s Eve in Harlem. It sounded like an afro-punk house party replete with aquamarine twist outs, magenta dreads and skin decorated with tattoos. It sounded like champagne … Continue reading

Infographic: Hoaxes That Fooled The World


The Internet is known as a venue where hoaxes proliferate. Even before the dawn of cyberspace, however, elaborate scams and deceptions were not unknown. Here’s a list of some of history’s best known hoaxes. The Mechanical Turk In the latter … Continue reading

Has The Onesie Peaked?


With unflattering looks and the appearance of an oversized baby grow the onesie was an unlikely fashion trend which took the world by storm. One minute they were a whimsical novelty and the next it seemed like everyone had one. … Continue reading