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Bill Cosby is Not “Dr. Huxtable”

Originally posted on Splendiferous Everything:
One of the many memes circulating on the Internet about Bill Cosby’s activities off-camera. The Latest news regarding actor Bill Cosby is downright heinous: fifteen woman have reported he drugged them then raped them. Fifteen women!  That’s atrocious!  Worse, they were not believed when they tried to raise the alarm…

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Chris Tucker Live: A Review

I had the pleasure of seeing Chris Tucker live at the beautiful FOX Theatre in Detroit last night. He was hilarious! Had tons of material and was entertaining as hell. The show, surprisingly, was not a sell out but if you weren’t in attendance you really missed out. His was the second live stand up … Continue reading

Keira Knightly is the baddest bitch in the game!

With All Due Respect: Bette Midler’s remake of “Waterfalls” is GAWD awful

She looks good, tho!

My two cents on the Blurred Lines lyric “controversy”.

Originally posted on Author Dana Ellington Myles:
I keep reading about how Robin Thicke’s song, Blurred Lines is “rapey” in nature.  I’ve listened to it, I’ve read the lyrics. I’ve read countless articles and posts. And I’m sorry, I’m not seeing it.  There are plenty of songs I’ve heard – mostly rap, mostly by African-American…

Why Iyanla Can’t Fix My Life

I really believe that she can “fix” my life in a few areas. I like Iyanla and when I had cable I watched her show, Iyanla Fix My Life, religiously. I get unnerved by her use of the word Beloved, but I know she is coming from a good place. I love how, especially in … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Interviews Collette McLafferty: Singer Sued For Not Looking or Sounding Like P!nk

From XOJane.com: He spoke of watching my videos on YouTube, being “appalled” and “immediately hating” my singing. Despite 13 allegations ranging from “Conspiracy for Fraud” and “Tortious Interference” the following stood out like a sore thumb: “Defendant McLafferty was ‘too unattractive’ to front” this kind of band. “Pink is a visually striking woman,” it read … Continue reading

5 Celebrity Fights That Actually Happened

We’ve all seen them, whether we’re going home after a night out on the town, or watching those real life police shows on TV. What are we talking about? That’s right – good old-fashioned punch-ups. Don’t get us wrong. Fighting isn’t right, and should never be resorted to. It can lead to serious injuries, and … Continue reading

Jada Pinkett-Smith Thinks You’re a Covert Pedophile – So Do I!

Jada Pinkett-Smith has come to the defense of her young daughter, Willow Smith. The 13-year-old raised eyebrows this week when photos were shared of her lying in bed with shirtless 20-year-old actor, Moises Arias. Due to the suggestive nature of the shots, rumors swirled that the pair, who are seven years apart in age, were … Continue reading

Real Men Wear Skirts!

Omar Epps and Mos Def are just two of the countless Black men that are getting flack recently for wearing skirts. People automatically throw out the gay accusation or rant that the Black man is getting more and more feminine. If you would take 60 seconds to Google, Yahoo! or pick up a book on … Continue reading

I Can’t Wait to Read Paris Jackson’s Memoir in About 20 Years

Sonia Sanchez Knows What it Means to #KeepitDangerous!

”The black artist is dangerous. Black art controls the “Negro’s” reality, negates negative influences, and creates positive images.” Sonia Sanchez (b. 1934), African American poet. Black Women Writers at Work, ch. 10, by Claudia Tate (1985).

DJ Mister Cee Addresses Sex Scandals in GQ Magazine

By now much (if not all) of hip hop knows about DJ Mister Cee’s sexual trysts with transgender women in New York City. He’s been busted more than once for soliciting sex and initially denied his attraction to transgender prostitutes, but these days Cee is ready to be slightly more transparent. Get an amp head … Continue reading

6 Men I’ve Had Sex With…in my dreams

When sex starts and stops in the mind.


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