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If the artists starve, we’ll all go hungry.

Pharrell Williams 2012Let’s say you wear a big hat and had one of the most infectious, popular songs of the year. You’re Pharrell Williams, and your song Happy was played 43 million times on the music-streaming service Pandora. Pretty sweet, huh? Except, according to the website Fusion, Mr. Williams made about $25,000 in royalties from Pandora for those 43 million clicks.

And that’s Pharrell, who sits atop music’s golden throne. If he’s earning tiny digital royalties, what does that say for the artists further down the chain, in the grubby realm of mere mortals? Toronto songwriter Diana Williamson, who recently moved back from L.A., told me about a song she’d co-written that had reached 260,000 downloads and made it to No. 3 on the Billboard dance chart. She hadn’t seen a penny in royalties. To complain about rip-off downloading, she said in an interview, is to invite “abuse from the mob. But if those fans were bakers, they wouldn’t be giving away their croissants for free.”

Read full story via If the artists starve, we’ll all go hungry – The Globe and Mail.


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Celebrity Stylist, Corey Roche’s DIY Fashion Emergency Remedies

This article was created just for the Dangerous Lee Network. Thanks, Corey!


Corey Roché – Celebrity Stylist: The Real

No matter your finances everyone should base their wardrobe off of staple/statement pieces. Using this method will expand your wardrobe providing you with multiple options and looks. In short, creating the illusion of a larger wardrobe.
Staple/statement pieces are (but not limited to):

  • Women; bags, shoes, jacket/blazer and accessories.
  • Men; shoes, jacket/blazer, belts and hats.
  • You can take your normal everyday jean and tank or t-shirt to the next level by adding a blazer and an after 5 shoe and go to dinner, meeting or even a date!

And if you’re accident prone don’t worry I have some remedies that will assist you along the way to keep your staple/statement pieces in tact to maintain that pristine condition:

I’m a vegan, and I incorporate that into my work [by trying] to use natural, effective remedies

corey stylist the real

Corey styling Tamera Mowry-Housley on set of The Real.


    If you place these two simple agents into a spray bottle, you have an at-home dry cleaning service. It deodorizes the garments.
    These two agents assist me with the removal of a wide range of stains on most fabrics.
    Great for food grease and can be used on leather, silk or other delicate fabrics.
    Works well on organic stains such as wine, chocolate, grass, blood or—what I use it most for—armpit sweat.

Treatment is just as important because you do not want to push the stain further into the fabric. [For] food stains, use the edge of a dull butter knife to gently remove residual food without rubbing the stain. [For] liquid stains, be careful not to rub the stain; simply blot it with a dry cloth, then attempt stain removal.

Top Story: Naomi Campbell Posing Next to a Tool

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The History of Hacking: North Korea Shuts Hollywood Down


Not so much.




Learn more -North Korea Behind Sony Hack: U.S. Officials – NBC News.com.

Top Story: 20 Sexiest and Most Beautiful Black Women of 2014

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Bill Cosby is Not “Dr. Huxtable”

Leigh Langston:

I agree.

Originally posted on Splendiferous Everything:

One of the many memes circulating on the Internet about Bill Cosby's activities off-camera.  One of the many memes circulating on the Internet about Bill Cosby’s activities off-camera.

The Latest news regarding actor Bill Cosby is downright heinous: fifteen woman have reported he drugged them then raped them. Fifteen women!  That’s atrocious!  Worse, they were not believed when they tried to raise the alarm about him.  After all, people reasoned, Cosby played the beloved “Dr. Huxtable” on television, so the man he portrayed “is him.”  How far gone can some people be?

Fifteen women all recounting the same criminal events being perpetrated by the same man is almost certainly not a coincidence.  Videos have also surfaced of him making jokes about drugging women, which now no longer look funny – if indeed they ever did, which, by the way, is doubtful.  Who’d laugh at that?  That was the first red flag where the man is concerned, and now there are fifteen more.  Furthermore, he…

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Chris Tucker Live: A Review

I had the pleasure of seeing Chris Tucker live at the beautiful FOX Theatre in Detroit last night. He was hilarious! Had tons of material and was entertaining as hell. The show, surprisingly, was not a sell out but if you weren’t in attendance you really missed out.

His was the second live stand up that I’ve seen at the FOX Theatre. The first was Martin Lawrence and he didn’t put on a good show at all. He even threw in some old ass jokes for the road. Just lazy.

This was not my first time seeing Chris Tucker live. Back when I was a youngster (and so was Chris) I saw him perform at a local club here in Flint. The show was cancelled during his performance because he got into a fight with a girl who was heckling him in the audience. I remember that left a bad taste in my mouth for him and his comedy over the years but somehow by the time the first Rush Hour came out he was back in my good graces.

I still can’t believe he fought a woman, tho. To be young, crazy, high and dumb…


Chris Tucker Re-tweeted Me! “Christmas Tucker” is in reference to a joke he tells about Michael Jackson giving him a new name. Too funny!!!

Keira Knightly is the baddest bitch in the game!


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With All Due Respect: Bette Midler’s remake of “Waterfalls” is GAWD awful

She looks good, tho!


My two cents on the Blurred Lines lyric “controversy”.

Leigh Langston:

Dangerous Lee Community Member Spotlight: Author Dana Ellington Miles the Satin Sheet Diva has been a real online friend and supporter.

Thank you, Dana!

Originally posted on Dana Ellington Myles, MAPW:

I keep reading about how Robin Thicke’s song, Blurred Lines is “rapey” in nature.  I’ve listened to it, I’ve read the lyrics. I’ve read countless articles and posts. And I’m sorry, I’m not seeing it.  There are plenty of songs I’ve heard – mostly rap, mostly by African-American “artists”, I’m afraid – that are BLATANTLY  rapist anthems.  But yet and still, the focus remains on Robin Thicke.  Okay.  Whatever.

What I wanted to share though was this little diddy from back in my youth – a little tune that played on the radio and in the dance clubs just briefly in the late ’80s – sung by Aaron Hall who hailed from the group Guy.  Ahem, feast your eyes on this (lyrics published on Let’s Sing It.com).   I bold-faced the lyrics I find MOST disturbing:

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray my Lord my…

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Why Iyanla Can’t Fix My Life


Iyanla Vanzant

I really believe that she can “fix” my life in a few areas. I like Iyanla and when I had cable I watched her show, Iyanla Fix My Life, religiously. I get unnerved by her use of the word Beloved, but I know she is coming from a good place.

I love how, especially in Black families, she makes people expose secrets and lies that run all too often in the African-American culture/family. Shit that we want to pretend doesn’t exist but we live with it daily, hourly; by the second.

I love being Black. I do, but so many of us make me sick. However, I am reminded that we aren’t all alike Black, White or otherwise.

 Anyway, Iyanla can’t fix my life because in order to really fix it. And that’s fix , as in…

  • to repair; mend.
  • to put in order or in good condition; adjust or arrange.
  • to make fast, firm, or stable.

That’s not gonna happen. Too much damage has been done. Too many feelings are  hurt. She can clear the air, reveal lies, parts of the truth and help each of us to try and better understand why we are the way we are and why those things have fucked up our relationship, but we won’t really be better for it. Or, maybe I just don’t care anymore as of today.

I’ll settle for an episode of Iyanla, Fix My Car.

It’s funny, the first question on the IYANLA FIX MY LIFE -SHARE YOUR STORY page is, Is your family in conflict?

Answer – Whose isn’t?


Dangerous Lee Interviews Collette McLafferty: Singer Sued For Not Looking or Sounding Like P!nk

From XOJane.com:

He spoke of watching my videos on YouTube, being “appalled” and “immediately hating” my singing. Despite 13 allegations ranging from “Conspiracy for Fraud” and “Tortious Interference” the following stood out like a sore thumb:

“Defendant McLafferty was ‘too unattractive’ to front” this kind of band.

“Pink is a visually striking woman,” it read as it was further alleged that I didn’t “look the part or contribute to the overall aesthetics” of the group.

The damages sought were around $10,000,000 and the “legal fees” Chuck felt he was entitled to by defending himself. In addition, he sought to ban me from performing in any P!NK tribute band in perpetuity.

I immediately quit my job in the band.

Check out Voicelive Touch!

Collette McLafferty coverband outfit

Collette McLafferty

Has this case affected your self esteem or self worth in any way?

Interestingly, my self esteem has never been better. Let me tell you, when you get sued for millions of dollars for no reason, you get real spiritual, real quick. A friend of mine told me that if she were in my situation with the case and the press she would most likely slide into a deep depression. That really shook me up. If this happened to me at a different point in my life, I may have just given up music or done something self destructive to cope. I think this would absolutely crush a less experienced performer. Fortunately, with 20 years in the music industry under my belt, I’ve had to battle a variety of insanely harsh situations. It became fight or flight. And I chose to fight, and the fact that I am a “lifer” in the music game has been my most valuable asset. . I’m stronger overall. I do have some very sad “why me” days though. I usually just drink of wine, cry and watch Jon Stewart and wait it out.

Have you heard from P!nk or her people?

The NY Post reached out to P!NK’s “camp”. I’m guessing a publicist. We got a “no comment”. This was when the story first went public. It’s hard to say if she knows the details of this case or not. Pop stars are so insulated and there are thousands of people trying to get in touch with them on a daily basis and everybody wants something. Plus legal issues are sensitive and no one wants to get sued themselves. That being said, P!NK’s platform is all about empowerment and sticking up for the underdog. There are a lot of parallels between her music and this case. Speaking up on the matter would be consistent with the message she puts out as an artist. However, I know that if I were in her situation, I would want the facts first. And getting them is time consuming. I mean my schedule is crazy just as a working regional artist, I can’t relate to what her life is like at all.

Has anything positive come from this experience?

Yes! I have gotten a crazy amount of support, especially from female musicians my age and the New York City music scene has been AMAZING to me. I’ve always wanted to speak very publicly about the value of older performers and why we should be celebrated and not silenced. Because The NY Post decided to make an issue of my age, I now have a platform to talk about it, so it’s a gift in strange wrapping paper. It’s also taught me that as of today I can handle almost anything life throws at me and it’s going to be OK.

Collette McLafferty

What have you learned from all this so far?

You have to stand in your own strength regardless of what others may think of you or say about you. I feel that I started playing it safe in my career a few years ago, because I got tired of reading the harsh comment when I would put my work out to the public. It made me want to be less open and vulnerable. But this experience has taught me to build a shield, focus on the art and those who love you. Oh, and also keep records of everything music business related! Emails, texts, everything!

Has this case affected your career negatively?

Unfortunately, in the short term it has been rather financially devastating, only because fighting this is a full time job. I spend hours everyday educating myself on the legal system instead of working on music. I’m slowly working on becoming a balanced human again. I’ve managed to work consistently for 20 years because I have always been diligent about auditioning, submitting my work, attending shows and jam sessions etc. As a freelancer, I do a lot of “one off” studio sessions, sub gigs etc, and there just hasn’t been time to pursue those things. Getting the work itself is a full time job. Fortunately, my 2 bands The Fred Savages and Lavender Steel are getting out of the “start up” hump and it looks like I’ll be busier in the fall. But it’s been a tough summer.

Also, If you Google my name, “old, ugly, bad singer” comes up repeatedly, thanks to the NY Post’s version of the story, which made the newswire. It’s kind of hilarious, but eek! They say there’s no such thing as bad press, but as a professional singer that is the worst possible press you can get! Now I can look at that and know absolutely that I am neither old, nor ugly. And I can sing, obviously. But in this business, you are constantly introducing yourself to new people, submitting head shots and demos online etc. And the first thing a potential employer does is Google you. So this has to be addressed, and I have to create new headlines for myself. Unfortunately, there’s a stigma to being sued. So there’s that too. This is going to be a huge challenge going forward to be known for my work once again and not as the “lawsuit girl”. Someone actually called me that at a concert I attended.

When things get resolved, however, if I can channel the strength I have found from this whole ordeal into my music and my artistic platform, I will be Dangerous! Pun intended!


Collette is represented by Martin Kera of Kera and Graubard, 212-681-1600

Collette on social media:



5 Celebrity Fights That Actually Happened

We’ve all seen them, whether we’re going home after a night out on the town, or watching those real life police shows on TV. What are we talking about? That’s right – good old-fashioned punch-ups.

Don’t get us wrong. Fighting isn’t right, and should never be resorted to. It can lead to serious injuries, and in many cases, a course of heavy duty pain relief.

In fact, many of us like to think that fighting is something which only uncivilized people do. You may see fights all the time on the high street of your home town on a Saturday night. But you would never think of these scraps taking place on the catwalk or the campaign trail would you? Our film and music heroes, and even politicians – they would never stop to such levels to resolve an argument, would they?

Well, unfortunately yes. In this respect, some celebrities are just like the scrappers you see outside the kebab shop at 1am. Here are just a handful of spats involving celebrities which got physical, when they didn’t necessarily need to:

Brandon Block vs Ronnie Wood

It was at the Brit Awards in 2000 when rock legend Ronnie Wood, on stage to present the award for best soundtrack, had a little scuffle of his own. When rising star and DJ Brandon Block appeared on stage for no reason, and interrupted the proceedings, Wood didn’t see the funny side. A drink was thrown and a shoving match began before Block was eventually wrestled away by security.

John Prescott vs Farmer

You really can never tell what’s going to happen when you egg a politician. When, in 2001, a protesting farm-worker hurled an egg at Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, he probably wasn’t expecting a swift and well-placed jab to the face. No doubt the person who egged Ed Miliband in 2013 was disappointed when the Leader of the Opposition reacted by simply smiling and turning the other check.

Russell Brand vs Pap

Not a fight as such, but still an altercation for which Brand was arrested and charged. When being snapped by a photographer in New Orleans in 2012, Brand decided he had had enough, and reacted by seizing his iPhone and launching it down the street. Brand later joked that he was paying tribute to Steve Jobs’ memory, and didn’t like to see his invention being used in such a manner.

Cheryl Cole vs Toilet Attendant

In 2003, the Girls Aloud star was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, after assaulting a toilet attendant. The attendant in question was allegedly trying to stop the singer, then known as Cheryl Tweedy, from helping herself to her supply of lollipops. Word of advice for toilet attendants everywhere – don’t come between Cheryl and her sweets!

Russell Crowe vs Bodyguard

A misunderstanding got physical very quickly in 2004, when Russell Crowe was filming Cinderella Man. Looking on the bright side, Crowe claimed that after the argument with his bodyguard, he didn’t need much in the way of make-up for his next scene – where he played a boxer after a fight.

This article is written by Lisa who was recently prescribed Tramadol from her doctor after a fight she was involved in. In her free time, she likes to walk her dog.

Jada Pinkett-Smith Thinks You’re a Covert Pedophile – So Do I!


Here’s the photo that started it all. Sex or anything inappropriate was not the first thing to come to my mind when I saw this image. However, out of curiosity, I did wonder why they were hanging out. Click the image to read more of my opinion on Facebook.

Jada Pinkett-Smith has come to the defense of her young daughter, Willow Smith.

The 13-year-old raised eyebrows this week when photos were shared of her lying in bed with shirtless 20-year-old actor, Moises Arias.

Due to the suggestive nature of the shots, rumors swirled that the pair, who are seven years apart in age, were engaging in an inappropriate relationship, but Pinkett-Smith insists that’s not the case.

“Here’s the deal,” she told the paparazzi via TMZ Wednesday at LAX Airport.

“There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation.”

“You guys are projecting your trash onto it,” she continued.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/jada-pinkett-smith-defends-willow-smith-shirtless-moises-arias-photo-article-1.1784249#ixzz31F1oyIzE

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