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With All Due Respect: Bette Midler’s remake of “Waterfalls” is GAWD awful

She looks good, tho!

Dangerous Lee Interviews Collette McLafferty: Singer Sued For Not Looking or Sounding Like P!nk

From XOJane.com: He spoke of watching my videos on YouTube, being “appalled” and “immediately hating” my singing. Despite 13 allegations ranging from “Conspiracy for Fraud” and “Tortious Interference” the following stood out like a sore thumb: “Defendant McLafferty was ‘too unattractive’ to front” this kind of band. “Pink is a visually striking woman,” it read … Continue reading

Pole Dancing is Not Just For Thots

DID YOU KNOW THAT POLE DANCING IS A SKILL FOR HOES AND HOES IN TRAINING? YEA, ME NEITHER. HEAVY SIGH – So there’s this video going viral showing a little Black girl at the playground sliding down a pole like a pro as other children watch while she lands perfectly in the splits. The insulting … Continue reading

Top Story: Pearl Pearson – A Case of Police Brutality in My Family

Facts Who is Pearl Pearson? Pearl is a 64 year-old diabetic deaf driver who resides in the Oklahoma City area. What’s the story? At this time, only limited details can be provided since this case is under investigation. 1. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol pulled Pearl over late in the evening on January 3, 2014. Pearl … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Bitstrip of the Day: Stop Supporting TMZ!

I created this Bitstrip to make a point about how so many of you are hypnotized by online media outlets like Bossip and TMZ and fail to support independent media in the same way. Low and behold, a day after I created it, TMZ posted a story with a poll asking if Black people should … Continue reading

Jail Crams Female Prisoners Together To Sleep On Floor

Feces in the hallway and female inmates sleeping nearly on top of each other in the intake area are recurring problems at the Livingston County Jail, the sheriff confirmed Friday. Sheriff Bob Bezotte brought those issues — including a photograph of the sleeping conditions —to light in an e-mail to the Livingston County Board of … Continue reading

Stupid Shit Pat Robertson Says: God approves of sex changes but homosexuality should be a mental illness

This muthafucka needs to get off the air. Televangelist Pat Robertson on Wednesday struggled to understand why homosexuality was no longer considered a mental illness, but said that he approved of gender reassignment surgery. In response to a viewer who asked if her gay nephew needed to pray for himself to be helped, Robertson recalled … Continue reading

Movie Theater Plays Sex Scene Instead Of Disney’s Frozen!

“They put in the filler, it looked like Steamboat Willie, the old Mickey Mouse cartoon, and then all of a sudden it goes into this other scene. It seemed like forever when you’re trying to, you know, cover a little guy’s eyes. I didn’t have enough hands to cover his ears too and he got … Continue reading

Female Farm Workers Are Facing Sexual Abuse

In recent years, a terrible situation has come to light: farm workers across the nation are falling prey to instances of sexual harassment and abuse, and are often subject to these terrible instances with what they believe is little chance of recourse. Fear Of Deportation Many of the workers who labor on farms, harvesting crops … Continue reading

The History Behind the Chicken and Watermelon Stereotype

It’s unclear where the chicken and watermelon themes originated. They may have begun as Southern stereotypes and then evolved into anti-Black stereotypes during the antebellum period. Numerous primary sources chronicle Black resistance to slavery through “silent sabotage,” or, day-to-day acts of resistance. Stealing from the master was one example. It seems logical that food would … Continue reading

Armani Confuses Alfre Woodard With Idris Elba

Have you ever looked at Alfre Woodard and thought “Idris Elba?” Of course not, but that’s exactly what Armani’s social media coordinator (or clueless intern) did before confusing the two on Instagram. More baffling than offensive, Armani’s now infamous “mistake” sparked fake outrage and the hilarious #ArmaniCaptions hashtag that trended on Twitter for hours. – … Continue reading

George Zimmerman’s Punk Ass Arrested Again

“He is in custody,” Officer Green, with the county sheriff’s office told USA TODAY. He said the booking officer handling Zimmerman was still filing his report and he had no additional information. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Zimmerman was en route to the Seminole County Jail in Sanford, according to Sheriff Don Eslinger. The Sentinel … Continue reading

Phuck Yo Hair: Jacksonville Jaguars Baller Jason Babin Rips Out Dreadlocks Of Atlanta Falcons Player During Game!

Originally posted on Bossip:
Ouuuuch! Jason Bibin Rips Out Hair Of Opponent During NFL Game There are still 6 weeks left in the 2013 NFL regular season, but the way Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Jason Babin played on Sunday night against the Arizona Cardinals, you would think the playoffs were next week. via USA Today…

Funny Grammar From Craigslist – The Best Of The Best

Craigslist is a great resource for people to find a variety of local items, events and jobs. By posting a simple ad on the site, you can sell items you no longer need, buy items you want at a cheaper price, find jobs or gigs, hire people for jobs or gigs, find places to live … Continue reading


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