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#WriterWednesday: How to Get 10,000 Fans, Publish a Book, and Make $100,000 in 18 Months

TribeWritersHave you ever thought about how you might “escape 9-5 and make a living doing what you love.”

You might hear these stories and roll your eyes or think “I’ll never be able to do that.”

Maybe you are right. Maybe you aren’t one of the lucky ones. Maybe you aren’t one of the chosen few.

Or maybe it doesn’t take some extraordinary stroke of luck. Maybe you are already chosen.

Maybe…just maybe it’s possible to do what you love and get paid well for it…without being Superman.

Jeff Goins proves that. Even though he followed the advice he heard, none of it seemed to work. He’d start a blog and no one would come. So he’d get frustrated and start another blog…and another…and another…

Then something happened, and he discovered a breakthrough that helped him get his first 10,000 fans, land a publishing deal, and crack six figures. And Jeff is just a regular dude who was trapped in a J-O-B just like you might be. He has no superpowers (that he or I know of) and he isn’t descended from royalty.

And yet, he has built a massive platform and a successful business.

He is going to share exactly how it happened–good, bad, and ugly.

Register here for the free live webinar:

He’ll answer the question he is asked so often: “Jeff, how’d you do it?”

How did he build his blog?

How do he get people to listen to what he has to say?

How did he get his books published?

How does he make a living doing what he loves?

And most importantly, he’ll teach you how you can do the same.

Specifically, he’ll cover:

  • Practical strategies you can apply to get your message heard.
  • How to grow your audience without having to be slimy and salesy.
  • How to make a living from your message without selling your soul.

You will walk away with practical action steps you can begin implementing right away.

So c’mon and join Jeff and me.

See you there!

P.S. Space for these webinars is going to fill up fast. No, that is not some false scarcity trick to get you to sign-up. Only sign-up if you plan to attend and learn from it. Just make sure you do it fast!


#FridayReads: Caught Excerpt by Deirdre Thurston

Enjoy this excerpt from Caught, a collection of stories that explore the deeper human themes: expectation, desire, loss, hope, fear, joy, redemption. Any moment in life can be viewed as worthy of treasuring, whether that moment is filled with despair or joy, or just feels like a universe of emptiness.

caught-deirdrethurstonMake the Effort

He ran downstairs. Late as always, One, two, three, Ria tapped her fingers on the bed. The front door slammed. One, two, three, she tapped again. The front door opened: “Forgot my wallet,” Mike yelled up the stairs One, two, the door slammed again.

Ria smiled, let out a long breath. He was so annoyingly endearing. After Mike’s car had zoomed up in the driveway and down the street, she began to drift again. Silence came out of hiding.

Ribbons of thought floated in and out of her head. One of them kept returning – a wider, redder, shinier ribbon moving to the front of her brain. Rita frowned and resettled herself. But there it was shouting: You should have gone with him.

Ria, unfortunately, agreed.

She was always bleating on about needing to spend more time together, do more things as a couple. He was a handsome man blessed with a great body. Everyone adored him and women flirted with him outrageously – Ria had seen it so often. Mike seemed completely unaware of it, just thought they were being friendly. Some gorgeous creature would snap him up on a second if she weren’t around, Ria knew. She trusted Mike. Totally. He was committed and honest, and he lover her to bits. But Ria knew love could be here today and gone tomorrow sometimes. Sometimes new love snuck in without introduction and old love disappeared in a second’s breath.

She should have gone with him. Ria wouldn’t blame him for having an affair. …. Ria could see him standing at the bar surrounded by thirty-somethings – firm bodies, the latest silky top-label dress floating around brown legs – hanging off his every word. Telling him how clever he is, how funny and wise. Leaning in to him, stroking his arm….

Oh, God. What if that bitch Camille is there? She never wore a bra, always had on the filmiest fabric wafting over her too-perfect/couldn’t-be-real breasts. Nipple urging everyone to look skyward. And one dark freckle tantalizingly in eyesight on her breast, just to the right of her cleavage. Men and women alike could not ignore it. The cow was clever to, witty. She made Mike laugh till he cried. He loved talking with her. Gibbered on to Ria how smart she was. Maybe they could work on a project together. Ria wanted to kick Camille in the shins. Hard. Camille towered over Ria. Always elegant in spectacular high shoes that made her legs look even better than you remembered them. Bitch….

Read more of the excerpt in Caught.

Book excerpt provided by Rebecca’s Author Services

every writer needs a tribe

#WriterWednesday: Build your audience with this FREE download – Every Writer Needs a Tribe

every writer needs a tribeThis sounds too good to be true.

For a limited time, my friend Jeff Goins is giving a free eBook on how to build your audience called, Every Writer Needs a Tribe.

Now, this isn’t some short PDF “report” or white paper. It’s a full-out book that Jeff has never before released to the public. And he’s letting a handful of friends offer to their audiences for free.

Whether or not you think of yourself as a writer, this book will help you use writing to get your message out to the masses.

If you’ve felt like you have something to say but aren’t quite sure how to share it…

If social media intimidates you or technology overwhelms you…

…You’re going to love this book.

Check it out here!

P.S. The book is only available for a short time, so go download it today!

Lila Lee Silvern Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen

#WriterWednesday: Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen by Lila Lee Silvern

About Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen

This book explores what seems to be the last taboo in movies and TV, sensuality after sixty. The author describes her “coming of old age” adventures in a hilarious book of stories about dates on a clothing optional beach with a retired Royal Grenadier to a movie shoot with an amateur director, to a real romance with a late-in-life true love. She hopes to inspire the older crowd to drop some of their inhibitions and get more enjoyment out of life after sixty and give younger readers something to look forward to in the future.

Lila Lee Silvern Confessions of a Geriatric Prom QueenBook Excerpt

Take Two – A Movie Shoot with an Amateur Director

Milton called from Best Buy, all exited, “Baby, have I got a surprise for you,” he said in his sexiest voice, “I finally bought it. You are going to love my new Sony, DCR 108 Camcorder with 40X optical zoom. Put on something really sexy. I’m coming to try it out on you.

I felt very lucky to have a man in my life who turned me on with his knowledge of megabytes, megahertz, Blackberries, iPods, iPhones, Kindles, Nooks and what they could do to make our lives more youthful.

I tore off my gray work-out sweats and jumped in the shower. Like a speeded-up old movie, I washed my hair, shaved my legs, dusted myself with powder, smeared myself with lotion and sprayed myself with White Diamond cologne.

I put on new black lace nightie and cut off Victoria’s Secret tag, size L. Over it, I draped a sheer, slightly faded negligee I pulled from the bottom dresser drawer of my still-hopeful chest.

The door chimes rang. I smeared pale gloss over my lips and blush over my cheeks. I slipped into my strappy high-heeled sandals and almost tripped on the negligee as I rushed to open the door. There stood Milton, the 68-year-old short and stocky Romeo I had met at a senior center Zumba class. He swept me into a warm and passionate embrace, which I hoped would not mess up my hair or makeup before the “shoot.”

“We are about to make our own jerk – off flick,” he joked with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

I hated his crudeness sometimes, but at that moment, I too, giggled at the thought of posing for an adult film rather than a newsletter for retired school teachers’ pension plans.

Before “assuming a position” I hobbled to the mantle to remove the pictures of my children and grandchildren from the background of the movies we were about to create. Milton called me back with “Lights, camera, action!”

Posing seductively, shyly at first, I felt self-conscious and awkward with Milton’s directions to caress my left breast with my right hand and stroke my inner thigh with my left hand….

“Cut! Hey Doll,” he called to me. Come see yourself on X rated TV?”

I came back barefoot, and wearing my bifocals. I sat down next to Milton who was fiddling with the remote.

“I told you I’d make you a stah, dahlink.” He pronounced in a fake accent that still sounded like Brooklyn.

I watched, fascinated from the sofa….At first, I didn’t recognize the image I saw in very High Definition on the 52-inch screen. I thought the makeup would have covered the dark puffiness under my eyes and the lines around my mouth. The hair was not a flattering silver but a rather dull pewter.

Worst of all, whose body was that in a lingerie that didn’t fit? What was that skin doing hanging from my thighs and upper arms? And the breasts so saggy even lying down. I gasped. “Turn it off, Milton. I don’t want to see any more. It’s a horror film” …..

Enjoy the rest of Lila’s adventures here.

What Reviewers Have to Say

In “Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen,” Lila Lee Silvern shows with bittersweet humor the joys and challenges of romance among seniors. Her stories pull back the curtain on something that those of us who are younger rarely think about — and it turns out that love and sex among older folks isn’t all that different than they are for the rest of us. The narrator’s tenderness for her lovers perfectly blends with her sharp, sometimes biting wit. I laughed out loud and teared up in the span of a few pages! I’m buying a copy for my mom, and three more for her to give to her friends. – Heather

Reading the first “Confession” was like eating the first chocolate in the box – Delicious! I had to read the next one, and then one more, until I had finished the whole book, laughing out loud. Lila’s delightful sense of humor and ability to share herself -“The Geriatric Prom Queen” – results in a terrific read. Tearing away at long-held stereotypes of aging and romance, Lila gives us a joy ride into later life pleasures still to be found. -Emy B

I loved this book! It was funny, touching and insightful into the joys, changes and challenges of aging. Although in my 50’s, it made me appreciate and not fear getting old due to the heartwarming stories and joy and romance that are found in each piece. Lila Lee Silvern writes extremely well and has a great sense of humor and irony. I found it hard to set this down. I’d recommend it to readers of all ages. -Thistle

Read more reviews on Amazon.

Book excerpt provided courtesy of Rebecca’s Author Services.


#FridayReads: Intercourse by Carl Mathis



Click to download Intercourse on Amazon!

Do You Really Know the Person Sleeping In Your Bed?

Times have changed, spurring a sexual revolution, where the giving of one’s body to another is expected, rather than a gift. Such attitudes have led to problems for both men and women: unwanted pregnancies are rampant, sexually transmitted diseases are common place, and intimacy no longer brings commitment and lasting relationships.

Should there be more to intercourse than sexual attraction, the need for release, and a sense of being needed? Writer Carl Mathis examines intimate relationships through the eyes of someone who knows and understands God and his desire to nurture our souls. Giving oneself to a higher power – mentally, spiritually and physically – is akin to intercourse. Being totally invested in a relationship, whether with a lover or God, builds trust, love, and perpetuates happiness.

In this timely guide, Carl is asking us to consider our relationships. Who do you give yourself to freely…and why? Are you selling yourself short? Your body and soul are precious gifts, and as such, should be shared with only those who are deserving, caring, and able to return your love.

Remember, beauty is far more than sinewy muscle, tight curves, and sexual appeal. It is strength of character derived from sincere concern and care for another human being. It is deeper than any orgasm and more far-reaching than any promise made in the heat of the moment. Download this book and take some time to examine your relationships and determine to live true to yourself, your principles, and a commitment to God.

Learn more about Carl Mathis and his books!

Peace Love and a Dead Hippie Chick

#FridayReads: Peace, Love, and A Dead Hippie Chick by N.R. Leigh


 Dead Hippie Chick

Booktrope Editions, an imprint of Booktrope Publishing, announced the release of Florida author N.R. Leigh’s debut fiction novel Peace, Love, and A Dead Hippie Chick. The novel is available on in Kindle and paperback versions, on in Nook and paperback versions, Apple’s iBooks, as well as Ingram Content Group’s Lightning Source.

The new adult novel follows the intertwining journeys of three young women in the mid-1990s who go on the road and off the grid, and leave their worlds behind. Each woman falls into a subculture of sex, drugs, and rock and roll in an attempt to attain their own sense of peace, love, and freedom. It is an intricately interwoven coming-of-age tale that delves into the connection between strangers and the premise that the grand orchestration of life goes well beyond chance.

NR Leigh

N.R. Leigh

“I’m excited for readers to meet all of the lovable—and some not so lovable—characters of this story,” said N.R. Leigh. “Choosing the 1990s as the time period was easy since it was the era in modern American history just before we were so connected. Before social media, smart phones, and Google maps. A time when it was easier to get lost. My goal while writing this book was to take readers off the beaten path, to places outside their comfort zone, and to entertain the heck out of them. I hope they enjoy the trip!”

According to, John Mayer will join Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti in a national tour Oct. 29 through Dec. 31. This tour will once again bring together fans of the Grateful Dead following their Fare Thee Well tour celebrating their 50 year anniversary. Peace, Love, and a Dead Hippie Chick also appeals to fans, featuring a young girl following the Grateful Dead tour across the United States in the 1990s.

N.R. Leigh began her writing career in 2007 as a featured columnist for the guerrilla newspaper The Uncommon Sense. She since has written books as an expert on personal health and wellness under the pseudonym Nicci Leigh. Peace, Love, and a Dead Hippie Chick was inspired by a newspaper article on the havoc a group of hippies caused in N.R.’s home town, coupled with her own experience traveling across the United States in her early twenties.

For more information on N.R. Leigh, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @IamNRLeigh. Follow the hashtag #HippieChickNovel for more discussion on Peace, Love, and a Dead Hippie Chick.

Booktrope Publishing is a new type of publishing company, founded in 2009 in Seattle, WA. We are pioneering a new type of book development process called team publishing. We are committed to the creation of quality books and to our unique marketing methods, which include offering all of our books online to read for free. For more information visit our website at

harry potter nails2

#DIYThursday: Amazing Harry Potter Nails

Harry Potter Nails

These fun and funky Harry Potter nails are so cute that they make him look cool. Oh, Harry Potter IS cool? Sorry. Click the lightening bolt to see more!

harry potter and the sorcerer's stoneHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – J.K. Rowling

This enhanced edition includes the full original text—plus charming illustrations, animations and interactions that bring key moments in the story to life.


AmyJoGoddard cr. SharieCohenPhotography©

#WriterWednesday: Woman On Fire by Amy Jo Goddard


Click to download your copy of Woman On Fire!

*Enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 6 of Woman On Fire:

We are deeply impacted by messages we get about our bodies from our family, community members, peers, and partners. I have heard many women talk about harmful comments from family and partners about their bodies and how that affected their sexual self-concept. For example, being told they were too thin or boyish and therefore unwomanly and unattractive, or that they were too curvaceous, big-breasted, and fat and therefore slutty. It’s important to remember that your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunties took in the cultural messaging too, and they often will spit it back at you without realizing how damaging it is. Notice how body talk was modeled for you in your family and with your friends. How did your close female role models relate to their bodies? What self-criticism did you hear in the women you were close to? This body talk can be toxic, and you will likely reproduce those patterns until someone breaks the cycle. Let it be you. Let it stop right here so you don’t indoctrinate your own daughters and nieces into feeling distraught about their bodies. Be a healthy role model.

I believe one of the most healing actions a woman can do to love her body more is to be exposed to the true diversity of beautiful female bodies in the world. I highly recommend you give yourself the experience of being in women’s spaces at some point in your life. It can be as simple as the gym or you could go to a women’s festival or event. Seeing other naked bodies and the whole array of body types that exist in reality instead of the one body ideal we are taught to believe is real is so healing. It is so rare that we get this opportunity to see beyond the unattainable stereotype and into what really exists in the world. There is so much gorgeous diversity, and when you actually see it and take it in, you bring different body images and expectations into your psyche. You are reminded that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.


Here is a ritual you can do in order to release some of the body negativity you have and bring in more acceptance and love.
  • What body lament are you ready to end? Ask yourself what messages or expectations you are ready to let go of about your body. What would it mean to really accept your body as is? To step into that place of radical acceptance?
  • Write down the messages that you have taken in about your body and how it should look, feel, perform, or function that are no longer helpful to you. Write down every thought about your body that you have internalized, every harmful message you are ready to let go of. Get it all out. Scrawl across the page.
  • Read it over and acknowledge the painful ideas you’ve been carrying and believing. Decide to let these messages go. When you are ready, ritually burn the paper and verbally state that you are releasing these ideas about your body. Watch them go up in flames.
  • Then take a ritual bath or shower to rinse those ideas away. If you choose, you can prepare some mud or create a mixture of milk, honey, and flowers to anoint your body with. As you spread it onto your body, enjoy the process with great intention. Take time to anoint and then rinse. Appreciate running your hands over each part of your body in the water, and give gratitude and blessings to each part as you do. Include the scars, the stretch marks, the rolls, the blemishes. What do you appreciate or embrace about each part of your body? How will you treat it from now forward?
  • Finally, when you find yourself lamenting again in the future, what will you do to snap out of it? Make a list of five to ten tools you can use to help yourself feel better and not get stuck feeling bad about your magical temple. Keep that list in a place you can easily access when you need the reminder.

*Reprinted by arrangement with Avery Books.

book launch marketing

#FridayReads: Want To Sell More Books? Read This One!

book launch marketing

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Sell more books! Become a bestseller!

Book Launch Marketing is designed to provide authors the structure and insight needed to develop sales strategies for increasing exposure throughout all stages of publishing.

Gain insight to common marketing strategies used by many bestselling authors. Take your book to the next level and become the author everyone wants to be. This book will only be listed at this price for a very short time. Grab your copy before the price goes up! This book will go over:

  • Preparing your book for publishing
  • How to create author profiles
  • Examples of marketing strategies
  • Inside Tips to prepare you for success
  • Free templates and workbook to guide you to successful marketing

#WriterWednesday: The Fraternity Of Gifted African Writers

african literature

Emergence Of Modern African Literature And The Fraternity Of Gifted African Writers
By Rony Sneijder

Writing is a powerful way to express the mind. It is a potent instrument of thought. Interesting to note in this context, a majority of people consider writing is an act of the hands. In fact, it is our mind that actually enables us to compose or write. Through the act of writing one reiterates one’s ideas to one’s audience. It proves to be an effective tool to initiate and engage members of the public in civic discourse. It is also helpful in developing social networks. Writing also helps people to reflect on their experiences, supporting both personal and spiritual growth. Aesthetic joy and satisfaction that writing provides cannot be denied at any cost. The effort that goes in writing helps to bond with strangers and cement human relationships.

Education proves to be helpful for the society in ways more than one. It not only drives the curse of illiteracy away but also contributes to the foundation of an enlightened society based on knowledge and skill. Only an educated society is capable to appreciate the aesthetic contributions that writers make to the mankind. The continent of Africa has a lengthy and impressive literary history. Unfortunately, the continent is more popular because of its unbelievable wilderness and primitive way of life. Only a handful of folks actually care about the rich literary heritage that the region possesses.

Literature has existed in Africa since the historic times – though, in oral form. Oral literature in Africa dates back to hundreds of years and existed in form of myths, epics, proverbs, dirges and poems. Perhaps, because of the high illiteracy rate existing in the society, oral literature could not flourish itself into any written form before the Celtic and Germanic languages reached the coasts of Ethiopia. Then again, waves of Islamic conquest reached the continent sometime in the 7th century. During this phase, African literature was severely dominated by Arabian languages and literature.

things fall apart

However, modern African writers and poets started claiming the limelight only in the recent times. Colonialism and missionary activities carried throughout the length and breadth of the continent during the eighteenth and the nineteenth exposed the people of Africa to modern European languages, mostly English, French and German. The twentieth century saw emergence of a series of African nations from the shackles of colonialism. It was during this time, a number of gifted and powerful African authors and poets started becoming the cynosure on the world literary stage.

The Association of Nigerian authors (ANA) was established in 1981 with the objective of promoting and preserving the literary heritage of Nigeria as well as that of entire African continent. Since its inception, the ANA has contributed heavily in exposing African literary heritage to the global community. The contemporary genre of African poets and authors is more committed towards depicting the socioeconomic conditions of the society they live in. In fact, the talented fraternity shoulders the dual role of dedicated political activists and sensitive literary geniuses. These talented souls have an ever-expanding reader base covering all corners of the world. These folks are showcasing a different Africa, which the larger world is certainly not accustomed with.

Rony Sneijder – the author of this article is a prominent blogger who is fascinated by the mystery and the culture of Africa. Through this article he shares his views about African writers and the continent’s literature with his reader base.

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