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Starving Artists Unite! Dear Beneficiary by Janet Kelly is #Feedart

Starving Artists Unite! #feedart   Get your work featured in the #feedart campaign!

Infographic: Do Women Write Better Than Men?

THE ANSWER IS – YES! The battle of the sexes has made its way into the world of writing and thanks to Grammerly we now have the infographic below that explains why the ladies rock at plot development, sentence structure, characters, as well as pronouns and determiners. Check out this list compiled by AbeBooks.com of … Continue reading

Book Spotlight: Abigail Ekue Celebrates the Darker Side of Lust

Get your book featured – Send media kit to: books@dangerouslee.biz Abigail Ekue is a writer, photographer and author of The Darker Side of Lust – 5th Anniversary Edition. She continues her brand of reality-based, sex-positive erotica in this edition of the book while addressing the positive and negative aspects of love, long-term relationships, lust, spontaneity and … Continue reading

eBook Marketing Tips Every Author Should Know

By Tanisha Williams The ability to sell eBooks as an independent author has simplified drastically over the past few years. eBook marketing has become easier to handle due to readers’ interest in downloading books to their mobile devices, and helping drive the e-reading revolution. Taking on the right approach to marketing an eBook is critical … Continue reading

3 Simple eBook Marketing Tips to Help You Sell More Digital Books

By Edward Aigbokhae If you can apply the following 3 simple eBook marketing tips discussed in this article, it will help you to sell more of your electronic books online without breaking the bank. As you may already know, writing an eBook and successfully publishing it on the web is not the end of the … Continue reading

Speaking of Starving Artists

Originally posted on Dana Ellington Myles, MAPW:
Hi everyone.  My name is Dana Ellington, and I’m a Starving Artist.  (*sits down with a sigh*) Yes my friends, despite having a steady nine to five, I am a Starving Artist.  Much to my shame / embarrassment / guilt, it’s time to be completely honest and admit I…

10 Ways to Feed a Starving Artist

Are you a starving artist with a blog? Join Dangerous Lee’s Blogging for Starving Artists newsletter and receive tips to build your web presence and make a BETTER living. You’ll get a FREE Starving Artist Resource Guide when you sign up today! Thanks to MyBlogU I was able to collaborate with a group of knowledgeable … Continue reading

Infographic: Fifty Shades of Grammar

I read the first book and thought it was badly written like so many other people. The Grammarly team reviewed the book and came up with this infographic! I wonder if the “bad grammar” made it into the film?

If That’s What It Takes,

Originally posted on Dana Ellington Myles, MAPW:
then I’m fairly confident I will never be a commercial success. So What Would It Take to Get You to Buy My Books?   A recent trip to the bookstore had me browsing titles in my favorite genres and I noted how all the covers began to blend together. I…

FREE eBook – How to Make Money Messing Around on Facebook

You might as well, you waste away precious hours on Facebook weekly…get paid for it!  

Q & A with Author and King of Verbal Seduction – Alan Roger Currie

Dangerous Lee:  Alan, what is the title of your next audiobook and when is it scheduled to be released? Alan Roger Currie: The title of my third audiobook is Oooooh . . . Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex.  It is scheduled to be released on Amazon.com and … Continue reading

Starving Poet: Quinton Robinson Shares His Black Dreams

- Poem from Black Dreams – Get your copy today!

FREE eBook: How to Start a Successful Blog

FirstSiteGuide.com, one of the leading sites that teaches beginners how to blog, recently released their ebook on how to blog. This e-book in based on advice from 31 blogging experts; people like Derek Sivers, Jeff Bullas, Barry Feldman, C.C. Chapman, etc. The authors of the e-book, Ogi Djuraskovic and Kristi Hines, wrote the e-book mostly … Continue reading

Ebook: Hustle Guide – Lifestyles of the Authentic and Creative

Over the last four years as a lifestyle blogger for my blog, “Lifestyles of the Authentic & Creative,” I have been blessed with the opportunity to interview all kinds of creative entrepreneurs such as film makers, musicians, interior designers, fashion designers, and many more. My questions to them all have been identical: “HOW HAVE YOU … Continue reading


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