Black People Can’t Tell “Black Jokes” Now?


Am I the only Black woman not offended by @Lesdoggg‘s slavery skit on SNL? — DangerousLee Network (@DangerousLee) May 5, 2014 The real issue is that a lot of people do not get her brand of humor. I got it! … Continue reading

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Make Sure You Know What The Underground Railroad is Before Ringing in the New Year


Everyone wants to make fun of and call Porsha Stewart from The Real Housewives of Atlanta stupid because she thought The Underground Railroad was an actual train, but I chose to call her misinformed or uneducated. She also didn’t know … Continue reading

Top Story: The Trouble with SNL’s White Christmas


Lorne Michaels must have a massive pair of balls. Not only did he brush off the call for more black women in the Saturday Night Live cast earlier this Fall, he also put his rubber stamp of approval on what … Continue reading

How Breaking Bad Lied To Us (And Was Right) About Meth

breaking bad

Breaking Bad was the show that changed everything about how we saw television. The show has become so popular, and many have touted both its authenticity and criticized its glorification of meth. Fans have dissected all the different layers and … Continue reading

Top Story: The Ridiculous Problem Inherent With Survival Reality TV Shows


Most TV shows don’t reward you for paying for attention. –Matt Groening When it comes to television programming, Groening’s above quote is aptly put. Often times when watching TV, most people turn their brains off because the programs being watched … Continue reading