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#DIYThursday: Amazing Harry Potter Nails

Harry Potter Nails

These fun and funky Harry Potter nails are so cute that they make him look cool. Oh, Harry Potter IS cool? Sorry. Click the lightening bolt to see more!

harry potter and the sorcerer's stoneHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – J.K. Rowling

This enhanced edition includes the full original text—plus charming illustrations, animations and interactions that bring key moments in the story to life.


Street Art by Cof and Animalito Land

#FeedArt Fashion: How To Keep A Street Artist Warm During Winter

Street Art by Cof and Animalito LandArtists are like the postman; they create in the rain, sleet, or snow…if they have to.

It’s October so that means if you live in the Midwest or the East Coast it’s about to get cold as hell!

But the show must go on.

Heated clothing is the perfect investment and solution to staying warm and toasty during the winter months for graffiti artists, street performers, or Art Walk participants and patrons.

Check these out:

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Gyde heated clothing, powered by Gerbing, is designed with revolutionary technology created to ensure you can truly enjoy the winter weather.

Enjoy wireless heat control. Gyde developed the Bluetooth Powered Thermgauge adapter and a super friendly app for your IOS or Android device. Now, you can pair multiple 7 volt or 12 volt garments and seamlessly manage your heat at any time and any place right on your smartphone.

You have no excuse not to go out in the cold.

Discover Gerbing Heated Clothing here!

winkle picker shoe

#FeedArt Fashion: How To Dress Like A Man

History of Men’s Fashion

tripp pants

Tripp Pants

Even though women were always regarded as the more fashionable sex, males are slowly starting to catch up. It is no longer acceptable to go out in any type of clothing. By dressing up, you are able to make a statement, to present yourself in a positive light or even to connect with a particular group of people. Today, this is a blooming industry that constantly launches new products such as tripp pants and mini socks but also restores certain items that were forgotten for some time like bow ties, top hats and canes. War, world events and young generations, had an enormous influence on men’s fashion during previous century.

baggy pants

Baggy Pants

At the beginning of the century, men wore refined clothes. Casual suits were used together in combination with peach and cedar shirts. Always popular tail coat was completed with top hat and black shoes. This type of fashion was dominant for evening parties and dinners. In 1925 baggy pants were first introduced and flannel were the main material that was used for clothes.

In 1929, after Wall Street crash, entire US economy was turned upside down. This also had a big influence on fashion, that is, quality and quantity of purchased products. Men clothes were remade hopping that they would create an illusion of bigger torso while coat pads were added in order to create squared look. Reinforced clothes gained in popularity because they would last longer. Colors were completely changed and men started wearing items that were made in darker nuances. Blazers were also popular during the summer, especially in unique colors such as glass green and tobacco brown.

After the war, most of the fashion items were made to be long. Regular t-shirt was first seen on the beaches of California and Florida. Men, with their title “Head of the family” followed certain dress codes especially when going to work. Business look combined hats, narrow trousers and simple jackets with plush collars. In 1954, men suddenly started wearing pink shirts. “Sloppy Joe” was a style that quickly gained popularity.

During 60s, wardrobe underwent another drastic change. It became a bit narrower and was combined with “winkle picker” shoes. Side burns were quite trendy while long hair became acceptable for men. Entire period was influenced by hippie movement as men started wearing things that were more common for women until this period. Sleeves were fluffy and pants were made in purple, orange and green. Another significant thing was appearance of men’s jeweler.

winkle picker shoe

Winkle Picker Shoes

Next decade introduced sneakers, tracksuits, shirts with logos and inscriptions and hot pants. Disco music largely influenced fashion of this period as male clothing became increasingly relaxed and casual. Synthetics, polyester and nylon were the most popular materials in this era.

Fashion of the 80s was extremely macho. Men started wearing Mohawks, leather and denim jackets as well as pastel shirts with short sleeves. These shirts were often combined with classy coats and moccasins without socks. During 1990s, male wardrobe became retro. Vintage and second-hand store items were the best way to create your own, unique look and stay trendy. Gothic and cyberpunk styles surfaced. Men started wearing numerous combinations instead of only one.

diy kit

#DIYThursday: Start Your Own T-Shirt Business With This Amazing and Affordable Kit

Dang! I want one too!

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Whether you are starting a small business or DIY screen printing for fun, the DIY Table Top Hinge T-Shirt Kit has the essential set of tools for graphic designers, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, crafters, Etsy-ers and anyone looking to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary!

The DIY Table Top Hinge T-Shirt Kit will bring all your awesome t-shirt ideas to life and can turn fun into profit. This Kit contains everything you need to make a statement: the everlasting DIY Print Shop table top screen and hinges will give you unconditional love through any DIY screen printing project; a 156 mesh screen; Pitch Black water based ink; and a squeegee engineered to smoothly push ink onto your T-shirt. Plus so much more!

This screen mounts to any surface around your house or shop!


#ArtsyTuesday: Check Out Jewelry Designer – Deborah Glasgow


The piece that caught my attention! From the I’m Human Collection.

In London they spell jewelry like this ——-> Jewellery

The spelling may be different from the way we do it here in the USA but the craftsmanship of jewelry designer, Deborah Glasgow, is simply amazing!

I came across her works while hunting for creatives to follow on Twitter and the piece pictured above caught my eye because I’d never seen anything like it.

Plus, anytime I see something creative that uses the likeness of Black women I am immediately intrigued.

Check her bio:

Deborah Glasgow

Deborah Glasgow

My name is Deborah Glasgow and I am a Jewellery Maker and Metal-smith with a passion for creating jewellery. Being born in London, everything I produce is British and Handmade. My background is that I have a BTec Foundation in Art and Design Qualification, and a Batchelor of Arts Degree in Product Design from Central St. Martins School.

More recently I completed a Diploma in Jewellery Manufacture from Holts Academy in Hatton Garden, London. I have in the past had a stall at Spitalfields Market. In 2011 -2012 I taught basic Jewellery Making to mothers in schools and centres in North London. I have also done two short Jewellery courses at The London Jewellery School, Wax Carving and Jewellery Design.

In December 2013 I completed The Contemporary Craft for Enterprise Programme at Holts Academy. In the same year I had a space at The 13TheGallery Exhibition in Newington Green and ended that year exhibiting at The Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition in Birmingham. For 4 months ending in January 2015, I had a concession space at the fashion boutique called Kissing In Traffic.

An important aspect of who I am and what affects my creativity is the fact that I was diagnosed 15 years ago with Bipolar Disorder. This is a condition that affects my moods daily, but it has made me a stronger individual and to be a patient person with the world around me. But I believe the condition fuels my creativity so I am not ashamed of it. I believe that my having Bipolar Disorder can encourage someone else to dream big and aim high regardless of obstacles.

I love producing Sterling Silver Jewellery and make Rhodium plated and Yellow Gold and Silver plated jewellery. My work is always evolving and I am inspired by everything around me including fashion.

Living in Stoke Newington means I am drawing inspiration from everything around me. I love being in a creative community!


British soul singer, LuLu James, rockin’ a Deborah Glasgow original piece!

See more creative pieces at biblosglasgow.com!


#FeedArt Beauty: How Celebrities Use Their Body As A Canvas


Kylie Jenner

When it comes to fashion and cosmetic trends, Hollywood has always been the best place to look for inspiration. This world, strange and unimaginable for most people, represents a group of chosen ones who are able to live their lives to the fullest without any concern for material or even moral obstacles. In that regard, they are dictating what is acceptable and what is not.

Since the 40s and 50s, when Hollywood launched a fab of smoking cigarettes (which is no longer acceptable by most people), to modern days when actors promoted different surgical and cosmetic procedures, there are different trends that originate from big screen. Life of glitz and glamour is appealing to many individuals so this is why many people choose to follow this lifestyle. It’s enough to take one look at one of the celebrities and immediately wish to have such appearance.


Lil’ Kim

Although surgical procedures have been most popular aesthetic trend for quite a while, many stars are trying to find new, non-invasive treatments that will improve their looks. Keep in mind that in an industry where looks gives you a job, it is important to always stay on top of your game. These celebrities manage to create real life art from their bodies by using exercises and various aesthetic treatments.

In last few years, more and more people are using Botox. It is quickly rising in popularity as a great way of treating upper parts of your face, without need for painful and potentially problematic surgeries. The best thing about it is its longevity. Effects last from six to twelve months. So, even if you are not satisfied with the results or if you are willing to try something else, you can always change your opinion at any time. Also, unlike surgeries, it is not as restrictive. There is no special procedure that you need to adhere to. Treatment lasts for about 20 minutes and after that celebrities can get back to their daily routine.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers

Similar to Botox, medical fillers are cosmetic treatments that uses needles to administer the drug during a very short visit to doctor’s office. Again, effect is not permanent and the procedure is painless and harmless. The difference between these two treatments comes from substances that are used for the process.

Botox uses botulinum toxin, one of the strongest toxins known to man. It works by loosening the muscles and disabling mimic wrinkles which appear when we are frowning or smiling. Medical fillers use different substances such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. Both of them are present within our body so there are no severe side effects when using these products because the body absorbs them easily. Unlike Botox, fillers are used to treat lower parts of face, neck and cleavage area.

As it can be seen, Hollywood stars are trying to carry out a natural life by using the substances and treatments which will pose least health risk. This global trend doesn’t only relate to aesthetic procedure but our diet as well. This is why, natural, holistic treatments such as sauna, spa and cryotherapy and hydrotherapy are quickly rising in prominence.

This guest article was provided by Medica Depot.


Top Story: 7 Stylists Share Their 2015 Fashion Tips

sos by bernard buieBernard Buie: Designer & Humanitarian – sosbybernardbuie.com

Trends for next season will be The Nautical Theme, Buie Blue as the main color. Buie shirt, pants and LifeSaver Condom Boxers are the next big thing for the S/S season.

Dress for Success 100% of the time.

BriBri Thomas: Freelance Journalist – glitterandlife.com

As a fashion blogger and marketing manager in Austin, Texas, my top fashion tip for 2015…Do you! Sure, winter whites, chunky knits and fabulous capes are “in,” but you won’t be able to pull off any of those looks without inner confidence and your own personal touches.

As you’ll see in my blog, I mix affordable outfits with luxurious pieces – then top it all off with a signature piece or two.

Trends come and go, but your style is original and should be seen in all that you do, especially your great #OOTY (Outfits of the Year ;)!



layer7Gina Curko: Stylist – seesawboutique.com

It is all about the layers baby!

Take your point of destination into consideration when you’re dressing. The outfit has to be right for the occasion. So when walking in the city layers adds to your overall look. It gives you depth and flow. In winter we can get extremely cold but this does not mean to get sloppy when we are choosing to stay warm.

Fashion needs to be applied in layers so that your over look is well thought out and well put together. Every item has to be coordinated. The jacket, bag sunglasses, shoes, and of course the hair! It all has to tell a story.

Look at this picture. Now you are in the know.



 hoo-kongAlexis Davis: Designer & Founder of Hoo-Kong – Hoo-Kong.com

A simple yet significant style is always the way to go. Hoo-Kong jewelry adds that significant touch to your ensemble. I love an all black outfit with a signature piece of Hoo-Kong jewelry.

1. Keep it simple (Don’t over-think your outfit)
2. An all black look is ALWAYS in style.
3. Compliment your outfit with a bold statement piece.
4. Most importantly wear what makes YOU feel and look good…simple.

MeghanMeghan Celeste: Creative Director – ThriftingwithStyle.com

2015 The Year of Being Fearless!

Forget about Orange being the New Black!!! In 2015, Cobalt Blue is the New Black. From winter to summer cobalt blue will work in every season. Because of its brighter shades of cool hues this color will work with all ethnicities light to brown shades.

Dare to be different this year!!!! Make it your business to set a trend this year, not just following the ones given to you.



Catenya McHenry: TV Host/Re-Stylist/Style Editor – catenya.com

You may have cheated on your new year’s resolutions by now but one resolution you should definitely keep is whipping your closet into shape.

Get Organized – Sort through your tops, bottoms, and accessories. Group them together. You could even color code and sort pieces by type; meaning all short-sleeved tops together, denim together and so on. If that’s much too OCD for you, start gradually and at least sort like-minded pieces together. That’s a sensible way to see what you have and it makes getting dressed in the morning simpler and less stressful.

Hang it Up- Purge and toss the wire dry cleaner hangers and upgrade to sturdier ones that match in style and color. Hang your heavier pieces like cardigans, blazers and sweaters on strong hangers like wood or velvet. Hang your trousers on grip clip ones so they hang without the risk of the permanent crease.

Since I’m a Maxxinista, I tend to shop T.J. Maxx for quick organization ideas and reasonably priced bundled hangers. Other shops like The Container Store, Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond have wonderful organization and storage solutions too!



LuxeColore.com founder, Tanya SotilloTanya Sotillo: Founder – luxecolore.com

Being stylish is just not about fabulous clothes. Jewelry, shoes, handbags, scarves, belts, the list of awesome accessories that can take your look from boring to chic goes on and on.

There are accessory dos and dont’s when it comes to stepping out in style and we’ve got you covered.

Here are just a few accessory tips for any season:

•Remember, when it comes to jewelry, a statement should complement your outfit not overpower it.

•Something as simple as changing your jewelry and slipping on stilettos can transition a daytime outfit to a date night ensemble.

•No matter the season, a stylish scarf or belt and help complete a look.

corey stylist the real

#DIYThursday: Celebrity Stylist, Corey Roche’s Fashion Emergency Remedies

This article was created just for Dangerous Lee. Thanks, Corey!


Corey Roché – Celebrity Stylist: The Real

No matter your finances everyone should base their wardrobe off of staple/statement pieces. Using this method will expand your wardrobe providing you with multiple options and looks. In short, creating the illusion of a larger wardrobe.
Staple/statement pieces are (but not limited to):

  • Women; bags, shoes, jacket/blazer and accessories.
  • Men; shoes, jacket/blazer, belts and hats.
  • You can take your normal everyday jean and tank or t-shirt to the next level by adding a blazer and an after 5 shoe and go to dinner, meeting or even a date!

And if you’re accident prone don’t worry I have some remedies that will assist you along the way to keep your staple/statement pieces in tact to maintain that pristine condition:

I’m a vegan, and I incorporate that into my work [by trying] to use natural, effective remedies

corey stylist the real

Corey styling Tamera Mowry-Housley on set of The Real.


    If you place these two simple agents into a spray bottle, you have an at-home dry cleaning service. It deodorizes the garments.
    These two agents assist me with the removal of a wide range of stains on most fabrics.
    Great for food grease and can be used on leather, silk or other delicate fabrics.
    Works well on organic stains such as wine, chocolate, grass, blood or—what I use it most for—armpit sweat.

Treatment is just as important because you do not want to push the stain further into the fabric. [For] food stains, use the edge of a dull butter knife to gently remove residual food without rubbing the stain. [For] liquid stains, be careful not to rub the stain; simply blot it with a dry cloth, then attempt stain removal.

This piece was created in collaboration with Corey Roche by Paul Fredrick. Paul Fredrick; an online menswear company specializing in customized dress shirts.

This inforgraphic includes Corey’s tips and tricks for on the go wardrobe malfunctions.

Corey Roche 02b.

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