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Celebrity Stylist, Corey Roche’s DIY Fashion Emergency Remedies

This article was created just for the Dangerous Lee Network. Thanks, Corey! No matter your finances everyone should base their wardrobe off of staple/statement pieces. Using this method will expand your wardrobe providing you with multiple options and looks. In short, creating the illusion of a larger wardrobe. Staple/statement pieces are (but not limited to): … Continue reading

How To Dress Up Your Hair

Armine Gambaryan – CEO IVChic: Hair Jewelry Day in a life of a fashion trendsetter, globe-trotter, city chic mademoiselle on the go where a typical day starts at 6 o’clock am until late in the evening can be pretty tough. But even then, the day is not over because now it’s time to unwind, relax … Continue reading

How To Dress Big Breasts

Fashion Tips From… Dorothea Gundtoft – Fitbay Style Expert Big boobs. You can either love them or hate them but I’d say loving them and dressing them well will only work to your advantage. However, if you want to minimize them, it is of course important that you focus on a bra that creates the … Continue reading

It’s #NationalHatDay: 5 Hats You Need Right Now!

I LOVE hats and I wear them often so  National Hat Day is right up my alley! Check out these 5 hats that are on my Wish List :)  

How To Crossdress Beautifully

Feeling Beautiful Starts with the Delicates If you are into crossdressing, you know that it’s all about feeling beautiful. You enjoy the finer things in life and express that appreciation in the way that you dress. You pay great attention to detail when it comes to your appearance, presenting yourself in clothing that can only … Continue reading

Pubic Hair Transplants Are A Trend

In Korea, female pubic hair is so important that women are reportedly getting implants. Just as American women often complain about Brazilian waxes, Refinery29’s Joyce Kong reports Korean women who suffer from less-than-bushy nether gardens (technically called “pubic atrichosis“) take serious steps to up their pube game. It’s considered a sign of fertility and sexual … Continue reading

Top Story: Here’s What Tattoos Look Like on Aging Skin

With more and more of the general population getting tattooed, there’s always the thought of how body art will look as people age. This question is answered through photographs of senior citizens who’ve partially stripped down and show us how their tattoos are faring in their twilight years. Some of the ink quality is better … Continue reading

Top Story: Naomi Campbell Posing Next to a Tool

Filed Under: How to pose with a tool. WERK!  

Top Story: 20 Sexiest and Most Beautiful Black Women of 2014

View more Beautiful Black Women at BlackGirlsAllowed.com

5 Things You Missed at the 3rd Annual Vehicle City Fashion Week fashion show

I attended the 3rd annual Vehicle City Fashion Week Runway Show as Press. It was my first time attending any event officially as Press and it showed. I used my daughters tablet to record film only to find out that the footage file was “too large to attach to email”. Spare me! Anyway, it was … Continue reading

Top Story: In Loving Memory of My Favorite Bra

The above image shows me wearing my favorite bra. I don’t remember where I bought it or when but it was worth its weight in gold. It was laid to rest a couple of months ago when the under-wire broke and began to cause me severe pain by poking me in the ribcage. I wore … Continue reading

Keira Knightly is the baddest bitch in the game!

Top Story: The Trouble With Booty Hair

Booty hair. That sounds funny doesn’t it? I hate being a hairy woman. Anal hair, like pubic hair (I’m sure they’re an extension of each other) has a purpose but I grow what I consider to be an excessive amount of both. Anal hair tickles me (not literally). Not just because of where it is, … Continue reading

Top 100 Fashion Blogs of 2014: The Dangerous Lee Network is #9!

Up three spots from last year :) Check out the Beauty & Fashion section of the Dangerous Lee Network. An infographic by the team at Rebates zone.


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