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Reviews Needed for Books, Film, TV, Music & More!


Do you write the following?:

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  • Book Reviews

  • Art Features

  • Film Reviews

  • Reviews of popular television & reality shows

  • Celebrity News & Gossip

MsNixintheMix.com wants to feature your story in the Entertainment Mix!

Send your pitch and byline to Leigh Langston via – entertainment.msnix@gmail.com.

paintedface1BONUS: MsNixintheMix is also looking for a poet, a singer and a hip hop artist in the New York City area to feature in an upcoming #FeedArt promotional video.


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#ArtsyTuesday: Video – How to go from a starving to thriving artist

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#ArtsyTuesday: Vitaly Didenko

Painter, Sculptor, Photographer & Designer

Multi-talented artist Vitaly Didenko has been using the #feedart hashtag on Twitter with a vengeance and that’ s how he caught my attention.

His work kept my attention!

He has so many amazing pieces!

He uses several mediums in his work and has a very extensive online portfolio at VitalyDidenko.org.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Starving Artists Unite! Your Mind by Martin Sommerdag is #FeedArt

Your Mind Is An Art Film By Martin Sommerdag / Alpha Hawk Films

Your Mind

Click to watch the art film, Your Mind.

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Starving Artists Unite! #feedart

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Use The #FeedArt Hashtag to Start a Movement for Artists on Twitter

You should be familiar with the #FeedArt campaign that I introduced some weeks ago. If not, learn all about it here.

Here’s another way to get involved!

It’s easy!  Include #FeedArt in your tweets, find other accounts using the hashtag and re-tweet their messages, and watch as others re-tweet yours.

The more active you are with the hashtag the more likely you’ll be to expand your reach, amplify your brand, increase engagement, find fellow artists to collaborate with and get featured!

So, what are you waiting for? Get to tweetin’!


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Starving Artists Unite! Dear Beneficiary by Janet Kelly is #Feedart

Starving Artists Unite! #feedart

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Click to learn more about Janet Kelly and her book, Dear Beneficiary.

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Craft Fairs – How to Know What Will Sell


By Sara Duggan

You’re selling your handmade products at your local craft fair but aren’t sure what will sell. It’s not a matter of what you think will sell but about what has sold in the past.

How do you find out? Follow these 10 tips to produce hot sellers for your next event.

Keep Production Costs Low

Craft fairs are not the time to bring out your artistic creations. The best way to make a profit is to keep costs low. This means that you need to sell your item for more than it costs to make.

Example: One baby sweater costs $25 to make. To earn a profit you must mark it up to get your costs back plus make a profit. This is not something to sell at a fair.

Example: A set of 3 face cleaners cost $1.75 to make. It is easy to mark this item up and to make a profit. This makes a good choice.

Cater to the Largest Demographic

Before you produce the goods for your show you need to know who will be attending. Will they be retired? Is it a family oriented show? Is there an entrance fee or is it a no cost event?

These are important to know because this is how you decide what products to sell.

Keep Prices Below $25.00

Most local craft fairs are run by churches or non-profit clubs. They make their money by selling the booth space not by you selling your product.

You want to have varying prices from $1 – $25 so everyone, including children can have fun shopping.

Stick with Everyday Gifts

Gifts that are simple and appeal to certain groups are best. Think children, girl friends, boy friends, teachers, coaches, grandparents, parents, holidays, bosses and other common relationships and events.

Make Quick Items

The items you make should not take more than 1-hour. You want to stick with products that you can make in under 30-minutes. This way your profit margin will be high.


Package to Sell

You want to have quick sets that are easy for customers to buy. Think about how you shop during Christmas or Easter. You like the pre-made gift sets because the choice has already been done for you.

Shoppers are busy people so make it easy for them to choose a gift.

Trendy Can Be Viral

What’s happening around you during your event? What’s viral on social media or in your town? Capitalize on that. Don’t use copyrighted characters or images but use similar colors or wacky sayings.

Example: Local sports colors make good products. In other words ribbons, hats, bracelets, etc.

Invite Friends to The Show

This might be a little sneaky but it helps to invite friends to the craft fair. Have them wear your product around.

Think of the last time you were at an amusement park or concert. Certain items were hot sellers. Why? People saw others wearing the item (mouse ears) and wanted them too.

Price Your Items to Sell

This is different from pricing under $25. Group products together. Some common groupings are:

  • buy one get one free
  • buy one get one half off
  • 2 for the price of one
  • 50% off two
  • Buy this get that

Colors Make the World a Better Place

Psychology has proven that color affects the way we feel. In fact we place a big value on how visually pleasing something is. Use this to your advantage.

  • Red – urgency, sale, and energy
  • Yellow – youthful, optimistic, attention grabbing
  • Blue – trust and security
  • Green – wealth and relaxation
  • Orange – buy, sell, now
  • Pink – romantic and feminine
  • Purple – soothing and calming

Knowing what sells well will help increase your sales at your next craft fair.

Here’s an action step for you to take:

Go to your local store. What are they selling? How are they marketing it? Pay close attention to how they use color and pricing in their displays.

For more craft fair selling tips read 31 Days of Craft Show Preparation.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sara_Duggan



Video: Promote Your Art – Join the #FeedArt Campaign Today!



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How to Create an Artist Website That Sells

foliolinkCreating a professional online portfolio to sell your art is crucial for artists in all genres. It’s actually an art in itself!

It’s also quite simple and can be done yourself or there are website services specifically aimed at artists like Foliolink.

For creative inspiration visit the website of your favorite band, author or visual artist. Copy what they do and apply it to your work.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, is there? Nope!

Join Kathryn McDowell as she covers the importance of a well designed website below.

 The Importance of a Well Designed Website for Today’s Business

Beyoncé | The Official Beyoncé SiteBy Kathryn McDowell

Just for fun, try this – think of a subject that you would like to find some information about and then go Google it. When the results appear, click on one of them that you think might give you the answers you are seeking. Now pay close attention to the amount of time that it takes for you to find relevant information on the site that you clicked the link for. Is the information easy to find or do you have to spend more than a minute looking for it on the web site? On that site, is it easy to navigate from page to page or is the navigation tricky?

What does all of this have to do with website design? Typically, if your information is easily found and navigation is simple then the site in question has been designed well. Easily found information and the ability to be easily navigated means that the web site has been designed to be user-friendly. The usability of a web site is composed of a variety of characteristics that work in conjunction to make the web site user-friendly.

Website design is critical because if your visitors can find what they are looking for quickly, they are more likely to stay and browse awhile. If finding what they are looking for is difficult then your visitors will more than likely get frustrated and leave to look for the information elsewhere.

An excellent website design will be easily understood and navigation will be simple. This will allow for your visitors to be able to find what they are looking for and it will also take you closer to either getting in touch with potential clients/customers or making a sale.

There are a few aspects of website design that might be taken into consideration if you feel that your current design just isn’t getting the results you need. These include:

  • Aesthetics – if a site doesn’t look professional then it is difficult to build trust. The design should be such that it leads the eyes from the important things to the secondary information or items. Spacing and typography are important. Colors, images and a call to action are also important.
  • Organization – Everything on a web site should have a logical position that should be conducive to easy navigation. This should be apparent on every single page of the site. For example, main content should have a space that is front and center while secondary content can be to the side of or underneath the main content.
  • Eye Candy –There ought to be something on each page of your site that will catch someone’s eye. Many times this is done with a video or an image. However, it is important to remember that this eye candy should be both relevant and not too over the top. If a page is too busy, people will find it difficult to deal with and leave.

Remember that there is more to designing a site than simply looks and navigation. You will need to know coding as well as other things. Website design companies can handle all of this for you and get your site right where it needs to be.

Kathryn McDowell recommends hiring a professional website design company to take care of designing and implementing your site. A well designed and easy to use site is essential in today’s marketplace.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kathryn_McDowell


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Starving Artists Unite! Giggle Goddess is #Feedart

Starving Artists Unite! #feedart

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20 Tips

Click to visit GiggleGoddessArt.com

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Starving Artists Unite! Comedian Kris Shaw is #Feedart

Starving Artists Unite! #feedart

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Click to visit KrisShaw.com

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Starving Artists Unite! Vas Littlecrow is #Feedart

Starving Artists Unite! #feedart

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Click to visit VasLittlecrow.com!

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Social Media Marketing for Starving Artists


I’m Leigh “Dangerous Lee” Langston.

Dangerous LeeI am the creator of the #FeedArt campaign – a social media movement for artists! 

I’m also an artist.

I own DangerousLee.biz, a blog geared towards creating more exposure for artists in general but especially – “starving artists” who want to increase their online prescence, which in turn generates more traffic to YOU and YOUR ART!


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10 Ways to Feed a Starving Artist

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brainstormThanks to MyBlogU I was able to collaborate with a group of knowledgeable and wonderful people to get answers to the question: How do you feed a starving artist?

A lot more than 10 ideas are shared, but 10 people are doing the “talking”.



Matthew Gates – Confessions of the Professions

Have a website where you present and sell your work.

If you live in a city with tourists, go set up shop on a sidewalk or in a park and show off and sell your artwork.

Sign up for Fiverr and learn the tricks of the trade: Yes, you will only get about $3.90 after a sale, but you need to learn how to up sell the $3.90, that is the icing on the cake, make your clients want more from you. Reel the client in, give them just enough to be satisfied.

If you offer something unique and different as far as art goes, offer training lessons and charge a fair price per hour or per lesson via Skype or in person.

In continuing the idea from above, find after-school centers or activity centers and see if they will hire you for a few hours a week to offer lessons to others.

Attend Comic Cons or Arts & Crafts Fairs and sell your work there – don’t be greedy – sell it for a price that makes people believe it is not too much and not too little. I’ve seen people sell beautiful artwork for as little as $5 (or 4 for $20) — they know it is not much, but it is something, and they might just sell it to that one person who wants to buy it all and then some.

Learn the art of up selling, for example, someone at Comic Con put their artwork on a metal plate, signed their name and wrote 1 out of 50 on the back. He assured me that he would only ever be making 50 pieces of this particular artwork and that I would have the first one.  Why wouldn’t I want the first one of only 50? Maybe in 20 years, when they are all released, I am the FIRST – only 1 out of 50-people that owns that particular artwork. He assured me that any other piece of art I wanted that day would be half price.

He also gave me a card in which he wrote a unique number on it – this way, if I ever see him again, all I have to do is show him the card and he will give me a 20% discount on all his future artwork.

Be unique, different, and crazy. Stand out and make people laugh. Humor and weirdness will always grab people’s attention. If you are like everyone else, you are just like the average person who gets looked at once and passed over.

Additional advice:

Gain as much insight into the world of these fields: Entrepreneur, Business, Marketing, Advertising, and Psychology.

Have a steady day job until your talent and skills as a starving artist are so in demand, you won’t have time for a day job, because your passion will become your day job.

Know that you are never a failure and that your vision stands for something: You do have something to offer the world.

I advise you to check out one of my idols, the violinist Lindsey Stirling, for example, whom was shot down and told she had nothing to offer by 3 judges on America’s Got Talent. She knew she had something unique and different to offer the world, she just had to figure out how to sell it to the world and overcome what the judges told her she could not do.  She is now a millionaire traveling the world, playing her music, and America’s Got Talent has asked her to perform for the audience multiple times.

Believe in yourself and know you can do it no matter what anyone tells you. Never see rejection as failure. Never see failure as the end. Everything in your life that happens to you is an opportunity and a possibility for anything to happen. Anything is possible.

Natalia – Blogger & Jewelry Artist

incomestreamsI know very few artists who can make money just one way. Most likely you will be successful if you can set a few different streams of income. Go to craft fairs, sell in the galleries, have a blog and build your online presence. Sell online through web-sites like Etsy, Dawanda and Zibbet (choose only one or you will have zero free time if you are trying to be everywhere).

Take commissions. Consider teaching your art, as teaching is actually a very good source of income. Constantly create new work, you need a lot of it to get noticed. The most important, do not give up.

Katie DeCicco – Celebration Saunas

music-in-fashion-lisa-vaglund-537x402The most important aspects of our strategy to get more venues and more CD sales is as follows:

  1. A WordPress website to drive fans and potential clients to.
    • An easy navigation system with the option to buy from the home page.
    • Samples available to listen to or view.
    • You should also have an events calendar that should appear full of private parties or venues to create the illusion of popularity.
  2. A cdbaby or tunecore account –  This is an excellent way to get your music played on online music or  radio stations with similar artists.
  3. A gigmasters account – Our profile helps us recruit new clients seeking jazz musicians for events.
  4. A paypal account Everyone wants to pay with a credit card.  You must be able to accept credit cards and Paypal is one of the easiest methods to do so.
  5. Social Media accounts. Create a dialogue with your fan base and potential clients. FB, Twitter, LinkedIn. Friend and follow everyone you can and help each other push events, messages or publications.  You need a following to get the word out.
  6. Cross promotion of high-end local products.  For Celebration Saunas our products range in price from $1495 through $5999,abigpurchase for most people.  As an online company it’s important that I develop those relationships in order to get the sale and once I close the sale I reinforce my customers good choice buying my product by sending them a thank you card, my business card and a CD called Simple Measures by Doug Roche the jazz pianist for GAME Jazz.  Why? I want repeat business and referrals from my clients and this an inexpensive, unique gift that gets me remembered.
    • It can take up a lot of time to send out those CDs so the artist does it for me.  As an order comes in I forward it to Doug. Doug packages the CD, my business card and a thank you card to all of my customers for $15 per CD.
    • This is an excellent service to me and an opportunity for Doug to increase his fan base within the right demographic.
    • I encourage all artist to look for companies with high-end products attractive to your fan base and promoting your Music or Art as a free gift with purchase.  Car dealerships and Real Estate Agencies are always looking to create loyalty with their customers and their big purchase.
  7. Talk to reporters.  Get on HelpAReporterOut.com, MyblogU, or SourceBottle to push your art your message and personal brand.  Develop these relationships and deliver sensational and controversial content designed to get your name out there and hook people who would otherwise be disinterested in your art.
  8. Killer Content that gets read: Think of the new movie “The Interview”.  I’ve seen it.  Why?  Because I wanted to know what the North Koreans found so offensive.  Am I a big fan of Seth Rogan movies?  Not necessarily.  Will this movie make my top 20 list.  Probably not but they did create and urgency that I needed to see it to defend my freedom of speech rights as an American.  Aside from the actual terrorism of Sony Pictures, Marketing wise this is the biggest free publicity seen every day in the news since the hacking event occurred.  The point is:  How many people would have watched the movie before the hack?  How many more have watched it because of the hack?  In your own content you want to get people talking about you.  Good, Bad or Ugly.  Press is press – go for it.  Read or listen to the book “Trust Me I’m Lying” by Ryan Holiday to find ideas to create this type of media frenzy.

Rajeev BagraiWebazoid

facebook-moneyLeverage Facebook to create your own brand (which can be you as individual or in the form of business page). After providing free or paid stuff, request for a Facebook (or any other social media that you prefer) like. Have a link of your website/blog (in case you cannot afford for the time being, go for free ones) on Facebook. Include affiliate links of products that you can sell directly to customers on your website. Make use of website to earn revenue through sales which can even be selling flight tickets or mobile recharge to your friends and relatives.

Somali K Chakrabarti  – Scribble and Scrawl

contestFirst you need to keep a track of contests in your field and participate in those contests to showcase your talent. If you win, it may open up new possibilities. Second is to identify influencers in your field and try to get a recommendation of your work from them that you can use as a reference for approaching others for work.

 Alex Yong  – TechMANia411


Why “starving” ? Have you heard of the #AntiStarvingArtists hashtag on Twitter? It was created by Nik Parks.

As the hashtag suggests, it’s a movement pertaining to the world of creative professionals and self-sufficiency issues, which a lot of people think don’t go hand in hand.

Philip Turner – Teacher & Entrepreneur

EntrepreneurI am not rich, but no longer starving either – I can afford to fill my oil tank ($800), which I couldn’t last year.

My Story – I am a teacher by training, taught for 27 years. I moved to Ireland for a temporary teaching job, contract not renewed after 1 year. I applied for all manner of jobs, eventually got one working 24/7 standby as a security van driver, repairing ATMs around Ireland. I was made redundant in 2010 aged 57. I had no option but to work as a writer online.

I built up my knowledge, reputation and contacts at InfoBarrel.com for 2 years. People I met on the forum offered me paid work because of my reputation. Every paid job I have had since 2010 has been from someone I met in a forum!

Moral? Help other people 24/7, 100%. Don’t expect any reward, but welcome it if it comes.

My Philosophy Now – The 5 Currencies – Time, Knowledge, Reputation, Contacts, Money – Use every 24 hours of Time every day to grow my Knowledge, Reputation and Contacts. Take every opportunity to spread my Knowledge. The Money just happens – AND it really does work like that!!

Navneet - Javamazon

fluence-ogFluence is a great place to find authors, music artists and much more. They send you submissions and all you have to do is write a review about their work. Also you can feature them by extending your help to feature them.

Try fluence.io to help music, writers and artists.

Deborah E * Jazz Singer

WE_GOT_THE_JAZZThe strange thing, for me, is that I have been told that I am “so good” that it is assumed that I am with a major label.  As a result, I am often excluded from the “starving artist” category because everyone assumes that I have the financial and production backing of a major label.

Also, I was #1 in Los Angeles, for a year, on the Jazz Charts on Reverbnation.  People have written about me as a “legend.”

But, still, the reason I fit in the “starving artist” category is because people download and listen to my music and I have a good fan base, but there is no profit. My music is funded through my social media consulting (socialwebcafe) and not only do I not make money on it, but it hasn’t even been a drop in the bucket for paying for the production and distribution costs.  Basically, I give my music away for free and as a gift.

I have had so many people say, “Why are you not doing the Deborah E gig full-time?”  Well, because then my children wouldn’t eat.  So, instead, I share my music because I love people and love to share.  :)

 Maxwell Ivey – The Blind Blogger

networkingI’m a totally blind coach aspiring public speaker blogger sometimes podcaster and recent self published author. My book is called Leading You Out of The Darkness Into The Light and it’s a short motivational book with exercises that the reader is encouraged to work through and report on their progress via email.

I’m hoping this will result in people actually making progress and it makes my offering unique. This idea I’m going to tell you about isn’t mine but its one me and a fellow coach are working on. She is a coach in California that is part of a women’s professional group. She made a presentation at a conference recently where she put out a poster of my book cover and encouraged people to buy it. She wanted to offer print copies of my book for sale but they aren’t available yet, so she gave them an opportunity to buy the e-book plus pre-order the print copy at the event for a low package price.

I’m thinking this is something that could be replicated by other authors. its something I’m exploring and getting other friends of mine to do at their events. of course once I start attending networking events I will have to return the favor. I have done guest posts and have been interviewed for podcasts, blog articles and radio shows.







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