Dangerous Lee Interviews a Rare Breed – A Female Game Designer


Myra Hissami is no stranger to the Dangerous Lee Network. She has been featured before – Myra Hissami – Creating Original Art With Swarovski Crystals & Gore. Myra has since stepped up her game and is taking on a new … Continue reading

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Dangerous Lee Bitstrip of the Day: Stop Supporting TMZ!

tmz bitstrip

I created this Bitstrip to make a point about how so many of you are hypnotized by online media outlets like Bossip and TMZ and fail to support independent media in the same way. Low and behold, a day after … Continue reading

The Scandal Over Andy Warhol’s Art Is Getting Louder By The Day


Even in death, the legacy of Andy Warhol continues to cause controversy. Hailed as a genius by some, but a master manipulator by others, his impact on the art world is still omnipresent. The recent controversy involving Andy Warhol revolves … Continue reading