Ask A Black Girl: Why Don’t Black Women Workout?

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Sacha Inchi: We’re too busy taking care of everybody and everything to eke out time/space for self-care.
Angela Smith: It may be that its not seen within the family, so it’s not thought of to do. We are creatures of example.


There are millions of Black women in America and even more worldwide.

To imply that none of us workout or that we don’t care about our health is just plain stupid. It’s also ignorant to suggest that every other woman in every other racial category does workout.

There are a plethora of reasons why Black women don’t workout. Like we simply don’t want to or we don’t need to, we love our fuller figures, and then there’s the fact that we will sweat our our hairstyle; something that’s always a sensitive topic for us.

America is full of fat-asses that need to workout more and most of them are men.

Almost 3 in 4 men (74 percent) are considered to be overweight or obese. The prevalence of obesity is similar for both men and women (about 36 percent). About 8 percent of women are considered to have extreme obesity.


So, with this fact we should be asking: Why Don’t Men Workout?

Click on a state to find out its obesity rank:

Source: WalletHub


I look good, dammit. And, I feel even better!

The topic of Black women not working out was the subject of a heated Facebook conversation I had with a Black man some time ago.

Here’s my biggest takeaway that answers the question even further:

Dude tried to holla at me, but said the fact that I don’t workout (even though he said it looks like I workout) is a red flag, got mad because I told him posting a photo of ass and legs (which BTW didn’t look like anything special) that belong to a random White girl that he THINKS works out was not positive encouragement for Black women; especially since he made it a point to mention that she was a White girl. He blocked me then deleted one of my comments but still had words for me. Bitchass men, I can’t stand ya’ll!

Don’t shove White women in our face when trying to encourage us. We get enough of that BS from major media. Any dumbass should know that’s a major no no. I told him I’d rather be out of shape and single which was my nice way of telling him I wasn’t interested in his janky ass, but he’s so dense he didn’t get it.

If you’re a Black man that wants to encourage Black women to workout because the rates of obesity and heart disease are high in our community, try doing it without being insulting. Post medical facts and grow a backbone so you can handle the constructive feedback and opinions coming from the women you’re trying to reach. You also better make sure that you’re in prime shape while you’re dishing out advice.

Better yet, reach out to your homeboys. They need to workout and eat better too. But remember this, at the beginning and end of the day we’re grown women capable of taking care of ourselves. Your pedestrian advice is not needed. We know what we look like and how we feel about ourselves. If we aren’t working out and that turns you off, say goodbye or better yet don’t bother to speak at all! We won’t miss your shallow ass.

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