Name and Title:  Vangie Williams author of The Broken Life Journals

What do you do and why? I am a genealogist, historian, and author. I love all elements of my life but none more than history, especially the history behind the history, the families who lived and died for the history. It is my mission to tell the history through my books and hopefully, television and radio show.

What mark have you left on Black history? Broken Life Journals the books and genealogical research. Proving our people with the world’s history and their family’s history.

Why is celebrating Black History important to you? Black History Month is a catalyst for parents of all races to take the opportunity to educate their children of the past. Black history is often the history that other races want to know.

Who or what do you honor most in Black History? To honor black history, I write historical fictions that have positive roll models both black and white who stand for strength and intelligence beyond their time.

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