5 Hollywood Stars Who Have Launched Successful Businesses


When you think about all of your favourite Hollywood stars, you probably think about their performances in all of your favourite movies or perhaps even the outfits that they wore at various events and awards shows. However, you might not … Continue reading

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How To Sneakily Increase Your Boyfriend’s Fashion Sense


You’ve found the perfect guy but his dress sense is lacking. That can be changed. It only takes a few steps. The following article lists some simple ways to encourage your man to take more pride in his clothes and … Continue reading

5 Celebrities Who Really Hate the Paparazzi


Celebrities are constantly followed, photographed and harassed when they go out in public. Very few celebrities will admit that they actually like the paparazzi, but there are some celebrities that really hate the paparazzi. Below are five of the celebrities … Continue reading

Top 10 Songs To Listen To While Driving

Apparently it's true and his mon, Afeni Shakur, took part in the ritual, though there are reports that she is denying these claims!

No matter what car you drive or where you’re traveling to, there’s something about some songs that you just can’t help but turn up the volume and start singing along to.  Whether it’s because it matches your trip, destination, makes … Continue reading

Some of the Most Luxurious Celebrity Homes


We all wonder what it would be like to live rich and famous like many of the celebrities out there in the world. Have you ever wondered what types of homes your favorite celebrity lives in? Depending on their success, … Continue reading