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How To Sneakily Increase Your Boyfriend’s Fashion Sense

You’ve found the perfect guy but his dress sense is lacking. That can be changed. It only takes a few steps. The following article lists some simple ways to encourage your man to take more pride in his clothes and general appearance.

It’s Not A Race

You to keep in mind that this is not a sprint, take your time. Changes take time. His had his own style for a long period of time so it’ll be no surprise if he is resistant to change. He needs to adopt a more fashionable sense and therefore won’t be too quick to switch. Start sooner rather than later to avoid a rushed feeling.

Step Silently

He most likely hasn’t asked for your help so you need to tread lightly. This is a more strategic approach. If you just come out and tell him he may feel as though you are trying to change him. That’s not that case, you are just trying to tidy him up around the edges. You need to be slow to avoid him feeling hurt and getting defensive.

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Lets Go Shopping

Plan a shopping trip together. Let him know that he will be the center of attention for this outing and not will be dragged around. This will avoid him trying to get out of it. Don’t hint that you are trying to make him over just make casual suggestions of what you think he would look good in. Just let him know what you would like to see him in that should be enough encouragement. Take him into some of your favorite shops, for example General Pants Co.

Set An Example

Buy him something first to set the trend. It’s a way of showing him that this is what you would like to see him wearing. Encourage him to wear it and compliment him, boys need reassurance too. You need to be persistent and patient because it is more than likely he will resist at first.


Rewards make all the difference. You assured him that you loved him in that shirt and that you thought it made him look more appealing. Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. You can’t be all talk.


Last but not least, you need to be flexible. This is not going to happen overnight. He may have a different idea of style to you so you need to be accepting of this. You don’t want him wearing something that his not confident and comfortable in. Stay open to possibilities and perhaps you can come to a mutual agreement. Just remember that you don’t want to lose the guy that you fell for to begin with. Keep it light and remember it’s about the clothes, not him.

Top 10 Jams To Listen To While Driving


No matter what car you drive or where you’re traveling to, there’s something about some songs that you just can’t help but turn up the volume and start singing along to.  Whether it’s because it matches your trip, destination, makes you laugh, or makes you feel invincible, here are the top 10 songs to listen to while driving.

Highway to Hell – AC/DC

With lyrics such as “No stop signs/no speed limits” it’s easy to see why this classic rock anthem is such a great driving song.  This iconic Aussie band will have their distinctive brand of high octane rock blaring through your speakers as you carve your way up the highway.

Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac

This song is great for when you need to get out and clear your head, and as the title suggests, go your own way.  Not too heavy but still with a bit of substance, this is a perfect song for a casual cruise.

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

One of the most popular road-trip songs of all time, Sweet Home Alabama is made to be heard with the windows down, the summer air streaming in, and a car full of your best mates along for the ride.  It’s a song that is impossible not to sing along to.

Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denver

With a title like this, it would be difficult for this bittersweet song not to make the list.  This lilting tune is one for the more mellow drives, with John Denver’s soulful voice contributing to a more tranquil ride.

Picture Me Rollin’ – Tupac

Now for something completely different, this song from the king of Rap is one that needs to be blaring from your lowered Mercedes as you pull up at the lights for a dose of instant street cred.

Start Me Up – Rolling Stones

The hardest part of listening to this song is trying not to channel your inner Mick Jagger moves while driving!  Keep your hands on the wheel, and the miles will fly by with this song turned up.

She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult

Often credited as being the song that truly ‘made’ the scene in the film Layer Cake, it’s one of those tunes that everybody knows even if they don’t know the artist.  Perfect for high speed cruising, this is definitely a highway theme song for your daily drive.

Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

Featured in the classic movie Easy Rider, this song perfectly captures the thrill, rebelliousness and speed of the film.  This gritty rock anthem is a favourite for many a long road trip, where you can turn up the volume and be as wild as you like.

Red Barchetta – Rush

There’s no doubt that singer Geddy Lee captured the essence of a good drive in Red Barchetta.  The lyrics of “Well-weathered leather / Hot metal and oil / The scented country air / Sunlight on chrome / The blur of the landscape / Every nerve aware” are enough to make anyone itch to feel the road flying past and the sound of the engine in their ears.

Low Rider – War

With this song featuring in the fast paced car classic, Gone In 60 Seconds, it’s definitely a must-have on your driving playlist.  With its chilled out tune and lazy beats, this song is best enjoyed when you’re just cruising along with not a care in the world.

No matter what your driving style or music tastes are, there’s definitely a song out there to match every mood.  Try a couple of these tracks next time you jump in the car and hit the road; you’ll be at your destination in no time!

Written by Kobe Brooke

Kobe is a motor enthusiast who works in car sales in Brisbane, Australia. He also organizes regular driver meet-up in his local area.


What To Do If You’re Turning Thirty And Feeling Weird About It


“30, you sound so old!”, everyone has to have an opinion. Teenagers think of you as something akin to a dinosaur; twenty somethings shudder with trepidation at the thought of the thirties looming ahead. Well, you are now 29 and only weeks away from turning thirty.  Will your life really change that dramatically?

Why Older Is Better

Take a look back over the past ten years. You are more confident now and are actually in charge of your own decisions. You have accumulated a great deal of experiences by now and have learned some life lessons from them.

Your Perception

Your perception shifts and what you perceived as a successful person years ago, may not be the same view you hold today. You are probably more relaxed in your attitude and have learned how to deal with challenging situations adeptly.

Is A Relationship Necessary

Females tend to be under pressure from older peers to be in a long term relationship, be married or have a baby. Haven’t these older ones realized that times have changed? There are things to consider like a career and whether a child is right for you. The thirties is about having choices – your choice entirely. Males are also under similar pressures from their peers. You are thirty, so whatever you are comfortable with is how it should be. Let everyone have an opinion if they wish, but you are in control of your life.

What Changes Should I Make?

Making a change is in your hands.  If you are unhappy or feel unfulfilled, you need to make decisions that will begin to take you on the path you really want to be on. After all, change is growth.

Stay Healthy

Young people often don’t care about nutrition.  Fast food and soft drinks or alcohol play a major part in diets at that age. Suddenly, in the mid-twenties, young adults  find that they cannot eat what they want without consequences. It’s time to get a gym membership, start walking the dog daily and watch what you eat.  This can, in fact,  be a good thing. It is important to watch your dietary intake before you get many years beyond 30!

You Understand Yourself

We all have weaknesses and strengths, but now as you approach thirty, you will be acutely aware of what they are.  This knowledge should help you to avoid unpleasant situations and also, will help you deal with what challenges are sent to confront you.

Certain years in your life may have been challenging but aging is not a process to be afraid of.  Challenges can make you stronger and can help you to develop enormous personal growth. No matter what experiences you have encountered in the past years, be they joyous occasions, momentous hardships or mammoth stumbling blocks, they have all been part of life.  Sometimes we have no control over what path our lives take, but be assured that turning thirty is not weird at all. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it, except embrace your life’s experiences so far and await with anticipation at what adventures lay ahead. Move forward into your thirties with gusto! In fact, why not send out birthday invitations and celebrate turning thirty in the style you choose!

Written by Tara Blair

It was almost as good as dream comes true for Tara when she got an offer as a full-time writer three years ago. Tara loves to share her passion on anything to do with DIY art and craft. When Tara is not writing you will most probably find her at her local yoga studio coaching fellow yogis.


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