Q: Why is it that women are suddenly falling into this realm of “Male Identity”? I appreciate the “aggressive” and “butch” personas, but why do so many 35+ women need to identify with their so-called “male” side? Help a sista understand!

The Lesbian Goddess, NY, NY

A: Ah, this is an interesting question to be asked by The Lesbian Goddess. I believe that it’s not just women 35+; I think this is the way that women of today have to be. I consider myself aggressive and very in touch with my male side, but I am also very feminine and sexy as hell if I may say so myself. I’ll also go as far to say that the qualities you’ve mentioned can no longer be used to only describe men. Look at the behavior of men today, many have what are considered to be feminine qualities. If men wanna act like “bitches” then the women have to wear the pants.

Labels suck sometimes.

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