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About The Network

The Dangerous Lee Network is an online media conglomerate that includes:

  • DangerousLee.Biz, established in 2008, is the hub of the network. It is Dangerous Lee’s home base which includes a circulation of viral topics and worldwide news that Dangerous Lee finds noteworthy as well as exclusive original content, opinion essays, short stories and blogs that highlight events in her personal and professional life.

Niche Blogs

  • SimplySenia.com was established in 2012 and features content relevant to tweens, teens, and parents. Senia is Dangerous Lee’s daughter and the website also highlights her art, educational accomplishments, book reviews and other cool things that Senia shares as she grows up to become a woman. Simply Senia was also nominated for Best Parenting Blog in 2013 by the Black Weblog Awards.
  • BlackGirlsAllowed.com, created in 2013, features content by, for and relevant to Black Women and Girls all over the world.

The Dangerous Lee Network provides free high quality content to its readers and keeps its audience engaged by providing an unconventional alternative to the mainstream media/news blitz.

To learn more about Dangerous Lee, click here.



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