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Blogging, a trend that started with commenting on existing webpages, has quickly morphed into one of the best online marketing tools available. What were originally single-sentence commentaries have evolved into pages of personal diatribes, rants, endorsements and reviews on every topic of every niche possible. Online marketers quickly realized the power of the blog and have used it to expand their efforts to capitalize on the current market.

Check out these five reasons why blog marketing is the ultimate online marketing tool:

Blogging Works At Any Budget:

One of the best features about blogging is that it works for anybody at any budget. There are tons of professional bloggers who can write authentic, simple, captivating blogs that connect with consumers at a more personal level than traditional advertising. If that doesn’t work, with a little research and editing, you can write your own blog posts for free.

Any opportunity for free or inexpensive space on the web will help your SEO efforts, and if a certain blog article is getting positive feedback, you might even consider using it as the basis for a Facebook Ad or Google AdWords Campaign.

Blogging Is Easy:

Really, the easiest way to get your copy or article online is through blogging. There are no real skills involved; blogs aren’t expected to be perfectly written formal articles. A basic understanding of writing, spelling and punctuation is important, as consumers rarely find credibility from a source that appears uneducated.

Basically, it’s like having a virtual notepad where you can express your thoughts, feelings and ideas about your business, service, product or industry, with the intention of connecting to like-minded consumers to entice them to try your product.

Blogging Is Authentic:

With advertising and corporate sponsorships saturating our whole world, many consumers are becoming very skeptical and critical of big business.

Blogging offers real people sharing their personal thoughts and experiences, untainted from the hands of big advertising and marketing agencies. Reading blogs about first-hand product use from the creators and consumers allows potential customers to minimize risk; if all these real people use and like this product, I most likely will too.

Basic consumer psychology suggests that they want to use a product that is proven, and a simple review blog will convince them to that fact much more than a splashy advertisement.


Blogging Builds Your Network:

Chances are, if you’re just starting out, the only people who are reading your blog are your friends and family. However, that works to your advantage!

The people who care about you and read your blog will be more willing to share it to their personal networks, people who may or may not know you. The fact that your connection with them is still so close helps to lend credibility to your blog.

If the blog posts are interesting and captivating, they’ll share them yet again, helping your blog to go viral. The more people who connect and read your blog, the larger your network grows, as well as your potential for increased marketing for your business.

Blogging Builds Credibility:

The more blog articles you write, especially about a certain niche or industry, the more readers will come to depend on you as the source for information on that topic.

You will become their expert, the person who knows the most about a certain niche, forming a trusted bond in your writing. As more people read your blog and use it as a source for information, the credibility of your blog – and you – expands further, giving you more opportunities for sales for your product, service or affiliate program.

Blogging is one of the most effective methods of marketing online. You can reach a customer base at a personal level, expand your network and build your credibility with honest, well-written blog posts. Blogging will elevate not just your business, but you personally, making you a knowledgeable source for would-be bloggers who themselves are just getting started. If you have something unique to say, then start blogging today.

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