Romantic Gestures You Can Make Online

The internet is often accused of ruining relationships or of making us less sociable. While it helps to connect us with more people, many believe that it has replaced quality relationships with a quantity of more shallow acquaintances. If you’re the kind of person who now sits up in bed next to their partner tapping away on Facebook, then you might be guilty of just that.

But in fact it’s not the fault of the internet at all. Just as guns don’t kill people, nor does the internet ruin relationships – it’s all in the way you use it.

And actually, the web can be a rather romantic tool when used correctly. There are plenty of amazing gestures you can make online using the tools provided by the web, so read on to see some of the most romantic.

1. Buy Something on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where you can pay for a huge range of services and products for five dollars. That might not sound like very much to spend on a big romantic gesture but as you should know by now it isn’t about how much you spend as much as what you spend it on. There are countless romantic gifts on Fiverr, particularly in the lead-up to Valentine’s day, so if you want to get someone to sing ‘I love you’ to your partner in Italian, or to write your names in the sand on some remote beach, then Fiverr can help you to do just that.

2. Create a Ring

Jewelry has long been associated with romance, but often it’s not all that personal and doesn’t take all that much effort. The web can change all that though, by allowing you to create your own jewelry and personalize it in a number of ways. One of the best and most romantic options here is to create a ring using 3D printing technology – in other words you create a 3D model and then have it printed out in gold or silver. Then mount a diamond or another piece of jewelry into it, and you can end up creating a ring that’s completely unique and that you put a lot of effort into. Not quite up to that challenge? Then you could always just find a website where you can get rings engraved and have a nice message put onto it to add a more personal touch.

3. Name a Star

Another thing you can do to make a big impression on your loved one is to name a star. This is something you can do pretty easily on eBay and it doesn’t cost that much. The official-ness of this process is debatable, but either way the gesture is incredibly romantic and a sure way to get some brownie points.

4. Public Displays

Public displays have always been one of the ultimate ways to be romantic and demonstrate your love for your partner, but if you’re shy of proposing in a restaurant then you could always decide to propose on Facebook instead. Or if you aren’t quite there yet then you could always demonstrate your love and devotion online in another way – that might mean just writing a heart-felt message on Facebook about how much you love your partner, or it might just mean changing your status to ‘in a relationship’. Note that some people will hate you making too much of a scene in front of friends and strangers – the trick is gauging it right and knowing what your partner would like.

5. Create a Website

Another traditional way to show your love for someone is to create a work of art or write a song about them. The web though creates a number of other ways to capture your partner’s likeness: why not create a personal website for them to show your dedication? Or alternatively why not create a website for their business or their passion to help them make their dreams come true? That’s the sort of support that can really build your relationship and it’s a great way to put your web-skills to romantic use.

This article is contributed by Ryan Hall, an employee at Lior Diamonds, online providers of double halo diamond engagement rings in Chicago. A culinary enthusiast, Ryan loves to cook for his friends and family whenever he gets the time.

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