How to Be an Empowered Woman


By Marcea Hibbert-Roye

Empower means to ‘give the authority or power to do something.’ A person can empower others, giving them the authority or power to do something or an individual can give himself or herself this same authority or power.

Empowerment fulfills not just a physical task that can be done by giving the empowered person the ability to perform but also the undeniably psychological or spiritual uplifting that is achieved through empowerment. In a world that can appear to demean women, empowering them can have many benefits in securing women to be healthy participants in society. However, it is more important for women to empower themselves against some of the tough challenges they may face.

How To Be An Empowered Woman:

The first thing to being an empowered woman is to give you the power to empower you. When you give you the permission to act, the Universe will rearrange itself providing you with the tools to get the job done. When you give you the authority to act, then you shift the paradigms mentally and psychologically to achieve. Therefore, it is very important that you empower you to empower you.

Say to you “I give myself the authority to act in accordance to what is right for me.’ This will ensure that your mind, body and soul lay congruent as this combination is integral to change and achievement.

Say to you ‘By giving myself this authority, I consider myself worthy of achievement, I am able to act appropriately, independently or with the support of others.” Some people think that independence is the highest achievement indicating true abilities. Yet, it is the acquisition of inter-dependence that is truly necessary for empowerment. Inter-dependence is the realization that whilst you can act independently, we are all inter-connected to others and will need others to get some of our task completed. It is a foolish person that thinks that they do not need anybody else. True empowerment recognizes the need for others.

Say to you ‘I believe that I am capable, that the task at hand is attainable.’ It is important that you believe that you can do something even if you do not truly believe that it is ‘doable.’ Allow yourself to dream that you are doing an actual task or living that actual life and then you start the process of believing.

Say to you ‘I am aware of all opportunities presenting themselves for my benefit.’ Sometimes we have a fixed vision of what we think we need to complete a task that we miss an opportunity to achieve because we do not recognize the help that is presenting itself. Be aware of all things that may be an opportunity, question everything to see whether this is your gift to use. Be flexible.

Say to you ‘I forgive myself for all the mistakes that I made. I have learned much from these choices and I am clear with my ongoing journey.’ It is all too easy to ruminate over past experiences that may not have ended up productive. All this does is keep you stagnant. Permit you to let go and move on. Discontinue the resulting negative self-talk and say that ‘I learnt what does not work for me.’

Say to you ‘I am love, I am of love.’ This statement is very important to sink into your sub-conscious. This statement will act as the driving force to all your achievements. This statement secures self-worthiness ensuring that you can overcome any challenges that may present itself whilst striving for achievement.

Many times when we have a task at hand to do, we sabotage the achievement by talking ourselves out of our achievement. We do not think that we are worthy of attainment and do everything within our power to make sure that we prophesize our thoughts. When the inevitable un-achievement happens, we comfort ourselves with the notion that we were right not to believe. This also happens when we secretly dream of a goal but we minimize our ability to achieve by playing small in fear of achievement. To empower you will increase your chances of living you as you.

Every woman is born with the requisites to achieve. Every woman is born with an internal support system that invariably they have been taught to disconnect from. They do not believe in their own power and seek consciously derived solutions to their problems. When this method does not work, they ignore the ‘little voice’ informing them of what they need to do to get back on track. As a result, the woman becomes disillusioned as she struggles to cope with what she knows to be right for her with what she is actually doing. Get to know your ‘intuition’ and trust her to know what is right for you.

Be you, Do you.

My name is Marcea Hibbert-Roye, qualified Social Worker and Life Coach. I work as a Strategic Lead Developer for Women. My specialism is developing emotional awareness in females as I am passionate about improving women’s lives. I have devised a 6 Step Program that promotes good emotional health by accessing information held in the subconscious mind to the conscious mind. The result is having more control over thoughts, feelings and behavior.

We have a range of cards that can be used to initiate and stimulate conversations for females especially supporting them through challenging experiences. There are cards that also reminds the female that she is worth it!

Help to improve your life by better understanding you and why life is experienced in the way this it is. It is only when you have the tools for change, will change happen.

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