Evaluate the Good, Bad and Useless in Your Life


By Katie O’Brien

If you’ve heard the saying ‘clean house’ you know it doesn’t necessarily imply using any harsh cleaning supplies. Cleaning house can also be referred to your ‘internal house.’ Just as we would go through our rooms in our homes, dust, polish, declutter and rid of old useless items… we find it helpful to do this within ourselves, too.

It’s best to start by taking inventory. You’ll want to note the good, bad and useless that live within. These can be habits, traits, feelings, actions, relationships, careers… anything that comes to mind about your internal housekeeping. Take note on what you love and what you hate, what is useful to you and maybe not so useful. Awareness is key. Once an inventory is created it will be much easier to choose what to polish and shine… or not.

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So take out a piece of paper and on the front jot down all the good. And then on the back, write everything you’re not too fond about. Where you’re stressed, frazzled, where you could use some improvement.

Now once your list is created. Take the items, habits, feelings, traits, relationships, careers from the back, the ones you don’t find helpful, useful or healthy and begin to make note of how you can eliminate these from your life. What can you do to transform these not so good areas into something great? Think how life would be different once this area was transformed into something that serves you vs. works against you.

Okay next. The items on your list you love and want to have stick around. These are the items that make you feel good, that you’re proud of, that make you smile at the thought of them. Take time to reflect on how each of them make you feel. What good do they bring to your life? And now consider, how can you attract more of the same in to your life?

Your inventory can be as long or as short as you wish. Think of each area in your life as a different room. One may be relationships, one may be work, one may be family, one may be financial. When you enter each ‘room’ give some thought on how you can clean up that area to better serve you. Taking this time and going through this process gives you the opportunity to attract and remove whatever you’d like in your life.

You have to choice on what sticks around in your life. Why not make a conscious decision and start creating better experiences for yourself?

Life Coach for Moms, Katie O’Brien, helps women create a healthier, happier balance in life with their new baby. No matter how old their babies are, through coaching she help moms thrive and shine all throughout their mommy-hood journey. Download her Free Top Tips for Bliss at kaocoaching.com!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Katie_O’Brien


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