Why We Love To Watch Sad Movies


By Gwyn Linville

Why do people want to make themselves sad by listening to sad music, by watching sad movies, and reading sad books? Women follow this trend more than men do but some men do it to.

There are times for no apparent reason that I feel like crying. Sometimes I become depressed for no reason and can’t figure out what triggered this emotion. Although I don’t know why I feel this way I know I need to go with it and I need to express this feeling. When we watch a sad movie it is a great outlet to express that sadness. Then I am ready to deal with the situation and I usually feel much better.

Then there are times when I do know what it wrong with me but I just can’t cry. The catalyst is the sad book, movie or poem. We have the raw emotion out in the open and can think through the original sadness in a way that is rational.

I can hear a sad song on the radio and it takes me back years to something in my past that makes me sad and I cry. I didn’t know I was sad till I heard that song. But once I cry I feel better so maybe the thing that was bothering me can surface during my cry but maybe not.

Researchers say that music evokes emotions because the people they did the study on felt sad music to be more tragic, and less romantic and less blithe than they felt themselves while they were listening to it.

Also the study concluded that sad music makes people sad and sadness is an emotion that is considered unpleasant. The researchers say that if sad music makes us sad then we shouldn’t listen to it.

Music that is sad can induce romantic emotions as well as sad emotions. And people regardless of their musical training feel this emotion to listen to this sad music.

Unlike the sadness we experience in our regular life, the sadness we experience through art feels good possibly because it doesn’t pose a threat to our safety.

The emotion we feel about music has no danger to us unlike the emotion we have in real life. So we can experience an emotion of sadness. If we have an unpleasant emotion evoked through regular life, we might use music to alleviate the stressful negative emotion.

My name is Gwyn Linville and I live in Georgia. I live with my husband, my son and my dog, Kara Elizabeth. I love to cook, read and write. I am a very passionate person and love my family very much, but I also like to write and would love to become famous for writing a book.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gwyn_Linville

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