How To Wear Jackets With Dresses and Look Good!

Dresses form the wardrobe basics for any woman across the world. While it’s quite easy to pull of dresses during summers and spring, most of us are quite stumped when it comes to dressing up for winters. What jacket to wear with what dress? This is one question that confounds most women who want to find women jacket online. Most women think a simple overcoat will suffice for all dresses, but this is not necessarily true, especially if you are trying to look trendy and glamorous. Here is a guide that will help you with your jacket woes.


The first step in finding the best jacket option for your dress is to determine the silhouette of the outfit that you want to wear, and what length of the jacket will complement this silhouette. While these tips are not necessarily going to be useful for every woman, it will work for most. You must be able to figure out what dress complements your body and then enhance it with the jacket that suits the form of the dress. Balance and proportion are the two keywords that you must keep in mind while shopping for the perfect jacket for your evening dress.

Cropped jackets: These are tailored for short dresses and look extremely well if cropped right above or at the waist. You can go for a variety of cropped jackets like, biker jackets, leather jackets, Chanel and bolero jackets, provided they all end above the waist. You can pick the fabric of the jacket depending upon the weather. The purpose of wearing these cropped jackets is to create a slim silhouette and enhance the natural waistline. Wear these jackets with A-line dresses or body hugging LBDs for a slim and sleek look. Actress Emma Watson pulled off a gorgeous winter look this year with an A-line red checkered dress and a short cropped leather jacket.

Denim jackets: These are very well suited for casual occasions. Though it is true that you cannot wear a denim jacket to your spring formals or a wedding party during winter, it looks very edgy with summery looking floral printed and paisley dresses. With denim, you must remember to dress up with chunky accessories and killer heels for a well balanced fashion statement.


Leather jackets: Short cropped leather jackets in dark shades go with most short and long dresses. Leather jackets bring a very stark contrast between the feminine and form fitting dresses and the masculine silhouette of leather. They make very edgy outfits that can be easily accessorized with long strings of beads and pencil heel boots.

Blazer jackets: Though largely reserved for formal occasions, blazer jackets can also be worn to fun parties. You have to know what length of jacket to wear over the dress. For sheath dresses that end at the knees, you can wear a well tailored blazer jacket. This is an excellent combination for formal occasions. You can pair up a hip length blazer jacket or a boyfriend jacket with a short dress to work meetings for an understated chic look.

Finding women jackets online is easy and fun. You can find all the above mentioned options at an authentic online store. They really have a sensible and stylish collection for a ravishing selection.

Akshi is a fashion blogger at online shopping portal Rajrang. She loves to write about latest fashion trends, ladies apparel, accessories and home decor products.


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