High Heels, Clothes And Accessories That Make You Look Thinner

If you’re not a natural born model the world of fashion might seem distant and not for you, with all these clothes designed for women with perfect figure. But fashion isn’t your enemy and clothes are not your foes, as long as you know how to make the best use of them. Every shape and every type of woman’s figure can be accentuated and balanced out with the right set of garments and accessories. Here’s our recommendations for women, who want to hide few extra pounds:


1. The perfect undergarment

Think of the underwear as the foundations for your garment – few smart decisions will help to accentuate your figure and solve common problems of curvaceous women. Choose underwear, which provides the right hold in the right places. Avoid any loose or too tightly fitting underwear. You can also try the body slimming undergarments, which will make your stomach, hips or thighs appear visibly slimmer.

2. Clothes that fit

Women pay too much attention to the size of their clothes – going one size down is the dream of many of us, but that does not mean that you should try your best to put these super slim and super skimpy clothes on, hoping that they will magically make you look slimmer. Remember that only you know what size you are wearing, others can only judge what they see. If you wear size 12, but always buy clothes 2 size smaller you can be sure that people see you as bigger than you really are, because these clothes only accentuate all your imperfections. Choose clothes in your size, but look for garments, which are structured to provide nice support and create attractive shapes on your body instead of highlighting the problematic areas.

3. If over sized – only with a belt

Over sized clothes are very popular modern fashion trends, but if you want to wear them you have to always pair them up with a belt, which worn on your waist will give you the hourglass shape, so essential when you are trying to look slimmer. Otherwise – avoid baggy clothes with no structure at all. At some of modern online shops you can find many excellent accessories, which will help you create that hourglass silhouette.

4. Boot cut jeans or dark simple pants

If you are a fan of denim look for straight jeans or bootleg jeans with slightly flared lower leg. Avoid skinny jeans, classic flared jeans and no-structure wide-in-the-legs jeans – they look good only on skinny people with long legs. If you prefer to wear pants choose dark palazzo pants with the right length. Dark color will mask the imperfect shape of your thighs or calves, while the simple cut will make your legs look longer.

5. A pair of high heel pumps

Anything that makes you look taller is a yes. A pair of shoes that will give you few inches extra is an excellent way to balance out those curves.

6. A long necklace

The general rule for any heavily built woman is to draw the attention away from the figure and focus it on the face/décolletage area. A long, statement necklace does just that, while chokers and other closely fitted jewelry will only make you look wider.

This fashion guide was written and offered for this site by Irina Kovalyova – fashion blogger and expert from EliteCouturier Designer Bags. Irina is always happy to give some fashion advice.

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