5 Worst Celebrity Drivers

From DUIs to car wrecks, celebrities, even those who could afford full-time drivers, are frequently in the news for bad behavior on the road. Here are the five worst celebrity drivers.

Amanda Bynes

Easter Egg

Amanda Bynes made her name on innocent, family-friendly movies like She’s the Man and Hairspray, but when she gets behind the wheel, you want to stay as far away as possible.

In 2012, Amanda Bynes was pulled over for using her cellphone behind the wheel. The officer took her license, registration, and insurance info and as he went back to his vehicle to write a ticket . . .Bynes drove off!  She stopped by the police department later in the day—she must have had pressing business indeed!–to pick up her belongings, and her ticket.

Barely a month later, Bynes was arrested with a DUI after rear ending a patrol car. Bynes’s father, of course, said the accident was the cop’s fault. She would later hit a curb while texting and driving, sideswipe a car, and cause two more accidents—one in which she was charged for fleeing the scene.

Britney Spears

Circus @ TCSBS London June6th

In 2006, Britney stayed at the top of the tabloids by driving around Los Angeles with her infant son in her lap, a foray that was captured by countless paparazzi. In the same year she was in a hit-and-run accident, ran a red light with her kids in the car, ran over the foot of a police officer, and hit a paparrazo. She’s been mostly clean since then, racking up little more than a minor accident in 2008.

Paris Hilton


Way back in 2006, Paris Hilton was arrested for a DUI and it was all downhill from there. Her license was suspended and she was given 36 months probation and a small fine. Not long after, Hilton was pulled over while driving on that suspended license. Only a month later, she tried to make a quick trip but forgot to turn on her headlights—or to stay anywhere near the speed limit. This misadventure earned Hilton 45 days in jail for violating probation.


George Michael

Many Thanks

George Michael is no stranger to the police. After admitting to being high behind the wheel, his license was revoked for a couple of years. After just a year of legal driving, Michael drove his Range Rover into a London camera shop. Maybe it was revenge on the paparazzi?

George Michael admitted that he was on prescription drugs and marijuana when he crashed into the camera shop. This incident earned Michael eight weeks in prison and a five year driving ban. He only served four weeks, but we hope he’s not back on the road.


Billy Joel

Billy Joel

The piano man had a serious motorcycle accident back in 1983. After that, he dropped off the highway patrol’s radar for nearly twenty years—but he came back with a vengeance. First, Joel slammed his Mercedes into a fire wall and shortly thereafter went into rehab. Six months later, he totaled his Mercedes after hitting a tree on the same stretch of road. Two years later, in 2004, Joel crashed his classic 1967 Charleston Citroen into someone’s house.

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Austin Elvin is a journalism student living in Las Vegas. He loves to write and specializes in celebrity gossip. Austin is against poor driving and regularly checks Gazda & Tadayon’s blog for tips on how to be safe while behind the wheel.

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