The 5 Most Unlikely Charitable Musicians

November saw Prince William’s charity gala for Centrepoint, and as usual, it was a star-studded affair. The Prince is the trustee for the charity and this fundraiser saw him get on stage and sing with Bon Jovi – something most of us could never have imagined we’d see.

However, Jon Bon Jovi was not just at the event to sing. He was also there to receive an award for the work he does through his Soul Foundation. Apart from participating in at the occasional rock benefit gig, you don’t often think of rock stars as charity workers, although many do contribute through their music and other activities.

Here are 5 unlikely stars who do a lot of work for charity.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus hit the headlines this year with her risque and controversial on stage performances. Despite courting controversy in her singing career, she is an avid charity worker, providing support to a range of charities including Amnesty International and the Make-a-wish Foundation. On one of her recent tours, one dollar from every ticket sold was sent to the charity City of Hope. She also helped to found Get Ur Good On, an organizations which strives to create more opportunities for young people to get involved in charity work.


As another star who has frequently courted controversy through his music, Eminem could be seen as an unlikely candidate for doing charity work. However, in his time away from the music world, he has founded the Marshall Mathers Foundation, a charitable organization which helps disadvantaged youths across America.

Bob Geldof

Nowadays, Bob Geldof is known more for his charity work than his music. However, in the early eighties, he was known as an outspoken and controversial rock star. That all started to change in 1981 when he performed at The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball for Amnesty International. Band Aid and Live Aid quickly followed, and to this day, the star continues dedicating his time to helping some of the poorest people in Africa.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is no stranger to jail. Having being arrested on several occasions and spending time in prison, you’d be forgiven for balking at the idea of this rapper giving his time to charity. However, he is a prolific supporter of a variety of charitable causes, including the Carter Fund and the Motivational Edge charity. He also helped to launch the DEWeezy campaign which helps to encourage creativity in young people in America.


Madonna was renowned for a series of controversial pop videos and performances in the 1980’s. However, she has also spent a huge amount of her time working for different charities. Apart from her many charity performances, she co-founded the Raising Malawi charity. Raising Malawi raises money for the poor of Malawi and hopes to help lift the country out of poverty.

Get Involved in Charity Work

Charity work can be undertaken by anyone, regardless of their personal life or history. Despite some of these stars attracting a certain reputation throughout their careers in the music industry, they have all provided a meaningful contribution to people in need, whether they are close to home or on the other side of the world.


By Sam Wright

Sam Wright is writing on behalf of Third Sector Jobs.

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