10 Weird And Wonderful Facts You Never Knew About Alcohol

We have used alcohol for a variety of reasons over the years, most commonly as a beverage and an aide to surgery. However, most people aren’t even aware that the first recipe for beer was the first ever recipe produced (for anything) in the world. There are various amazing, funny and fantastic facts about alcohol and this post will introduce you to a number of these.

Alcohol Facts

1.   If we go back in history and specifically look at the production of alcohol some of the first beverages produced are well over 12,000 years old.

2.   The Manhattan cocktail, made from whiskey and sweet vermouth is a favorite at many parties, bars and clubs. Well it just so happens that the creator of this fabulous drink is none other than Winston Churchill’s mother.

3.   We are used to seeing bottles of wine enclosed with corks, but this practice has only been around for just over 400 years. Prior to this the vast majority of French winemakers would use rags soaked in oil.

4.   Vikings were not only great warriors, but they certainly enjoyed a tipple. However, the way in which they consumed alcohol was very different to others. They didn’t settle for a glass, mug, bottle, or any other traditional method for consuming alcohol – instead they simply drank from the decapitated skulls of their victims.

5.   There’s nothing that most of us dread more than a hangover and we are always looking for the perfect cure. Well it seems that hangover cures date back hundreds of centuries as well, and some of the “cures” can’t actually get any weirder. The Romans settled for fried canaries, the Greeks used cabbage. The French made a strong cup of coffee and added salt, whereas for those in Puerto Rico, it was believed the perfect cure was to rub half a lemon under your drinking arm. Just in case you’re wondering, none of these methods actually work as a hangover cure… so keep searching!

6.   Did you know that there are 13 minerals which are considered essential for us human beings? And every single one of these minerals can be found in alcohol.

7.   It is estimated that a bottle of Champagne contains somewhere close to 50 million bubbles.

8.   Europe is one of the easiest places to start drinking alcohol from a young age. In fact, many high school cafeterias supply alcoholic beverages, and there is even alcohol available on the menu at McDonald’s in some countries. In fact, the strictest country in the western world in terms of alcohol consumption amongst the young is the United States.

9.  The worm that is typically found in tequila is believed to have been around for centuries, but nothing could be further from the truth. The tradition was actually started in the alcoholic beverage, Mezcal, and instead of a worm, the bottle was laced with a Gusano butterfly caterpillar.

10.  Some of the most famous travelers in the world enjoyed a drink of Sherry, including Columbus and Magellan. In fact, Magellan was such as fan of sherry that it is said that he spent more money on the beverage than weapons.


The author of this post is Jack Nichols, an employee at Somers Elite Training, specialists in RSG refresher courses. Jack loves sketching and reading crime novels.

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