‘Tis The Season To Watch Oscar-Bait Movies

During the holidays, most people are busy with different parties, festivities and get togethers, and life gets pretty crazy. A great way to unwind during the holidays is to sit down and watch movies.

There are plenty of movies that you can enjoy during the holidays. With awards season quickly approaching, now is a good time to watch some of the following types movies.

Watch movies that will be nominated this year.

Since awards season is just around the corner, now is a good time to catch up on all the movies that will be nominated this year. This way, you can gain your own opinions about which movies deserve to win certain awards and which actors should win certain awards for their roles. You’ll likely hear a lot of buzz about which movies will be nominated this year, which will allow you to know which movies you should be watching. You can also wait until the nominations come out, but that may be giving you too little time to watch all the movies that will be nominated.

Watch movies you wanted to see.

Although it seems as if the well written or well directed movies are those that tend to be nominated, you never know which actors will be nominated for their roles. If there were movies you wanted to see, now is the time to watch them. Although the movie itself may not be nominated for an award, it is possible that an actor from that movie will be nominated. You will be able to watch their role in the movie and determine if you think they should win or not, which will make watching the Oscars and other awards shows more interesting and entertaining for you.

Watch old movies that earned Oscar awards.

Sometimes a movie you’ve never seen does great at the Oscars. If you’ve constantly heard about how great a certain movie was that earned an Oscar a long time ago, such as The Matrix, you can still watch it now. Even though the movie won an Oscar years ago and you’ll be watching the movie well after it was popular, watching it now allows you to have an opinion on the movie and find out why all the buzz was created about the movie.

Even though the movie may be old, seeing it now still allows you to have conversations about the movie. You can reach out to people who you know who have watched it and talk about what you liked or didn’t like about the movie. Plus, watching older movies now is a great way to prepare yourself for a movie sequel that may be coming out soon. Having the first movie fresh in your mind can make it more entertaining to watch the next movies that come out.

You can also use these older Oscar winning movies as comparisons to newer Oscar nominated movies. Maybe you believe that the movie that won Best Film last year was much better than the movie that wins Best Film this year.

So if you’re tired from all the holiday festivities, settle down and watch an Oscar movie.

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Dana Kern is a family and lifestyles blogger and transcription professional for Rev.com and is known among her friends as the unbeatable movie trivia buff.

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