5 Tasks To Outsource To A Virtual Assistant


Over the past decade, a growing number of busy professionals have decided to make use of virtual assistant services. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to get done each day, week and month, you may be thinking of tapping into these services yourself. Most assistants who work virtually or online, are contract or freelance workers who do their jobs from home. They work on a variety of tasks for their clients which are quite similar in nature to what executive assistants or secretaries do.

If you are unsure as to what tasks you could assign to the assistant you hire, here are five tasks which you probably need done regularly and which you could ask your assistant to handle.

General Bookkeeping

If you struggle to keep tabs on your bills, invoices and finances, you should try to find a virtual assistant who has some experience in bookkeeping. Of course, if you choose to outsource these tasks, you’ll have to give your assistant access to your passwords. This means you need to thoroughly screen everyone who applies for your open position of assistant as you need to be sure you can completely trust the person you hand this important info over to.


Do you regularly spend a lot of time conducting research online? Then why not free up your schedule a bit by having your assistant do the researching for you? It’s important that the assistant you hire has strong researching skills so be sure to ask any applicants what research projects they’ve worked on in the past.

PowerPoint or Slideshow Presentations

Having your virtual assistant handle the creation of your PowerPoint or slides how presentations can be a huge time-saver when getting ready for meetings, conferences and other presentations you’ll be conducting. There are plenty of virtual assistants on internet job boards who are very gifted in creating presentations using PowerPoint and other software so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a talented person to hire.

Responding to Your Emails

If you’re like the average business person, you probably struggle to keep up with all those emails you get. You could ask your assistant to manage your business email account so that he or she can filter out what’s important and what’s not. It wouldn’t take too much time for you to teach your virtual assistant what emails to respond to and once he/she manages your email for a few weeks, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without help.

Finding Leads

If your business depends on lead generation in order to grow as most businesses do, you could have your assistant take charge of finding good leads for you. This may be as simple as visiting websites of prospective clients and sending out emails. Or, it could consist of doing some cold-calling wherein your assistant would do a sales pitch for your business over the telephone or Skype in order to bring in new customers or clients.

Anna Novak is a freelance writer. She writes about business services and e-commerce.

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