Tips On How To Keep Your Summer Body In The Fall

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With its pool parties and shorts weather, summer is the perfect time to achieve the perfect body. That doesn’t mean, however, that as the weather changes, our bodies have to gain an extra layer! Here are some great tips on how to keep your summer body looking beach ready all the way into the fall.

Walk or Bike to Work or Errands

It is easier to stay fit in the summer, because many of the activities that make summer so fun also provide a wonderful dose of physical activity. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t stay fit in colder months! Sure, beach volleyball may be out of the question, but replacing just a few car rides a week with a brisk walk or bike ride can help cut calories and keep your heart rate up.

Indulge in Fall Treats in Moderation

Fall also brings the beginning of the barrage of rich sweets and treats that are sure to carry into the holidays. It’s hard to resist a bite of pumpkin pie or a piece of Halloween candy, but simply limiting your portions of rich or sugary foods can help keep you looking lean.

Keep Up Your Summer Bronze

A nice tan helps highlight your natural muscle tone and gives you that healthy summer glow. Maintain your summer tan by visiting an indoor salon and stay looking svelte long after the days get shorter.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water has many health benefits, and one of them is that it can actually keep you trim and fit because studies have shown that people who drink plenty of water by and large do not overeat as much as people who do not. This may be because other drinks often contain empty calories, or that the symptoms of dehydration often mimic hunger. Drink up and slim down!

Hit the Hay

…or the piles of leaves in your backyard. Sure, the changing of the seasons often means that your yard may need a little tender loving care in order to stay well kept, but rather than looking at this as a chore, try seeing it as a great way to get some exercise in while also checking boxes off of your to-do list! Make a habit of doing some yardwork every weekend, and your yard won’t be all that looks great this season.

Find Scented Candles that Fill Your Home With A Delicious Smell

Sometimes, just the irresistible smell of a fresh baked pie or pastry can be at least as satisfying as taking a bite of the real thing. Invest in candles that are scented like your favorite fall flavors, and burn these to help curb cravings for rich desserts.

Act Like a Kid

If you have kids, you know how much they love playing outside in leaves during the crisp days of fall. Even if you don’t surely you remember how fun it is! Embrace your inner child and go outside to play in the leaves. You’ll help maintain your figure and make the most of the season!

Teressa Thomas is a beauty blogger, learn more about her tips and tricks for looking great by visiting

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