#FeedArt Fashion: Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls With A Sense Of Humor


The revealing Halloween costumes you’ve seen by now probably run the gamut. Sexy cat. Sexy rabbit. Sexy mouse. Sexy…whatever other animal you can think of.

Why does it seem like using Halloween as an excuse to be sexy means you have to be totally un-creative? There are tons of costume ideas that show as much personality as they do skin…especially if you have a good sense of humor! Funny girls, rejoice: people might expect you to show up to the party as a sliver of bacon or Hagrid from Harry Potter, but you don’t have to compromise your sense of humor just because you want to look like a bombshell. Here are some ideas.

Sexy Chewbacca

Now, those are two words you probably never expected to see next to each other, and that’s what makes it so funny. Have you ever seen those knee-high, super furry boot slippers? Until now, you’ve probably been wondering when they could possibly be useful, but get a pair in brown – this is your time to shine. Complement them with a furry cropped jacket with a hood (or, just sport a Chewbacca mask if you’re feeling brave). Some furry short-shorts and you’re in business – showing leg and tummy but still emulating a Star Wars character.


Sexy Plumber

When guys go as plumbers, they get to show a little skin (if you know what we mean). Why can’t girls be plumbers, too? You get to represent the minority – female plumbers – while also having a sexy (and totally unexpected) costume. Get yourself a tool belt, a trucker hat, and some work shorts. Wear a blue button-down, but tie it up around your waist to show some extra skin.

mrs potatoe

Sexy Mrs. Potato Head

How can a potato be sexy? That’s the point. This costume is easy to make in a pinch, which is what makes it good for parties. Get yourself a short, tight, brown dress and adorn it with some Mrs. Potato Head parts made out of felt and hot glue – eyes, a nose, lips, a red purse. It can be done with some white gloves and accessorize with a cute pair of heels and a cartoony-looking flower here and there. It’s cute, sexy, and nostalgic; your friends will love it.


Old School Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ sex appeal – even today – is undeniable. That being said, songs like “I’m a Slave 4 U” and “Hit Me, Baby, One More Time” bring back memories from middle-school for college-aged party-goers. If you show up in one of her signature outfits from the early 2000’s, you’re sure to get a laugh out of the rest of the party – those songs sound a little ridiculous when you re-visit them more than a decade later. That being said, Britney showed a lot of skin in her day, so while they’re funny and nostalgic, they’re still sexy!

Halloween is the time of year that we wear things we don’t get to wear on any other day. Have fun with it! To make Halloween unforgettable, all you need is a little creativity and a great selection of sexy Halloween costume ideas to choose from. You just have to start planning sooner rather than later.

Jessica Dullio was invited to her friends Halloween party. She decides to start coming up with some sexy costumes that will be unforgettable.

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