Sci-Fi Short Film ROXË15 Now On INDIEGOGO.COM

Roxë15 shatters the old-school sci-fi film mold with new faces, new voices, a new take on tech

 Harlem ProjectUniquely innovative science fiction short film ROXË15 is pushing the envelope of the popular sci-fi genre by putting a black woman at the center of a futuristic, tech-oriented story. ROXË15 also taps into the virtual reality experience while capturing the high-tech no-man’s-land of a futuristic New York City.

ROXË15 is now raising critical post-production funds on IndieGoGo.

Written and directed by filmmaker Celia C. Peters and produced by Nicole Sylvester, ROXË15 stars April Matthis, Erik McKay, Donna Duplantier, Graham Powell and Danny Moser. This film is a true indie, brought to life by bold, innovative actors who are veterans of the screen and the stage.

Director Celia C. Peters is an award-winning WGA screenwriter and mullti-media visual artist whose work has shown in NYC, Dallas, Detroit, the District of Columbia and London. Peters’ screenwriting has been recognized by IFP, the Sundance Film Institute, Bluecat, SFBFF and AAWIC. Producer Nicole Sylvester is an award-winning filmmaker whose credits include web series, music videos, various independent films, international collaborative production and studio projects inlcluding 8 Mile (Universal), Hard Ball (Paramount) and Chasing Sleep (Forensic Films). Both Peters and Sylvester are members of New York Women in Film & Television.

Peters says, “As a young writer, I inhaled the work of Octavia Butler, Ursula LeGuin and Margaret Atwood. And of course, I was mesmerized by Nichelle Nichols as Uhuru on Star Trek. I was always fascinated by the future, technology and the cosmos —- the presence of these women shaped my vision of a future to be one where people who look like me are front and center.”

ROXË15’s IndieGoGo campaign is live until September 30, 2013. Funds raised will be used to edit, master and bring this groundbreaking project to festivals and selected screenings. ROXË15 begins a new era in science fiction.

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