5 Common Coffee Mistakes


Every person has a different way of making coffee, I have a coffee loving friend who held different coffee mornings at her friends houses so they could compare how they each made their coffee. They took notes, attempted to consolidate them and come up with the perfect cup of coffee, from how she told it I believe they are still trying to achieve perfection. If you feel the same way about coffee, if you’re always searching for the perfect cup, or if you simply feel that your coffee is somewhat lacking here are some pointers for you.

Knowledge and Know-how

First of all know your equipment. It doesn’t matter if you use a machine, a cafetière or a simple mug   you must make sure that not only are they clean but that they’re also free of soap residue as it will not only contaminate your wonderful cup of coffee but leave you feeling a little under the weather. For those of you with a machine, make sure you read the instructions and you know what size beans or grounds you are meant to be using.

Full of Beans

Do you remember the last time your shopping list included your coffee beans or grounds? If you don’t there’s a chance they may be too old to give you their fullest flavour, just like most other foodstuffs coffee can go “stale” by delivering a weaker flavor.  If you prefer to buy the beans and then grind them yourself at home then you’re on the right track! Make sure you grind each batch fresh for each batch of coffee, you also need to be sure that you are getting the correct size for your beans.

On Thin Ice

Once you’ve bought your coffee beans you need somewhere to store them, if you’re storing them in the freezer its going to affect your flavor and I don’t mean by keeping it fresh! Each time you remove the beans from the freezer they will defrost a little, the moisture will attack the beans and leech the flavor from them over time. The best place to store your beans, or grounds is in an air tight container in a cool and dark cupboard, this way you will get your coffee at its fullest flavor each time you use it.


Ratio is a pretty big factor in the world of coffee, too much and you’ll have a strong, bitter tasting coffee, too little and you’ll have a weak and watery concoction. So what is the right amount? Experts say that you should be putting 2 teaspoons of grounds to every 6 ounces of water, that way you’ll end up with the perfect ratio each time.

Water, Water Everywhere

We often think about the purity of the water that we drink straight from the glass or bottle, but not so much when we’re using it to make tea or coffee. As it turns out we’re not boiling the impurities out, though temperature is important – a certain coffee company brews at precisely 205F to get maximum flavor from their beans. Try using filtered or bottled water in your next cup of coffee and you’ll be amazed at the difference in taste!

Vari loves tinkering with food and drink to get the best flavor she can, its fun to play with different kitchen gadgets, especially ones like Jura coffee machines.


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