5 Things You Should Know About Women And Booze


Alcoholism tends to be viewed as a man’s issue, but there are a few things you should know about females and alcohol:

1. Women Have Less Water In Their Bodies Than Men

Pound for pound, a man has more water internally than a woman. Alcohol disperses in water throughout the body, so this combination means that a male and female of the same body weight, who drink the exact same amount of alcohol, will have very different experiences. In the scenario, the woman’s blood alcohol concentration will be much higher; there is less water for dispersion.

2. Women Are More At Risk For Alcohol-Related Medical Issues Than Men

Because of varying water concentrations, a different set of hormone levels, and many other biological factors, female drinkers are more likely to experience liver disease, heart disease, breast cancer, and alcohol dependence, or alcoholism.

3. Death Rates Are Higher For Female Alcoholics Than Male Alcoholics

Study results have shown that women who drink to excess ququadruple their chances of an early death when compared to women, of other comparable variables, than those who do not drink. For women, drinking to excess, or heavy drinking, that generally leads to alcohol-dependence, is defined as one woman having more than three drinks at one time, or more than seven drinks in a week, as defined by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.For men, four drinks at one time and fourteen in one week constitutes heavy drinking.

4. More Women, Than Ever Before, Are Binge Drinking, or Drinking to Excess

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC), almost 14 million women in the United States alone are abusing alcohol an average of three times in a given month.

Sadly, these women are having more than four drinks a day, and more than seven drinks per week, more than three times every single month. These women need help, but are not receiving the education or the care they need to properly stop drinking.

5. One in Five Teenage Girls Drink to the Point of Intoxication

The next generation of females in this country are binge drinking before they finish high school. This is setting the United States up for disaster. We do not need the total number of women already dependent upon alcohol to continue rising. It is important that we make choices that teach our country’s youth to make different decisions; to not use alcohol as an escape, as a way to numb out, or as a way to be cool with their peers.

Parents, teachers, and other educational personnel need to implement programs that target the young females who are most at risk of experimenting with alcohol, and who are most susceptible to addiction. Alcoholism takes lives way too young as it is, how much younger do we want to lose people to a preventable illness? With these five pieces of information, what can you do to stop one more woman from adding herself to the 14 million?

Women and booze really do not mix.

Kate Green is an addiction expert committed to helping people recover from drugs and alcohol, learn more about her and her work at Balboa Horizons.

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